Top 10 Vampires for 2010 According to Betty

December 30, 2010 by  

Hot Blooded

Betty Confidential’s website has released the “Hottest Vampires for 2010” and True Blood made the list!

Who Made the List?

True Blood did very well on the Top 10 list. In the ninth position is the hot and pouty Queen Sophie Anne, played by Evan Rachel Wood. She made a big apprearance during the last season of True Blood as the plot thickened between herself and the other vampires in Bon Temps.

Next on the list representing True Blood was Eric Northman in the sixth spot! The vampire sheriff of Area 5, played by Alexander Skarsgard, has been front and center for many True Blood fans since Season 1.

Top Five

From positions 5 to 3, the vampires mentioned all belong to one group; the Twilight series. However, the person in the #2 spot is someone that Anna Paquin will have to agree is her favorite vampire. Bill Compton, played by Stephan Moyer, topped the list second only to Robert Pattison, who plays the teen obsessed Edward Cullen from Twilight.

This list is not surpising and has some awesome actors and actresses, there are a few though that I thought should have made the list. I am a big fan of Pam (Kristin Bauer), Eric’s sidekick at Fangtasia and also I thought Russell Edgington should have made a “royal” entrance to True Blood as well and would have definately topped my top 10 list. Who else do you think should have been in the Top 10?

Source: – Top 10 Hottest Vampires in 2010

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  • Nia

    Congratualtions to all our TB vamps who made the list.
    Special kudoes to Stephen Moyer and Bill for attaining the number 2 spot.
    He deserved that and so much more. He has been incredible these last 3 seasons.

  • D. Reilly

    Congratulations to Stephen Moyer!! He did awesome job on True Blood last season.

  • jaxx

    Glad TB made a good showing. Would have liked to have seen Pam and Russell make the list as well, maybe next year.

  • lizzie1701

    Yeah for Vampire Bill! Of course he is the best Vamp and should have wopped Edward Cullen!

    I do agree that KRE and Pam as well as Franklin, shoudl have made the list.

    Thanks Karla. It is great that our True Blood Vamps are recognised!

    • Oh I hope Stephan Moyer wins!I’ve been watching the encore presentation of True Blood this week of season three on HBO.. And oh goodness he is very sexy!!!