True Blood’s Alan Ball: Season Finale And Season 3 Spoilers

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mv5bmtywnjuzmte3mv5bml5banbnxkftztywnjm0mtyz_v1_sx319_sy400_With Season Three of True Blood scheduled to begin filming in early December, Alan Ball already has a clear picture of where the show is going. The viewers, on the other hand, are still reeling from the surprises of Sunday night’s finale, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.”

Televisionary interviewed Alan to shed light on the events of Season Two, and to prepare us for what Season Three will bring.

In response to the thoughts of some that the Maryann storyline dragged on too long, or that the character was so magnified from what happened in the books, Alan said that he wanted to have an arc that would bring all the main characters together for one big fight at the end. Season Two was structured differently than Season One, in that there were separate storylines going on for the first half of the season, and then they began to combine. In particular, Alan mentioned how much he liked that Jason became part of the action in Dallas with Bill and Sookie, and then they came home together to face what had been going on with the people of Bon Temps. He says that in Season Three, he’s keeping things “a little more organic with the connection between the regulars.”

Among the most powerful moments of Season Two was the death of Godric. Alan talks about how moving that character was for him in the book. He even teared up a little bit when he saw the first cut of the episode “I Will Rise Up,” not only because of Godric, but also because of Jessica, and the scene with Sookie and Jason in the hotel where they talk about Gran. Casting Godric was an important decision, and it wasn’t easy to find the right person:

“It was difficult to find an actor who looked so young but who could convey centuries of feeling and to be tired of life and tired of being alive and ready to move on.”

Godric also served as a way to reveal another side of Eric, to not just have him be a badass who tears people’s limbs off, but someone who does have vulnerability.

When speaking about the future of Bill and Sookie, Alan was hesitant to spoil anything:

“I know exactly what’s going to happen in Season Three, because we’ve already started breaking the episodes and figuring the arc of the season. So I can’t really say without giving too much away what I think. But I’ll say this: the love between them is authentic and real, but that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily stay together. But it doesn’t mean that they won’t either, though.”

If the overarching theme of Season Two was the power of belief, in both positive and negative ways, then Season Three will thematically be about the search for identity. Sookie will not only be searching for Bill, but also for the truth about who and what she is. We will also meet Sam’s family.

So what else does Alan have in store for Jessica and Hoyt, Jason and Andy, Tara, and the vampire Queen with the vampire King of Mississippi (recently announced)?  Most of all, who kidnapped BillTo find out please read the complete, in-depth interview with Alan Ball on Televisionary.

It already sounds like a lot to look forward to in June! True Blood fans will be anxiously awaiting for its return.


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  • Elicia

    The best thing about the whole series is that most of the characters seem to have the same traits as described in the books. I can’t wait till season 3!!

  • ChrisColon

    I thought season 2 went so far off the books that it was boring most of the time. Before anybody tries to remind me that these are not the books, let me say I know that. But these characters in True Blood are the characters created by Ms Harris not Mr. Ball and his crew. If he want’s to expand or shrink story lines, fine. But I do have a big problem with him changing the personalities of the characters and their action. He has made Eric a 100% villain and Bill 100% a hero. That is not how Ms Harris made them and these characters are her children. I had hoped that season 3 would be a little closer to their origins.

  • Lois Oda

    The show is far batter than the books and that is unusual in film versus text – I think that Alan Ball and his writers have vatly improved the characters and their actions — Hopefully that will continue and they will not go down the illogical – shallow and often frustrating roads that the author has written.
    Sookie needs to be a loyal person to Bill – her friends – Jason etc. not a flighty child with minimum values and no insight into what is going on around her or she will not keep us on her side – Eric diserves his own love interests – that is plural- as he is a stud and 1000 years old – The other characters need to grow – I like that I saw they were giving Sam a brother (none in the books -) so good for the writers. The variety of characters in the books are their best asset – so bring on werewolves-shapeshifters- withces – warlocks- fairies etc. – Fantasy is the name of the genre – but I hope the writers keep the level of sex, nudity, violence and gore at the high levels they have been doing – Im teened out with insipidness like Twilight – hope the next season starts soon –
    Finally when are the DVD;s for Season 2 coming out? anyone know?

