True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Talks Candidly About Season 4

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Moyer Talks Up the Show, His Coworkers, and Wife:

Stephen Moyer HBO promo S4When Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) first received the script for True Blood, he thought “Holy f**k, this is fantastic.  [It is] beautifully written [and] funny.”  He tells the Bajan Reporter what most audiences already understand to be the greatness of the show: that “there’s a lot going on underneath if you want there to be.”  Moyer also graciously commends the supporting actors like Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), and Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) for their work on the show.

Moyer loves the depth offered by Bill Compton’s character. He enjoys the opportunity to take on the varying roles that Bill has inhabited over his centuries-old existence, like a 1920s nightclub entertainer or a punk-rocker in 1980s London.  From the books by Charlaine Harris, Moyer noted that Andy Bellefleur (played by Chris Bauer) is in fact Bill’s great great great grandson and he looks forward to a possible (albeit hilarious) line of subplot.

When asked about Bill and Sookie‘s breakup at the end of Season 3, he points out that Alan Ball resolves characters’ happiness with conflict. “You can’t watch two people be happy together for too long.”  This simple idiom seems to permeate every character’s interactions. Bill and Sookie’s synergy is no exception to the rule.  After their breakup, “there are a couple instances where she gives him an opening and he says, ‘Goodnight, Sookie.’ He’s reversing because he knows if there’s any hope for him with her… he has to let her be.”

Another case in point: by the end of Season 4, the triumvirate relationship between Bill, Sookie and Eric Northman seems untenable.  Where will it go from here? Will Sookie ditch them both into the arms of Joe Manganiello‘s character Alcide Herveaux? We don’t know, but what we can glean from previous seasons is that if it does happen, it probably won’t last long!

This brings us to the next question: (apparently on everyone’s mind) How does Moyer react to the on-screen romance between his wife, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård?  He handles the question with tact and points out the more uncomfortable situation that exists for his wife: “You’ve gotta remember what it’s like from Anna’s point of view… She’s having to do it with somebody else in front of all the crew who know us as a couple.”  As a loving husband, he reminds us gossip-mongers that the awkwardness is far greater for Paquin than his own.  But also, he comments on future “affairs” as husband and wife: they’ve considered working on projects together, but not acting together.  If a project came to fruition, one of the two would assume the role of director and the other, actor, so as not to overdo it for indulgent fans.

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Source: Bajan Reporter

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