True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Talks About His Time in the UK

September 9, 2010 by  

Every week on True Blood we watch the talented Alexander Skarsgard bring vampire Eric Northman to life.  The actor is originally from Sweden, but spent some time in Leeds, England.  Alex describes this as a period of his life when he had the most fun, due to the crazy characters he met.  Alex also said that he spent a lot of time in bars in the UK as he explains.

“I lived there in 1997. I was in the Marines in Sweden and when I got out I was like, ‘Let’s do something fun for six months.’ Me and a buddy wanted to go to England, but we didn’t want t to go to London; we wanted to go somewhere where we’d actually hang out with the Brits.  We had a great time. I studied English, but we wanted to absorb the culture so we spent our time in pubs.”

Alexander admits he met a lot of people he wouldn’t normally have hung out with. One character in particular had an unusual job.  Alex explains:  “I liked that it was rough and ready.  We lived in this basement and shared the bathroom down the hall with these two other guys. One looked like the murderer from Twin Peaks, the other heard us talking and said, ‘Are you guys from Sweden? I did a lot of business in Sweden.’ We were like, ‘Oh, cool, what did you do?’ And he was like, ‘I smuggled drugs.’”  Yikes!

SOURCE: – Alexander Skarsgard: I had fun living in UK

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)