True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard IESB Season 2 Interview

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True Blood's Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard, who play’s Eric Northman on HBO’s hit show True Blood, is perhaps one of the most mysterious, respected and, at time’s, one of the most eerily, frightening vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Alexander referred to himself as a “glorified extra” in Season 1, but as we all know he had a commanding presence on screen that exuded both confidence and arrogance, yet was undeniably likable in the series. In the following interview Alexander talks about his more in depth role as Eric in Season 2 and how the viewers will slowly learn more about Eric as the season progresses. He goes on to explain that Dallas is a personal journey for his character and what may be at stake, which is life and death for him, and brings a whole new Eric that we have yet to see previously and are eagerly anticipating.

Alexander is grateful that the fans are able to see him more in depth in Season 2 of True Blood. As he described, after Season 1, many fans would approach him and refer to him as the ‘evil vampire‘ and he felt the need to continually defend Eric because as he explains, and many who may have read the books understand, there is so much more than meets the eye than the bad boy vampire that we were introduced to in Season 1.

Alex says:

“In Season 1, Eric was the entrepreneur, doing his thing, and walking around and being the bad-ass vampire. In Season 2, you’ll hopefully understand him a little bit better and see more than just the evil vampire that people sometimes think he is”.

With the new season unfolding, and with a possible love triangle developing between his character,  Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), Alexander says it is a pleasure working with such a wonderful cast. He also says he is ecstatic to get up each morning and go to work because the crew of writers are phenomenal and Alan Ball is a genius. Alexander goes on to explain Eric’s attraction to Sookie Stackhouse. He explains that Eric has been around for a thousand years and after all this time is quite jaded with humanity unlike Bill Compton. Eric realizes there is something quite intriguing about Sookie, yet cannot put his finger on it and wants to pursue that avenue.

Alexander feels that our society is definitely intrigued by vampires because they stand the test of time, they are always there and symbolize consistency in an ever-changing world, thus the fascination. He believes True Blood has great drama because sex and violence always attracts the audience, which all vampires epitomize.

On a lighter, and bit funnier, note, Alex goes on to describe how it felt to talk with fangs in the beginning and that he had his own malfunction with them. He assures us it took time, patience and practice to perfect those scenes!

When asked if there were any of Eric’s characteristic’s he wishes he had he stated:

‘Yeah all of them. As an actor, I believe the character has to be born with you, and come from within you. It has to be that organic. As human beings, we have all those characteristics within us. I don’t believe in good people and bad people. I think we are a combination of both’.

In addition to being on HBO’s hit show True Blood, some fans may recognize him as Brad Colbert from HBO’s mini-series, Generation Kill. He also starred in Lady Gaga’s music video “Paparazzi”. When asked what the experience was like, he simply said the director, Jonas Akerlund, was a good friend of his and he thought the video was something fun to do, so he did it. Born and raised in Sweden, Alexander Skarsgard’s base is now here in the United States, but says he will always consider Stockholm, Sweden is home, since that is where his family and friends reside. He will be returning to Sweden for a week this month to complete a movie he began last year and hopes he will be able to do American and Swedish projects as well. Alex is hoping to jump from one character to another while on hiatus from True Blood to keep him on his toes. He finds different roles trigger his creativity and he constantly likes to be challenged from one project to another. Later this month, he begins shooting the re-make of Straw Dogs, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth, that will be released in 2010.

I have a feeling Alexander Skarsgard will soon be, if he isn’t yet, a household name, not only for his captivating portrayal as Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood but for his former work in his home country of Sweden and for his upcoming projects both here in America and in his homeland of Sweden. You can see Alexander and the rest of the cast of Alan Ball’s hit show, True Blood every Sunday night at 9PM on HBO.


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    I love all the character in trueblood, but my favorite is bill and sookie i love eric and want to see more of him but not with sookie. I want to see more or pam she is not getting a lot of air time. I want her to start dating somebody. I hope the writter being bill and sookie back to each other ever is she have to go to eric I want before the season three end bill and sookie finds there back together. I want be watching season three because I hear bill is being killed out the show so sookie have to go to eric. As much as I love eric not with sookie though very disapointed about bill character::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::(

    • Loleaf

      SABRINA, I don’t think you have to worry about Bill being killed off, that just won’t happen because he is such a big part of the show. Besides Stephen has signed a 7 year contract with the show.

  • Missyella

    Hi pbartteacher, how did you manage to find Om Sara (About Sara)? I have been trying via Amazon to also find Jarnetanglar (Iron Angels),Exit and Hundtricket(the Dog Trick)the Swedish films Alex has been in, only to be be told by them that they are all unavialbale. I am in the UK and only managed to get two, Kill Your Darlings and a war caper type film in which he plays the sweetest Nazi (if there could ever be one?) in the The Last Drop. Because we are in the UK, we are so far behind on the FX Channel, so those of us who have only just discovered the wonderful and v talented Mr skarsgard are at a disadvantage. Having said that I have been avidly reading, watching anything, film clips especially on You Tube about this handsome young Man and yes Generation Kill was a revelation, when you think that his first language is Swedish. I have to say that the Scandanavians/Europeans do pick up, speak English very well. I know, am married to a Frenchman.

