True Blood Taking a Bite out of Ratings!

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I’m addicted to “True Blood.” This show has captivated me and has me hooked. I’m about as addicted to this show as Bill is to Sookie — And it seems I’m not the only one. “True Blood” scored 4.46 million viewers checking in on average for the 9 p.m. airing on Sunday night. That’s up from last week’s 4.43 big-blog-template-true-blood-castmillion by about 100,00 more people!

With approximately 11.4 million viewers per episode,”True Blood” continues to dominate the airwaves. Its HBO‘s most watched show since the “Sopranos!” That’s saying a lot.  In comparison,”Entourage” and “Hung” are averaging  2.8 million. Wow, not that impressive when you compare it to “True Blood‘s numbers is it? states that True Blood scored a 2.3/6 (rating/share) with adults 18-49 (same as last week) and was the #12 most-watched program in primetime for the week in the 18-49 demographic.  That would make it ranked 9th most watched show compared to basic cable.  However, this is an unfair comparison since HBO is in a much smaller percent of households at 25%, while basic cable is available in 75% of households.  Taking those numbers in to account, it actually puts True Blood on par with broadcast TV.

So,why is “True Blood” so successful? Is it because of the show’s characters? Creator Alan Ball? What’s causing this  frenzy that’s making myself and others go crazy after having to wait one week for the new episode and balancing on the edge of sanity wanting to know whats to happen next?

All I can suggest is that you watch it. Maybe you will become addicted to “True Blood” and maybe you’ll find yourself roaming the nights like a crazed vampire wanting more and more, anticipating every episode in agony over what’s to happen next. Or maybe this show might be too much to handle. The choice is yours.

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  • niqua

    omg true blood is the best show ever! im truely’s amazing. eve week the show has me sitting on the edge. i absolutely love this show.

  • true blood is my new most favorite show, i cant stand waiting for the new episode and sunday cannot come soon enough! everything about the show is so unique and different yet fits together so well! eric and bill are just gorgeous and you cant help but love sookie. not to mention tara and eggs and yes even maryann!! ahh its awesome i dont know what im gonna do when the season is over! thanks HBO!!!

    • pbartteacher

      Join the rest of Karissa in our infinite misery and ecstasy.

      Definition of Ecstasy (emotion), a trance or trance-like state in which an individual transcends normal consciousness.

      That is what all us TB addicted have achieved. Enjoy the ride, it should be a bumpy one. 24 hours until our next “V” fix.

  • Im glad everyone has l;eft positive comments in regards to the article and to the show. Hopefully Mr ball and cast keep the formula they have,and this will continue to happen!

  • julie

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments above!!! I have loved Vampires since I was a small child. The only negative thing I can say is I think had they kept Godric around it would have been even more addictive as he would have been a balance to Sookie in the Vampire world, plus he was amazingly hot!!!!! I was extremely sad to see him go.

  • Val

    I have to say also,that I have NEVER watched a show so fanaticlly as TrueBlood!!! I have always been fascinated by Vamps since my childhood,and watched all shows about them including BloodTies,which ,by the way,was very good! When I started watching Trueblood though,I was hooked in like a fish!THEN Eric was introduced and I am a Groveler at his feet! A whole year without him will be agony!!!!!
    P.S.I also have groups of people who come over every weekend to watch with me!

  • Lori

    Call me crazy but I don’t think it a conincidence that the ratings are increasing as Askars role as Eric is being increased, he was amazing last week. The same happened with the books, the minute Eric became a main character the books got a lot more interesting!

    • pbartteacher

      Haleluiah, Lori you are right about that.The more we see our viking vamp, we just want more and more. His appearances this season have been off of the charts. I am not asserting in any way that this is not a group effort. It definitely is. Alan Ball and his ensemble cast out do themselves with each new episode. We continually want to see more and more of our favorite characters and plot lines. But having said that, Alex has been amazing and I hope we will continue to see more of him and his amazing acting.

