True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur Named Top Character

January 2, 2010 by  

Andy Bellefleur who tries his best to be a good detective despite falling on bad times and hitting the bottle too hard in season 2 did such a wonderful job in showing the frailty of human nature and trying to get back on his feet again. According to PioneerLocal, he’s one of the top 12 TV characters from 2009. The reason he was chosen is the following,

“He’s not a vampire, has no special powers (beyond downing a fifth of vodka in the blink of an eye) but in Season 2 of “True Blood,” he became an unlikely hero, and the first to warn the townfolk about the “devil zombies.” Chris Bauer is a master of the one-liner, and his Andy went from being an on-the-sidelines, butt-of-the-joke to the only guy who really noticed things weren’t quite right in Bon Temps. Just the way he said “pig” was good enough.”

We have to agree, he was the only person in Bon Temps who noticed how weird things were getting and tried his best to save the townsfolk. What we particularly loved about him was how he protected Jason in the end and took the blame for what happened to Eggs.  The question remains will he be able to keep up with the charades and perhaps deal with the repercussions we will have to wait and see.

While no one knows yet what’s going to happen to Andy in Season 3 of True Blood, let’s hope that Chris Bauer continues to give life to Andy in the many unforgettable ways that makes us all love him.

SOURCE: PioneerLocal

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  • txophelia

    Yeah, the PIG thing cracks me up!

    He’s a critical part of the storyline, especially when it comes to the Compton family & Bon Temps……those of you who have read the books know what I mean. I hope Alan Ball keeps that part of the story.

    “A pig, in a doll house!”

  • jaxx

    Andy is such a great character. Very likeable and identifiable. Jason and Andy are like a comedy team. Love it.
    Here’s to you Detective Bellfleur, glad to see you are getting the respect you deserve.

  • lizzie

    I love Andy – was snot so sure about him at the beginning of S1, but he kind of grew on me! First it was the Andy and Sam pairing then it was the Andy and Jason pairing! Fantastic dialogue between them!

    I love the pig and Andy connection! The way he says it! What about when he was in his car and he stopped and the pig and dog crossed the road! That really did it for me!!!

    Good on you Andy! Good on you True Blood – another win with the media!

  • Joanna

    I completely agree, he was definately a breakout star in season 2. I have been saying this for such a long time and I’m so happy that he is finally being recognized like this; he was definitely a hero. Andy and Jason’s unlikely faction led them to become such a dynamic duo.

    And his one liners! Let me not even get started with them. For some reason the one that can’t get off my head is when he was having a conversation with Jason in the car and the conversation leads him to shout, “It ain’t about the pussy!” I don’t know why but that line never ceases to crack me up.

    • LOL! OMG! Joanna you are so right! Just that one line all I can picture is how Andy said it and his facial expression. Priceless! I love his one-liners and I agree no one else could do them as well as Chris. 🙂

      • Joanna

        Haha, definitely! He has seriously owned the role of Andy, like all around man. I’m gonna record his one liners for season 3 word for word whenever he is on because they are just priceless! I’ll seriously make an anthology out of them lol, like jaxx had commented before, his Andyisms. “The Holy Book of Andyisms”.

  • Nia

    I am so happy that our resident Detective Andy is getting some well deserved recognition. I still think that the Andy/Jason hookup in Season 2 was one of the best things about it.
    He never ceased to entertain us with his wonderful detective skills or his obsession with Pigs and crazy eyed zombies.
    I say more Detective Andy Bellfleur please!!!

    Thanks AdoreBill, we need to give kudos to more of the cast.

    As always I am for the Team!!!!!!

    • Nia

      I am so sorry Isis, I meant to say thank you to you for posting about Andy!!!
      Still under the effects of the egg nog or crazy eyed zombies……pick one! LOL

      • Don’t worry about it, Nia. Not a big deal at all!

  • Angela

    “Pig!” LOL! I loved that line!

    • LOL! I agree with you Angela I just loved that line too and how he said it! 🙂

      • jaxx

        LOL. I think we all did. Very memorable Andyism.