    • pbartteacher

      Misyella, you should be able to find OM Sara on Youtube. I was able to watch it in about 9 different parts I believe. Those movies are not available in the US because of the European format. Didn’t you just love Alex in Generation Kill? That is on DVD now. I’m sure as Alexander continues to grow in popularity more of his films will be re-released for American audiences in DVD format. Heaven knows we would all buy them.

      • Missyella

        Thank you, have seen the clips on You Tube of Om Sara and Cuppen as well, when he was a lanky 20 something.

        Have you seen the clips where he is the lead singer of a cheesy band and has a Moustache, moisturising his Hands and Chest before they go on stage??? He looks older here, cannot get the tune out of my head,

        Spent a lot of this afternoon trying to find the DVDs in Foreign/World Cinema sections in Foyles, Waterstone, Blacks and HMV on the Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street in London today, to no avail.

        I think i will have to ask a Norwegian colleague to see if he can get them there for me.

        I think you could be right as his fame grows, Distributors will think/know that there is a market for his Films etc.

        Oh well at least I have Generation Kill and the episodes of TB to keep me warm and to keep his image in my head all the time.

        Things got so crazy, he is my Wallpaper/Screensaver at home and at work. Driving the Husband potty!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth D

    Thank’s Samone! Yes, he is quite the ‘man’ these days and deserves all his thunder! Thank you for visiting the site & enjoying the articles on the cast! 🙂

  • samone

    I am in love with his character “Eric”….please continue to show more of him!!!!

  • marchi

    Thx ! I love the series so much..I rarely read novels,usually I’m all about manga ( japanesse comic books) but these one are differents..
    Allan Balls did a very good job casting Alex as Eric,he’s my fav characters ( gee wonders why?? LOL) I’ve seen GK and Om Sara , Alex looks really skinny in OS, well maybe he needs to bulk his body up a little bit for playing eric.
    Thx for youtube I can see true blood season 2 without have to wait until august 22..yay!!..
    Can’t wait for sunday ( monday here in jakarta) to watch episode 9..some critics said it will be the best episode so far!!

  • Tracey

    Yeah I would prefer to see his fresh face then george clooney or brad pitt or the same actor who is always picked! i did notice that she wasn’t scared as much but maybe they are just trying to show that she is not as afraid of him anymore? IDK? you are dedicated living in Indonesia and buy it from singapore, you go!

  • marchi

    Well I also didn’t want him to be over exposed..,but then it will nice to see him on the cover of magazines every now and then..
    When is the time for people’s sexiest man alive polls anyway?if Alex is not “at least” in the list I’ll be very upset..^^
    Did any of you realized that in episode 8 , when eric was talking to sookie abt the relationships between the maker and the child that her face was not as scary to him as before? I meant ,before eric saved her,whenever she’s with him ,she always had that “scare of him” look..I hope the writers not going away from the books..I’m a fans of the series..I lived in indonesia and I have to buy the series all the way to singapore.. LOL..that’s how dedicated I am to the series..^^

  • Tracey

    I love him too! He does seem like the kind to stick to indies’ and supporting quality roles too. Which I think is better. I am sick of seeing Brad Pitt’s face, Tom Cruise’s and any other leading guy that is in the block busters. It gets boring. Maybe he can take a que from Leonardo Dicaprio who is a fantastic star who lays low but makes huge movies and is great and I personally don’t get sick of him. He is a multi-dimensional actor and you hardly ever see him in those rag mags. I hope Alex stays like that. He seems like a genuine humble , fantastic actor and real unlike some big names.

  • marchi

    I love alex so much..he needs to act in a big blockbuster movie so the rest of world will notice him, but he seems like the kind of actor that likes to star in indie movies rather than big blockbuster movies

  • pbartteacher

    Just finished watching Generation Kill on DVD from Amazon. I will admit I did not watch it the first time it aired on HBO. I was completely enthralled the entire time. Not because of the subject matter, Iraq War but because of Alexander Skarsgard. It was awesome that he was in every single episode and almost every single scene.
    No vampire make up in this movie. Just Alex 24/7. If you want to watch an interesting movie, I would highly recommend it. I think Alex is no diamond in the rough. He is a very polished actor who be earning more and more accolades as his career continues to climb. I agree that acting talent runs in the family. His father is a fine character actor in his own right. I have enjoyed this mini series. If you have not checked it out, you will not be disappointed.

    • Val

      I am glad more people are watching GenerationKill! It is also getting a lot of recognition from the Emmys.I too watched it after seeing TrueBlood, because of Alex.I’m not much for war movies/documentaries,so did not see it when it was first released.I was amazingly impressed by the the content(as well as Alex’s wonderful acting and looks of course!)He was so good in it I thought he should have been nominated for an Emmy as well as Stark Sands and of course,”Ray Person” who was hilarious!The fact that it was mostly accurate was also quite amazing! What a terrible legacy we have wrought in Iraq!

      • Rebecca

        I’m saving my Generation Kill to watch between season2 and season3. Hopefully it won’t take long for season2 to be out on dvd. Between season1 and season2 of True Blood and Generation Kill, I”ll have my Alex/Eric fix till season3 starts.

