Two True Blood Actors Make “30 TV Actors Who Should Do Movies” List

September 3, 2010 by  

Rutina Wesley, Tara ThorntonWhile fans of True Blood know how fabulous the entire cast is, it is nice to see them get the recognition they deserve. released a list of 30 television actors they think should do movies and two True Blood cast members made that list.

Alexander Skarsgard came in at number four with the article saying he should be cast in a superhero film, possibly the final Batman movie directed by Chris Nolan.  Alex is currently filming the Battleship movie with pop star Rihanna in Hawaii and he has a few other films, such as Straw Dogs being released in 2011.

Coming in at number 27 was Rutina Wesley who plays Tara Thornton on True Blood.  Rutina has done an excellent job with the emotional material that Alan Ball has thrown at her and hopefully in Season 4 her character will find some happiness!  Rutina was in the movie How She Move in 2007 but it is True Blood that has been her claim to fame.  The article lists a comedy as an ideal project for Rutina saying that a romantic movie is beneath her.

Source: – 30 TV Actors Who Should Do Movies

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  • val

    I would have to agree on those picks! Alex has done many foreign films but hasn’t been doing a lot over here-his great acting abilities in Generation kill and Trueblood have finally given him the recognition he deserves!I think I would have added Nelson Ellis though,as well.

  • lizzie1701

    Must disagree with this list. Whilst these two actors are great, Stephen Moyer is even greater. Anyhow, lets see how Stephen goes with the offer to play Dr Doom in the Fantastic Four franchise. he will wop them, if he choses to do the role. Stephen has the eyes and facial expressions to suit that type of role.

    Alexander is much too tall and lanky to be a Batman type of super hero, imo.

  • jaxx

    Both very talented actors. Can’t wait to see Alex in movies and Rutina as well.