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True Blood Makes the List

Whenever I think of my top favorite moments in TV during 2010, True Blood is always amongst that list, but I might be a little biased after all. Let’s face it, though – there are too many memorable moments from the talented cast of actors to keep it to just ten!

Their Top 10

The Top 10 TV Performances according to the Huntsville Examiner seems to agree with True Blood fans as well. Starting at Number 9 is our favorite Vampire King Russell Edgington played by Denis O’Hare. Denis blew into the season with all the corruption the South can offer. His performance during this season was truly remarkable and will be remembered as one of the most fantastic in True Blood history.

The next time True Blood appears on this list is at Number 7 for the lovely and obsessive Lorena who was played by Mariana Klaveno. Lorena played a pivotal character this season, as she expertly persuaded Bill to come back to her and work for the King, and her constant jealousy of Sookie Stackhouse. Lorena showed her true colors this season and Mariana did an outstanding job giving us someone to both hate and feel sorry for at the same time.

Feeling Left Out

These were the only two performances that came from True Blood to make the list. Other shows included in the Top 10 were Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men. If you were writing a list of the top 10 TV performances in 2010, which of those would be True Blood inspired? Tell us in the comments section!

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