True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård at Hamptons Film Fest

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Skarsgård Talks Straw Dogs and Melancholia:

Alexander Skarsgård at the Hamptons Film Festival 2011Alexander Skarsgård, who plays vampire sheriff Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, stopped by the Hamptons International Film Festival to promote his latest film, Melancholia.

Skarsgård plays Michael, a man newly married to a woman who is overcome with depression on their wedding day. Coincidentally a giant planet is about collide with Earth.

Alexander Skarsgård was also quick to defend Melancholia director Lars von Trier, who has received some bad press lately. Skarsgård explained that the movie was strong enough by itself to draw people back to it, rather than comments made by von Trier.

On the professional dynamic in the Skarsgård family:

“Well, I’m 14 years older than [brother] Bill, and my brother Gus, we’re quite different. We usually don’t go after the same parts. So I wouldn’t say it’s competitive. But we do talk a lot about work, and we do encourage each other and try to keep each other motivated.”

Skarsgård’s take on the reception Straw Dogs got, and whether he’s seen it:

“I don’t know. I don’t read reviews, so… I don’t like knowing.”

“Yeah! Yeah, I’ve seen it [Straw Dogs.] I’m happy with it! I think it’s good, and I’m happy with my part.”

But he still doesn’t read reviews. And guess what Truebies? He doesn’t even read the positive ones!

Source Credit: Movieline

(Photo Credit: Just Jared and WENN and Baume & Mercier)