        • pbartteacher

          Yes, I originally purchased GK for my between seasons fix but oh well. I couldn’t wait to open up the DVD set. I watched the entire mini series in 7 hours over 2 days. I’m sure I will be re-watching it many more times before Season 3 opens next summer. TB@1 and TB@2 are on the DVR so I am all set with True Blood. Looking for Alex movies to watch. I’ve watched OM Sara, Kill Your Darlings and few other smaller parts. I look forward to Straw Dogs remake. I know they haven’t started production but maybe we could see that movie make an appearance next summer. That is when it is scheduled to be released.

          Until then Alex/Eric dreams for all. Swexy Swede 24/7 now that is something to dream of.

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, he is a polished actor for sure, and I think when someone says a diamond in the rough, I think they are suggesting he is such a rare, fantastic actor who fascinates many after his portrayal in Generation Kill and now True Blood. I too saw some of his previous work, and loved it. I was lucky enough to see “Om Sara” (About Sara) over in Paris while working on a layover and I thought it was great ! He does come from a very talented family and its nice to see fresh faces and pure talent in Hollywood!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you again Alexander for the nice words and encouragement, it means a lot since I’m new! Of course I would interact because I too am one of the biggest fans of the books and TRUE BLOOD!

  • Alexander Laughlin

    I’m just curious if you are the writer too. If so that is great. I think you may be a diamond in the rough too;-) It’s always nice to see a face behind writing and get to know the writers. If its you above its cool you are interacting with other fans too.

  • Elizabeth

    Gosh, I think America has already fallen for Alexander, not only for his performance on True Blood but for his portrayal as Brad Colbert in Generation Kill! I too agree he is a diamond in the rough and while reading the books I could not picture exactly who would play this mysterious, intriguing , menacing vampire! I waited anxiously during the first season and when he made his screen debut I was ecstatic! I think Alan Ball and his casting crew nailed it on the head! I re-read the books again this passed summer and it was great to have a visual for him now and for all the other characters! I think every character was perfectly picked and I honestly am so glad who they chose for everyone! Alex is amazing and I have a feeling he will have the same kind of career as his father, Stellan Skargard. Obviously talent runs in the family! I look forward to the story unfolding and watching Alex play out the plot!

  • NorthmanLover

    Alex is a diamond in the rough and I love how you described him on screen because he feels like that in the books as well. I cannot wait to see what unfolds for his character and learn even more about him as Eric and the actor himself. I love the whole cast. Alan Ball is a pure genius.

  • Rebecca

    Alex has so much talent.I hope the rest of America falls in love with him like his True Blood fans have.

  • pbartteacher

    Sunday’s episode: Time Bomb has really started to flesh out the character of Eric. Season One was only a brief sketch of the character. Even in those brief and limited episodes, Alexander’s magnetism jumped off of the screen.

    Season Two, Alexander continues to deliver a character that is multi-faceted. Each layer of his personality, continues to be peeled away with each new episode. Eric the bad ass vampire of episode 13, feeding on Royce and terrorizing Lafayette.

    Tender Eric, looking for his maker Godric. Saying that if Godric is gone, nothing will bring back what he has lost. Flashbacks and additional interactions, have brought the viewer into Eric’s life and why he exists the way he does. Humanity has lost interest for him. I mean after 1000yrs on earth not much excites him anymore.

    Eric and Sookie interactions have been a bit uneven, but I wait patiently for Alan Ball and his writers. Showing an interest, showing a compassionate side, offering himself to Steve Newlin in exchange for Godric and Sookie’s release. Giving Sookie the reassuring look of a confident vampire.

    Caring Eric asking Sookie if she is OK. Bill practically attacking him for asking. Dismissing Eric, go to your maker. Eric the player with Jason, and reminding Jason about his debts to the vampires. Jason and Amy’s v usage has not been forgotten but has been forgiven. Eric smiling as he leaves Jason and moves on to other issues.

    Eric and Bill, and their infamous exchange at Godric’s nest. Was Bill really threatening Eric? That was so comical. Alexander is about a good 6-8 inches taller than Stephen Moyer. He towered over him. I loved that scene the best. Stephen looked like an elf in comparison.

    Eric the jokster asking Sookie if she was talking about him. Well a bond between a maker and his vampire is very strong. If the glares could kill. Sookie to Bill, Bill to Eric, Eric to Sookie-love that triangle moment.

    Really solidified the whole idea of the love triangle. Even if Sookie, still isn’t getting the whole idea yet. Is she really that dumb?

    Anxiously awaiting the rest of the season. Looking forward to Will Rise Up on Sunday. I am very interested in seeing what Allan Ball and the writers will do with this episode and you know what.

  • shalynn fosha-anderson

    He is a great actor. I love his character in the series…the mystery and the power of him is very sexy and always draws you in. I’m glad that he has such a larger role this season, and I hope that they keep “Eric” around for awhile.

  • TreasureCoast

    Alexander is a fantastic actor! Even as AB shreds his character to make Bill look good, he still comes up on top! Love him.:)