True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard IESB Season 2 Interview

August 11, 2009 by  

True Blood's Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard, who play’s Eric Northman on HBO’s hit show True Blood, is perhaps one of the most mysterious, respected and, at time’s, one of the most eerily, frightening vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Alexander referred to himself as a “glorified extra” in Season 1, but as we all know he had a commanding presence on screen that exuded both confidence and arrogance, yet was undeniably likable in the series. In the following interview Alexander talks about his more in depth role as Eric in Season 2 and how the viewers will slowly learn more about Eric as the season progresses. He goes on to explain that Dallas is a personal journey for his character and what may be at stake, which is life and death for him, and brings a whole new Eric that we have yet to see previously and are eagerly anticipating.

Alexander is grateful that the fans are able to see him more in depth in Season 2 of True Blood. As he described, after Season 1, many fans would approach him and refer to him as the ‘evil vampire‘ and he felt the need to continually defend Eric because as he explains, and many who may have read the books understand, there is so much more than meets the eye than the bad boy vampire that we were introduced to in Season 1.

Alex says:

“In Season 1, Eric was the entrepreneur, doing his thing, and walking around and being the bad-ass vampire. In Season 2, you’ll hopefully understand him a little bit better and see more than just the evil vampire that people sometimes think he is”.

With the new season unfolding, and with a possible love triangle developing between his character,  Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), Alexander says it is a pleasure working with such a wonderful cast. He also says he is ecstatic to get up each morning and go to work because the crew of writers are phenomenal and Alan Ball is a genius. Alexander goes on to explain Eric’s attraction to Sookie Stackhouse. He explains that Eric has been around for a thousand years and after all this time is quite jaded with humanity unlike Bill Compton. Eric realizes there is something quite intriguing about Sookie, yet cannot put his finger on it and wants to pursue that avenue.

Alexander feels that our society is definitely intrigued by vampires because they stand the test of time, they are always there and symbolize consistency in an ever-changing world, thus the fascination. He believes True Blood has great drama because sex and violence always attracts the audience, which all vampires epitomize.

On a lighter, and bit funnier, note, Alex goes on to describe how it felt to talk with fangs in the beginning and that he had his own malfunction with them. He assures us it took time, patience and practice to perfect those scenes!

When asked if there were any of Eric’s characteristic’s he wishes he had he stated:

‘Yeah all of them. As an actor, I believe the character has to be born with you, and come from within you. It has to be that organic. As human beings, we have all those characteristics within us. I don’t believe in good people and bad people. I think we are a combination of both’.

In addition to being on HBO’s hit show True Blood, some fans may recognize him as Brad Colbert from HBO’s mini-series, Generation Kill. He also starred in Lady Gaga’s music video “Paparazzi”. When asked what the experience was like, he simply said the director, Jonas Akerlund, was a good friend of his and he thought the video was something fun to do, so he did it. Born and raised in Sweden, Alexander Skarsgard’s base is now here in the United States, but says he will always consider Stockholm, Sweden is home, since that is where his family and friends reside. He will be returning to Sweden for a week this month to complete a movie he began last year and hopes he will be able to do American and Swedish projects as well. Alex is hoping to jump from one character to another while on hiatus from True Blood to keep him on his toes. He finds different roles trigger his creativity and he constantly likes to be challenged from one project to another. Later this month, he begins shooting the re-make of Straw Dogs, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth, that will be released in 2010.

I have a feeling Alexander Skarsgard will soon be, if he isn’t yet, a household name, not only for his captivating portrayal as Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood but for his former work in his home country of Sweden and for his upcoming projects both here in America and in his homeland of Sweden. You can see Alexander and the rest of the cast of Alan Ball’s hit show, True Blood every Sunday night at 9PM on HBO.


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