Trick ‘r Treat with Anna Paquin

August 16, 2009 by  

Anna Paquin’s 2008 movie, Trick ‘r Treat, will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray a few weeks earlier than expected. We will be graced with on the shelves on October 6, 2009.  What is the film about, you ask? gives us this description, quite anna-paquin-sookiepossibly from the back of the jacket cover:

The doorbell rings, the cry goes out: Trick ‘R Treat! But, wait. What’s actually going on during this ghostly All Hallows Eve? Something eerie and unexpected. Something splattered and spooky. Something that brings ghouls, vampires and werewolves into the night. From producer Bryan Singer (director of X-Men and Superman Returns) and writer-director Michael Dougherty (co-scripter of X2 and Superman Returns) comes a goodie bag of wicked yarns, four cleverly interlocked stories built on Shocktober admonitions like always check the candy and don’t extinguish the jack-o-lantern before midnight. So answer the door now: Experience horror made for today’s fright fan.

The movie also stars Quinn Lord, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Leslie Bibb, Tahmoh Pennikett (of TV’s Battlestar Galactica and more recently Dollhouse), as well as a host of other actors. The Internet Movie Databse (IMDb) site rates this movie at a 9.3 out of 10 stars.

trickortreatThe Blu-Ray version of the movie promises more than a few extras, including an animated short film, the many legends of Halloween, Blu-Ray exclusive commentary with Michael Dougherty,  additional scenes, and more.

I’m not usually a squeamish person, but the cover of this creeps me out. I hate scary jack ‘o lanterns. I also don’t like things with no actual faces! I don’t think I’ll be popping any popcorn and watching this on home alone. If I do, I’ll be checking the locks on the doors and windows several times before I go to bed! This does seem to be a very promising thriller though. Happy Halloween!

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