    • Hi Lois,

      So far no announcement has been made as to when the season 2 DVDs will be coming out but as soon as we find out we will post the information. 🙂

  • RLS

    Personally I think season 2 was a drag and I really wish Alan Ball would stick more to the books. The books were great!
    My favorite part of the books was when Eric got amnesia and Sookie took care of him. Not only is he really hot but he really does love Sookie and I would love to see those 2 get together. Bill used her in the books and broke her heart. I’d like to see Alan Ball stick more to the books. Seeing a Weretiger (Quinn) and Werewolves would be awesome.
    antonio, you should read the books. Much better than the show.

    • Isis Nocturne

      RLS, a few of us have read the books and prefer the show. Besides, the show and books are DIFFERENT mediums, with different rights. The books belong to Charlaine and whatever company publishes her. The show belongs to Alan Ball and HBO. They have the say in what is shown versus what is not. And Alan is a fan of Bill’s, has said so many times. He has his own way of telling the stories of each character we see and really deal with in Bon Temps.

      Also, RLS, the storyline you are talking about is in book 4, so it wouldn’t even be close to season 3, it would be in season 4 if Alan decides to use it. This is all Alan’s choice in what happens. Besides, Charlaine approves completely of the job Alan is doing.

  • JulieAnn

    I agree with some of what is being said regarding the relationship between sookie and bill. I have read the books and have no problem with sookie feeling betrayed by bill leaving her for lorena and being ordered to seduce her in the first place. Sookie is understandably bereft about this and is a very niave young woman so she doubts the validity of their whole relationship I can’t condemn her for this it is so true to her character. The episodes with Eric allow Sookie to feel desired/loved at time when she is suffering about her lost love the important distinction between this and her relationship with Bill is the lack of commitment she shows emotionally to Eric, maybe this is a just a physical attraction or Sookie is protecting herself. I cannot agree with people who feel Sookie betrays Bill by doing this, their relationship is over Sookie is a good representation of a modern woman, do we wither at home staying chaste because our first love didnt work out? or in the hope that they’ll come back? no! Sookie loves Bill even after everything but she does not trust him with her heart because he has the power to hurt her so much if you’ve read the books you’ll know eric, quinn etc do not have that power or the same status in sookies heart. In conclusion I actually am hoping that a pivital moment will come for Sookie and Bill that will allow them to be together again because they both feel so strongly for each other despite their separation and relationships with other people (Bill has been with Lorena and Selah) So I am hoping that Charlaine will feel thats the right thing for them too and although I didn’t enjoy the breakup of Sookie/Bill its added more to the story rather than those two running around doing tasks for vampires that get sookie into trouble where bill saves her, not really enough to keep 10 books going!!

    • antonio

      Wow! Julie Thank You for giving us such a rare and concise look into the world of the books! I wouldnt have known…Since I have Not read Any of them. I think I can see now WHY Show Bill and Book Bill Are SO different,Thank You for sharing that!
      As for The Show, The main focus driving it is i believe the relationship between Bill and Sookie.However, Its Not Always Exclusively about that! There Have been episodes where the focus was on Tara,Maryann,Jason,Sam~~~sometimes somme of the episodes dealt mostly with Sam and his “secret” And Eric!
      There was a nice storyline about Eric and his maker godric.
      Then there was Jessica and Hoyt That storyline is So Good too!
      So the show isnt always about Just B&S!
      Thanks again Julie for giving us a peek into the world of the books!

    • Janie Logan

      I agree with Antonio! I think you’ve offered a very unique perspective on the Bill/Sookie relationship, JulieAnn! People feel so strongly about who they want her to be with that they aren’t really considering what she feels in each situation. When the time comes that it’s right for her to be with Eric, she should be with him. And Quinn, and so on. That doesn’t diminish what Bill means to Sookie. Even after the pain they’ve both experienced (her because of the seduction betrayal, him because of her relationships), there is no denying that there are still feelings between them. I would be very interested to see if Charlaine brings it full circle and has Sookie end up with her first love. There would have to be a lot of forgiveness and self-realization before that could happen–after all, Sookie still has some growing up and soul-searching to do. But if they do find their way back together, their relationship would be stronger for all that they’ve been through. Your last sentence is absolutely true: the story would be too one-dimensional and boring if Bill and Sookie stayed together forever, her always getting into danger and him always coming to the rescue. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, in the books and on the show!!