      I do wish that he was in the photo up above. Let’s face it, he is a big reason why this show has gained in popularity. Just start reading anything out there. TV Guide, wikis,blogs,etc. Plus let’s face it, he’s freakin hot with big dose of ymmmy and little swexy swede too.

  • Elizabeth

    I am so totally obsessed with this show! I just can’t get enough of it! I love the Bill and Sookie story line and hope Bill gets his mojo back these last few episodes and S3! I absolutely adore Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin as well! Alan Ball has done a fantastic job of bringing this show to life and I, for one, an glad he is veering a little away from the books. As Stephen said in an interview – if you follow the books word by word, it will be a documentary!! So clever!

    Wish there were 15 episodes rather than 12! Can’t believe it will soon be over until next year!

    • Nia

      Couldn’t agree with you more, on all counts Elizabeth!

  • bleedblood

    OMFG I cannot get enough what a freakin FANGMAZING SHOW

  • pbartteacher

    Keep that True Blood training goin’. Our “vdiction” is not satisfied yet. Unfortunately, tv wasteland will be starting soon, since Season 2 will be wrapping up. Alan Ball and cast keep up the great work. We will all be here waiting impatiently for the new season to start. Keep up the drama and emotion. Our “V” fix is in 2 more days.

  • I am so…hooked on this show and everyone on it…(Esp. my vampire Bill!!) It’s not EVEN funny??!! Well, it sorta is…Cause, I do tend to get carried away..watching it (season 1) and talking about it….Geez, here in Madras,Oregon..I found 1 person who knows what I’m having a fit about!! What is going on here!!! Watch True Blood! People!!! So, rude!!Totally!!! That’s why I’m Happy you guys are here…You know the longing and excitement of the show …known as..”TRUE BLOOD”…OUR..Addiction…And WE LOVE IT!! And WE WANT MORE OF IT!!!! (OOPS…Here I go, again..)

  • FangsR4Ever

    I’ve been addicted since the first season and first show. I’ve been bitten!!

  • Mickey Torres

    I’ve been a True Blood fan since it came. Ihave a party every Sunday with my friends gathered aroung just to watch. I am totally addicted to this show!!! I LOVE IT!!!=) I find myself craving for Sunday’s.Keep bring it on, AAHHHHH BITE ME!!!!!

  • kit-kat

    I just became addicted to this show last week, checking it out to see what all the fuss was about. Well, since then I’ve bought the first season of the show on dvd and the bundle of the first 7 books! Such an awesome show and I love so many of the characters.

  • Nia

    I am not surprised at the popularity of True Blood. I am wholeheartedly, absolutely, and proudly addicted to this show. No other show has affected me this way. It has to be a combination of brilliant writing, directing, and a cast to die for, or in this case, bleed for.
    I am so grateful to HBO, Alan Ball and this amazing cast for all their efforts in bringing us the best entertainment on tv.
    Your fans are growing in ever increasing numbers. I see this show getting only better and better.
    I continue to spread the word and have “turned” so many onto True BLood. Keep bringing it on. We’ll be watching!

  • HAHAHAHA! Is anyone suprised?? True Blood is THE BEST SHOW ever to air since.. in a LONG TIME!! Everything about the show makes you want more and more until you suddenly realize your addicted! The actors, the storyline, the action, the romances, the special effects, the writes and producers and creators and basically anyone involved in the creation of the series (including the BEST AUTHOR OF THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE NOVELS MS. HARRIS) are the BEST THE VERY INTELLEGENT,CREATIVE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO!!!
    I am always watching encore eps and always hanging on to the edge of my seat because of this captivating and addicting series!!


    xoxo Jenn

  • Jamie

    They also leave out all the people that go to friends’ houses to watch the show. I know my neighbor’s have people over every weekend just to watch the show.

  • Jessel Tee

    wow…everyone’s really addicted….