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alex-kristinAlexander Skarsgard has become a common household name for millions playing the blood-sucking viking vampire we have an unhealthy obsession with and attraction to. I try to rationalize and say to myself,  he’s a vampire, I shouldn’t love him! In one breath I think I have his character, Eric Northman, figured out and within milliseconds, I am astonished and quite speechless after watching Alexander’s portrayal of his character from Charlaine Harris’Sookie Stackhouse” novels unravel each Sunday night on HBO. In my newest addition of TV Guide, Alex tells Kate Hahn he is the oldest of seven children and reached fame by age 13 in his native country of Sweden. He said,

“It’s tough to be famous that young. It made me insecure and self-conscious so I quit acting.”

By 20, after a few years away from acting and some time in the Swedish military, Alexander decided, thankfully, to give acting another go and landed roles in “Zoolander” and had great success with directing and acting in many films at home. Alex also portrayed Brad Colbert in HBO’s, hit miniseries “Generation Kill” and is currently filming a re-make of “Straw Dogs” while on hiatus from “True Blood.” Alexander is starring along Kate Bosworth and James Marsden as the ex-boyfriend and says,

“That movie was so good that there isn’t any real point in making a clean-cut re-make. Over all it’s been tightened up and even the siege at the end is pretty different now.”

Alex went on to say that after San Diego’s comic con he spent two weeks in Mississippi working on his southern drawl. Alex says,

“I am supposed to be from Mississippi, so I have to learn how to speak like they do. It sounds like a Texas-dialect, but not as hard.”

When asked if there is any role he really wants to play, he simply says “dad.”  Alexander says,

“I’m single, I grew up in a platoon of people, I don’t have a family, but its something I really want.”

As I ponder that thought, I can’t help but daydream “Lover, party of one … Your table is now ready.” A girl can dream, can’t she? After all, he is one striking viking! Alan Ball’s sensational hit “True Blood” can be found each Sunday night on HBO at 9 p.m.

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