      • antonio

        Well Spoken Jane! I Totally AGREE WITH YOU!!
        Many Thanks to You and Julie For sharing your wonderfully lucid thoghts and comments about the Books And The Show! Jane, I think that in light of this “new” information It Totally puts a different complexion on Bill and Sookie’s relationship!
        I think that many may have felt it to be “boring” because they saw No potential for growth,change acceptance and/or forgiveness
        People are to change and face adversity If they are to grow and find where their true strength and character lies! Book Sookie sounds “stronger” than Show Sookie. I agree By making Sookie the “damsel in distress” and Bill having to rescue her it makes it Too much like Twilight! TB Is Far TOO Good for THAT!
        BTW, In Twilght Edward NO Longer had to rescue weak Bella Once She became a Vampire herself toward the last part of book 4!
        Now in the show, that Bill has been abducted probably in some small part by Eric, Sookie will have to re-evaluate her relationship with Bill. She will have to grow-up and decide What AND Who she wants! HOW Can she know for sure If she truly loves Bill unless her feeling for him is Tested??
        And What Of Bill? Without Her to feed off of and get lovin’ from what will He be reduced to?? Will he revert back to a bloodsucking willfull monster like He Was when He was with Lorena?? Jane, You have provoked Much Thought here That’s a good thing I think!
        Thanks Again to Jane And Julie for their Wonderful insights!

    • Lois oda

      I totally disagree – I am a writer and at least one – preferably two characters should remain true to their honor and values – loyalty is a character trait especially for lovers – and unless it is physically impossible to remain loyal ( example – Bill cannot physically resist doing what his maker Lorena forces him to do including having sex with her -and Sookie knows this is true for his kind). As got the other woman in the books – that is so rediculous a scenerio that I almost didn’t read the rest of that book. Bill is the only faithful character – maybe Sam – but Sookie is a stupid flighty child who plays at love and hurts everyone who loves her on the books – I have very little empathy for her character in the books – I hope that the mature intelligent writers do not go down that road and keep bringing her back to the knowledge that Bill is a wonderful guy and she should stay loyal – I have hope because he asks her to marry Jim in the show which never happens in th books

      • Julie Ann

        Thanks antonio and jane for the feedback on my comments that was really nice, i know i didn’t comment on other aspects of the storyline antonio and i certainly see beyond the sookie/bill relationship in terms of my overall enjoyment of the show/books (jason is my favourite character by far! he just makes me laugh out loud!) my comments were in response to people making the judgement that sookie is bad/wrong because bill is so right/great and i didn’t see it like that i think its a wee bit more complex than that and i really appreciate that about the true blood story…that it does complicated!!
        I’ve been thinking about Lois’s comment about lovers characters staying loyal throughout the story and I agree in theory that thats probably the tried and tested formula for how most great romances are written however when does that become a bit like painting (writing) by numbers? I see true blood as a bit more than that, it is contemporary fiction and just like in real life things don’t always pan out just like you’d like them to, i wonder if it followed a prescribed path, would it be as gripping? no it would get boring fast…well so i tell myself because i can’t change the way they write them and i happen to love it all anyway!

  • Tara Blackwell

    I for one did not think the thing with Maryann went on to long, It made the story line a bit more interesting,
    I was a bit disappointed that we could not keep Godric on the show, He was so good at acting the part and it made Eric a little bit more on the human side with his love for his maker.
    If we are so desperate to have it short and simple, it would be over to soon and we would be disappointed in the whole series.
    The web of Bill, Eric and Sookie is so exciting! I can’t wait for season Three to begin,I hope Allen Ball keeps us on the edge with this season as he did with the second season.
    If we all forget, The edge is what keeps us coming back for more.

  • castillo0328

    The new king of mississippi is going to be wonderful, I think he matches the book kinda perfect… way to go Alan. excited about season 3 big fan of books and show! 🙂

  • True Blood rocks! what i d like to see in series 3, given i have not read the books, is sookie still love Bill, Eric trying to get a date with her but with no success. He has been really bad so i think he deserves to beg for her mercy. Sookie is surely not just human, but if she were not human at all Bill would not be able to drink her blood. I just love Sookie and Bill being together! I want to see them get married even if they face the worlds difficulties!

    • Akl


      I concur, I second this! Here! Here! BRAVO. We Bill and Sookie fans need to stick together!

      Bill and Sookie 4 EVER!

      • Nia

        I am here too, and I concure as well!!!!!!!
        Let “True” love prevail!!!!!!

        • Isis Nocturne

          I third it! There’s not enough TRUE love in the world, so let us PLEASE keep Bill and Sookie!

  • antonio

    I disagree. I believe if the show is to move on and keep its edge
    There has to be some dramatic even drastic changes. I think Sookie with Eric would add fresh new excitement. AB stated in an interview that season 1 was about the serial killer mostly…Who is it? What’s going on? season 2 about the power of belief and betrayal who can you trust? season 3 he said will be about identity..Who am I? What do I want? In order to remain cutting edge,fresh and entertaining It Must move forward by breaking new ground with newer diverse storyliines.

