True Blood “Deflowering” Wins in the 2009 Cult Spy Awards

December 21, 2009 by  

Bill and SookieThe Digital Spy Website recently reported on the 2009 Cult Spy Awards. It has been an interesting year in cult television and it is time to recognize those awesome moments of 2009. True Blood is among the winners and why shouldn’t it be. It has been a phenomenal hit across the world. True Blood takes the win for “Best Deflowering”. This is a tribute to Bill and Sookie’s blossoming romance and the steamy scene in which Sookie loses her virginity. This was a huge moment for our telepathic waitress since her abilities have kept her from being able to take part in romantic relationships.

Other winners included Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Heroes, and Being Human. We congratulate True Blood on their cult TV win and hope for many more award victories with the upcoming season 3!

SOURCE:  Digital Spy

Photo Credit: HBO Inc.

  • The “Deflowering”…O.K., Sookie’s “Is something wrong?” When he pulls back..Huh, fangs coming out there silly Sookie!! That’s cool they won though….Me, I liked their graveyard sex….!?

    • lizzie

      Nothing in the world can beat Graveyard Sex! So YUM!!!It was also nice to see Bill’s bum!! Those bum cheeks worked very nicely, indeed!

  • JANE


  • lizzie1701

    “Deflowering” – I love that term! Bill and Sookie won for True Blood and congratulations to them for their lovely performance Bill and Sookie are the core of the show – their blossoming romance! I hope AB stays true to his original image and only has Eric there to mess things up a bit.

    Go True Blood!