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jw-body-smActress, Jennifer Wenger (“My Name is Earl”, “Confessions of a Superhero”)  has released a press announcement about her upcoming appearance in HBO’s True Blood this Sunday.  The comely Wenger, no stranger to genre productions, will be appearing in the third episode of season 2, “Scratches” as the non-reoccurring character of Lindsey, who according to casting calls is the wild, drunken sorority girl in her 20’s who comes on to Eggs. Ms. Wenger’s indie-subculture fans of her work as “Justice” on the internet site: LuckyLegendary are eagerly looking forward to watching her first, but undoubtedly not her last, appearance on cable television.


ACTRESS, JENNIFER WENGER, TO CO-STAR ON “TRUE BLOOD” Indie Film Star, Jennifer Wenger, makes her HBO debut on episode 2.03 of “True Blood”

Los Angeles, CA — HBO’s award-winning drama series, “True Blood”, returned for a highly anticipated second season on June 14th, 2009. According to cast members, this coming season will prove to be even more creatively explosive than the last.  Actress, Jennifer Wenger, makes her HBO debut this season.

True Blood” details the whimsical co-existence of vampires and humans in small town Louisiana. Thanks to the invention of synthetic blood, humans have been taken off the menu and vampires have become fellow citizens overnight.  Disconcerting to nearly everyone but Sookie Stackhouse (played by Academy Award winner Anna Paquin), a young, telepathic waitresses. As an outcast herself, she is optimistic about the integration of vampires. Drawn to the mysteries of their world, she falls in love with vampire Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer). “The storytelling and the characters in True Blood are all beautifully complex which makes my job as a composer very exciting because I have such a rich world to play with thematically.”

jwheadshotsmWenger is mostly known for her emotion-evoking appearance in the documentary, “Confessions of a Superhero”, directed by Matthew Ogens. “Confessions of a Superhero” explores the fascination, obsession and allure of fame through the eyes of some very unique people struggling to make it in Tinseltown. As “Confessions…” made its festival circuit, Wenger found herself drawing attention from fans across the nation. Apart from the daily fan-mail she receives, the fans have also created a Facebook Fan Page. To view this fan page, please visit Facebook

Along with her budding acting career, Jennifer Wenger, is a regular performer as “Justice” on the superhero comedy website,  Showcasing the adventures of Captain Lucky, Tauren, Justice, Leawyn, Star Stud and Mystic Jade, the Lucky Legendary superhero team fight to protect the innocent with their special comedy, laugh-out-loud humor and pop-culture exploitation.  Known for their weekly web comic and their live action web series, Wenger has helped amass a huge fan base for Lucky Legendary.


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