  • AKL

    I hate not knowing! It’s incredibly excruciating and frustrating. I wish we could post questions and before filming he could give us more “hints” 9 whole lonely months is a long time.

    I wish that Sookie would have had her clarity moment (maybe Bill going to her and holding her, promising to help her find out more of herself and they would cross that bridge (her growing older) when the time was right. I wish they had kissed and maybe slow danced, Bill telling her he loved her and she could take as much time to answer as she needed, also reassuring her of his love and his hope for a yes. Then Sookie would try the ring on and take a moment, maybe while they held each other or danced and Sookie would say Yes as happily and elated like she was when in the finale and then she would go to clean herself up, and then Bill would be captured (and only if the story really needed to go that way).

    Bill and Sookie had a lot happen to them and they fought hard together through each obstacle and for their love. They deserved a happy moment in the end (it may have been a repeat of them coming together like the first season but I think that us as fans, especially those of us who passionately believe Bill and Sookie should solidify thier love and also have AB add conflict and danger and all wackyness needed, However Sookie and Bill could and should have some moments of love and affection as a team, a unit, a couple.

    **In AB’s latest interviews he mentions a lot about haveing to make the story shocking and that nobody wants to see the same couple because it would be boring…As you probably can guess I stronly disagree.

    I do not want her with Eric in a romantic way…they could team up, but Sookie’s love for Bill should be a solid foundation for her and Bill. Just because they are married doesn’t mean they have a smooth road. I think if Mr. Ball can create True Blood I know he could be just as creative in keeping BC and SS together. Sometimes a constant in a show keeps us hoping and exalted and wanting more, so it wouldn’t kill the show.

    AB didn’t deny the possibility of them being over so there is hope.

    One last thing, AB PLEASE do not go into the books and bring in Bill’s ulterior motive. It just to cruel. Please consider leaving that in the books.

    • Nia

      AKL, I agree with you on so many of your opinions. Unfortunately that tends to put us in a minority, not following the crowd so to speak. But I have never been one to conform or follow the crowd. I am one to vote for the underdog. I adore Bill Compton and all he has done to better himself, to find his humanity and mostly his overwhelming love for Sookie. Some find their love story boring and call Bill names (which I can’t stand). I do not understand that way of thinking. True love is such a wonderful and rare thing. To degrade it with such talk makes me shake my head. This is such a wonderful show, it is not the books, I wish people would just let the show stand on its own.
      I will trust Alan B. to create for us a great season 3. I know that to keep the love story of Bill/Sookie alive it is necessary to constantly give them obstacles to overcome. I believe we will see much of that in the next year. We must keep our faith in our favorite dark southern vamp and his undying love for Sookie.
      I know that you are concerned about a certain twist that was in the books, and it may come to play in the show. I have read all the books and know of which you mean. It seems that it may go that way. I believe that eventually Bill will prevail. Remember that unfortunately being such a young vampire, Bill has to be subserviant to many, so he was probably ordered to do this. Hopefully Sookie will eventually understand (not like in the books, which I did not like her at all for)and their love will be strong enough to make it through the tough times ahead.
      I am a hopeful romantic and this love story of Bill and Sookie falls into that category. I always want them together, but then where would the drama be? I say bring it on Alan B. and we will keep the faith in our handsome Bill Compton.
      Team True Blood forever!!!!

      • Akl


        Thank you for your post. Sometimes I feel like everyone wants a Eric and Sookie relationship. Its great to find a person who has the same passion for Bill and Sookie’s relationship.

        Thanks for making my day:-)

        • Nia

          Anytime AKL, you can count on me. There are a lot of Bill supporters out there, they just tend to be not as vocal as others. I am usually a nice, quiet, calm person but I get a bit frustrated when I read all the negativity about our Bill. It really is so unfair and uncalled for. I just can’t let it go. My word-sword of justice whips out and I tend to get carried away when in my “Defense” mode, and my fingers runneth away from me when I am defending our sweet southern vamp.
          Anytime you need someone to commiserate over our Bill with you can look for me, I am usually around.
          Finding someone like you has made my day as well.
          Take care and keep the faith!!!!!!!
          Team True Blood!

