Alexander Skarsgård Talks True Blood With GQ

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Skarsgård Discusses True Blood, Rihanna and the infamous Rolling Stone cover

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True BloodRecently Alexander Skarsgård, True Blood’s vampire sheriff Eric Northman, sat down with GQ magazine for an exclusive interview in London, where True Blood season two is currently airing.

Here are some of the highlights from what he had to say in the interview:

On Eric’s villain label:

“Everyone was like, “You’re the villain.” To me, there was so much more to Eric than that. So it was great in season two to actually get a chance to show that people might be wrong when they label someone as good or bad.”

On the show being different from the books:

“The show has got to take on a life of its own. There are tons of fans of the books out there, we want to entertain them, but if we did scene-by-scene or episode-by-episode following what happened in the books, then they wouldn’t be entertained. You want them to be on their toes!”

On auditioning for the role of Bill:

“It wasn’t really a case of me and Stephen for Bill. I think Alan was just scanning the market and meeting actors and everyone read for Bill. But of course I couldn’t play him. I’m definitely not right for Bill.”

On working with Rihanna on Battleship:

This is her first movie but she’s great, she’s really really good in it and her working… She’s got a crazy schedule. She’s really diligent and I’m impressed. We would work and then she’d fly to LA to perform at the MTV Music Awards and then fly back red eye, land, go straight to set, work all day.

On the risque Rolling Stone cover:

He (the photographer) explained it and it was just one of those things in the moment where we all looked at each other, we’d spent all day with the photographer, we felt comfortable with him, we knew that he was great and the atmosphere was right and we were like, “**** it, let’s do it.” No one thought that the magazine would go for it.

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