True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard: All About Sookie

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True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard reveals that Eric Northman‘s attraction to Sookie Stackhouse is more than a lust for forbidden fruit in an interview recently posted by Digital Spy’s Tube Talk.

Eric‘s feelings for Sookie are based in genuine curiosity, rather than a desire to irk her beau Bill Compton, Alex said. While Eric is generally nonchalant about humans, there’s something different about Sookie, he said.

“He’s intrigued by her, for sure. When he meets her for the first time, he knows there’s something different about her and that intrigues him. He doesn’t care too much for humans in general – he thinks they’re pathetic – but when he meets her, there’s something about her.”

When asked if the attraction is “a case of forbidden fruit,” Alex said:

“No – he’s curious and he’s not gonna let Bill stop him because Bill‘s just this little kid!”

Alex said that while Eric couldn’t ask for a better match than partner-in-crime Pam, Sookie appeals to a more lustful side of his personality:

“He’s already got his Pam – even though that’s not a sexual thing, he’s got his partner. For sexual attraction, it’s all about Sookie.”

Alex said that while he doesn’t know where Eric will end up at the end of Season 3, he hopes the audience will get to know his character better along the way:

“I just trust Alan and the writers – they’re doing such a great job. I don’t know where I want him to go. When reading the scripts, I wanna continue to be surprised and discover different sides of Eric. Hopefully we’ll get to know him a little better.”

More intimate knowledge of Eric? Now there’s a notion his fans can really sink their teeth into.

Source: Digital Spy

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  • Well, I think those of us who think Alan Ball will follow the book Club Dead might be a little disappointed….For one thing, he is focusing a lot on Debbie Pelt and casting other women for love scenes with Eric. And another thing, we know is that he is focusing a lot on individual characters families and backgrounds. I hope we see Eric with Sookie, but after all, there is no Bubba to catch Eric and Sookie making out as in the books. SIGH…

  • mony

    I’m pretty confident in Ball….at least he said he is following the story of the main character as in the books and giving to Bill a big part too thing that he doesn’t have in the books, and he is aìonly changing a lot about secondary character…
    I’m quite positive actually becouse I see Eric becoming the great man as he is in the books, doesn’t matter if there is some changement, is not so important….Eric is becoming Eric especially with Sookie and that’s great becouse they are the books and Ball knows it…
    Alan Ball is Team Money….he know how to create a money machine with a huge triangle maybe, with Alcide, maybe the with Quinn…
    True Blood will keep going to surprise us for the next seasons….i bet on that^^


    SOOO looking forward to an Eric Sookie pairing. Their sexual chemistry and banter is what kept me hooked as a reader, and as a viewer I am anxious to see it play out that way on screen.
    Anna may be with Steve Moyer in real life, but you cannot deny the chemistry her and Alex have onscreen.Even SM says that in his latest interview.
    “This IS the beginning!”

    • Mony

      Yeah I remeber SM says that Anna and Alex have chemestry on screen at least Eric and Sookie^^
      i guess private life has has nothind to deal with a work so i’m not so worried about that becouse Sookie and Eric are the books….they are Scarlett and Rhett so i’m not worried, not at all^^

      • In that interview, which I think was the Emmy Awards and Stephen was being interviewed by that Austiello (and noted Eric lover). Austiello asked Stephen about the dream scene and asked, which I thought was quite rude and thoughtless, whether Stephen thought there was great chemistry between Anna and Alex in the dream sequence. What else was Stephen to say! Think about it! Millions were watching!! He was also asked that question at a function he and Anna attended. He said more or less the same thing. He has also said that even if there was NO chemistry, professional actors HAD TO MAKE CHEMISTRY to make that scene work! That’s what good actors do! Make the scene work! Also, don’t forget, every bit of that scene, and the wonderful love scenes between Bill and Sookie, are choreographed to every degree! So, please don’t take those scenes literary. It’s all make believe.

  • We’ll see. I bet AB has a few tricks up his sleeve. I wouldn’t be so complacent!

  • jaxx

    I agree. Alex knows the attraction between Eric and Sookie is important for the story. I’m sure AB knows that as well. Yes Eric has his second in command, loyal Pam, but Pam doesn’t fill that void in his life which is Sookie. No matter how TB ultimately ends up, I want the Sookie/Eric story told and then let the chips fall where they may. May the best vamp, were, shifter or human win. (No surprise who I’m rooting for, VVG).

    Go TB, less than 4 months to go.

    • val

      And of course,just looking at the books,which no one really does anyway-Pam seems to actually prefer women

    • Amy

      you speak my mind Jaxx. I absolutely loved this interview. I am sooo looking forward to season 3. I want to see more Eric and Sookie interaction. I’m so glad that Alex was chosen to play Eric. He truly understands the character in every way. I’m sick of this cold winter weather…summer needs to get here ASAP!! True blood withdrawal is truly painful LOL.

  • Monica

    God I adore this man and the way he really get Eric and Eric and Sookie, becouse in the very beginning Eric just look at her with a sexual attraction but then without even realize it he fall in love for her, she is his heart’s desire as book 9 reveals and reading Alex and what Ball is doing i really see the books in True Blood and S/e really building uo….
    btw “this is just the beginning” ^^