      • Lois oda

        I agree with you – the love between Bill and Sookie has to be real – true and strong – sure Obsticals happen but not lack of devotion from either – I hated what the books did – it made sookie shallow and I can’t Rermember how many times I thought – “Sookie just does not deserve Bill or even any of the other males who covets her – fairy blood or not”. So far the writers of Trueblood have kept that shallowness in the books character to a minimum – hopefully they will continue to do so – it will be Sookie we don’t like – Bill is a true hero and drop dead gorgeous and loyal – it is Sookies character that will loose fans if she does all the cheating that is in the books with others for those written flimsy – immature – inane reasons and not because she thinks Bill is dead or looses her memory or in order to protect him – the book’s author’s reasons are so weak as to just make the fans Like me very irratated and angry that Sookie is so immature. And hurtful

        also would love flashbacks for Eric to times with Godrick – say in Rome – Pompei. – Venice historical places they went together – and sex scenes with Pam – when he made her – they are the right body types for each other and it would be a time to show his soft and living time and she is a pretty woman too

        • Nia

          Hi Lois,
          I read all the books a long time ago and I prefer the show so much more.
          In the books I found Sookie to be shallow and extremely unrefined. Granted we know she is a bar maid and never continued her education because of her “gift”, but I just did not like her character. Bill had so much more class.
          I love the show and show Sookie so much more. Hopefully Alan B. will keep writing her the way he is. She is tough but has more emotinal depth and character.
          I adore Bill and their love story. I know there will be obstacles and I say bring them on. True Love win out!
          Team True Blood!

          • Lois Oda

            The show is far batter than the books and that is unusual in film versus text – I think that Alan Ball and his writers have vatly improved the characters and their actions — Hopefully that will continue and they will not go down the illogical – shallow and often frustrating roads that the author has written.
            Sookie needs to be a loyal person to Bill – her friends – Jason etc. not a flighty child with minimum values and no insight into what is going on around her or she will not keep us on her side – Eric diserves his own love interests – that is plural- as he is a stud and 1000 years old – The other characters need to grow – I like that I saw they were giving Sam a brother (none in the books -) so good for the writers. The variety of characters in the books are their best asset – so bring on werewolves-shapeshifters- withces – warlocks- fairies etc. – Fantasy is the name of the genre – but I hope the writers keep the level of sex, nudity, violence and gore at the high levels they have been doing – Im teened out with insipidness like Twilight – hope the next season starts soon –
            Finally when are the DVD;s for Season 2 coming out? anyone know?

      • I like True Blood so much that I am quite upset that Season 3 will be the final season. I also read all of the Sooke Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, and I read some of her other mysteries. The only problem I have with her books is that they ar too short. I was also perturbed when Bill betrays Sookie in the novels, and he is no longer her love interest.

        In some ways, the show is better than the novels, although I love them both.

        • Caitlin, where did you get the idea that this is the final season of True Blood? I could swear that it’s got a contract until at least season 4!

  • sharx

    Wondering who will play Alcide? Quinn? Charles? Any ideas?

  • me

    I am now excited about season 3. After the season finale I felt a lot disappointed, but reading this interview Alan has made me feel a little better. I don’t like that he is going to change Eric’s character so much, but the books are so good with him that you can’t really improve without making him a wus. I thought after the show went off, “crap he had Eric kidnap Bill”, but now after this interview I know it was Lorena that has Bill. Right after Bill escorted her out of Godricks home Bill said that she was dead to him and she said “I wished you hadn’t said that” hell has no fury like a woman scorned and the torture that she puts him through in the book, all I can say is poor Bill. I wonder who will play Debbie Pelt? I am glad that Sookie may find out who she is, but knowing Alan he will leave that for the season 3 cliff hanger. Not so disappointed anymore but SEASON 2 S-U-C-K-E-D mostly and not in the good way.

  • antonio

    There is just So much to look forward to! So many questions So much speculation! Some of these are: What is Sookie? Why was she the Only one who did not fall under Maryann’s spell? Is she something more? Sam are his folks werewolves? shapeshifters? circus freaks? Who abducted Bill? Lorena? Eric? Queen Sophie-Ann? Weres contracted by Eric? Other vampires??
    When and if Sookie finds Bill will she still take his proposal seriously? Will she have changed her mind? Will she again consider Sam?? In Twilight New Moon after Edward departs from Bella..leaving her all alone,She cozies up to shapeshifter Jacob Black. I know Sookie loves Bill but maybe some time apart would be good for them. She will surely have questions about who she really is..not to mention some time to reflect on her relationship with Bill~~Who Is a vampire.

  • BLF

    I fully recomend reading the transcript from the whole interview.