Top 5 Horror Movies That Are Still Talked About

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True Blood Season 1 Finale Rene killed by Shovel

True Blood is on hiatus and to fill the void we thought we’d chat about some other great genre related topics especially with Halloween so close! So to honor the all-time scariest, creepiest, most suspenseful horror films that get under our skin and make it crawl, here is the Top 5 countdown of movies that, thankfully, will never leave our collective psyches and conversations:

5. The Birds

Hitchcock’s classic, starring Tippi Hedren as the hapless damsel who took a wrong turn in more ways than one. The atmospheric landscape, the sense of confused panic, the contrast of watchful, threatening stillness and relentless, frenzied attacks – all make this a film we continue to crow about.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street

The idea that dreams literally do come true – even our worst nightmares – is incorporated so uniquely in this film that even today, after repeat viewings of the infamous Freddy Krueger, we’re likely to sleep with the light on, if we dare sleep at all.

3. Psycho

Another Hitchcock classic that still rates high on the creep-out scale. We feel sorry for poor Norman Bates, driven to the brink of insanity by his unrelenting mother, but terror overtakes pity upon our realizing the monster she’s created in him – and he in “her.”

2. Halloween

The music alone is enough to send us cowering in our seats. We know when Michael Myers is lurking nearby, and yet are still shell-shocked each time he springs on his next victim.

1. Night of the Living Dead

Arguably the top horror movie of all time, this film brings us right inside the remote farmhouse surrounded by zombies, experiencing the terror as its inhabitants do. What’s even more remarkable is that the film’s social commentary on race relations can so thoroughly chill us on a different, “separate but equal” level. It will definitely keep fans abuzz for years to come.

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