True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur Named Top Character

January 2, 2010 by  

Andy Bellefleur who tries his best to be a good detective despite falling on bad times and hitting the bottle too hard in season 2 did such a wonderful job in showing the frailty of human nature and trying to get back on his feet again. According to PioneerLocal, he’s one of the top 12 TV characters from 2009. The reason he was chosen is the following,

“He’s not a vampire, has no special powers (beyond downing a fifth of vodka in the blink of an eye) but in Season 2 of “True Blood,” he became an unlikely hero, and the first to warn the townfolk about the “devil zombies.” Chris Bauer is a master of the one-liner, and his Andy went from being an on-the-sidelines, butt-of-the-joke to the only guy who really noticed things weren’t quite right in Bon Temps. Just the way he said “pig” was good enough.”

We have to agree, he was the only person in Bon Temps who noticed how weird things were getting and tried his best to save the townsfolk. What we particularly loved about him was how he protected Jason in the end and took the blame for what happened to Eggs.  The question remains will he be able to keep up with the charades and perhaps deal with the repercussions we will have to wait and see.

While no one knows yet what’s going to happen to Andy in Season 3 of True Blood, let’s hope that Chris Bauer continues to give life to Andy in the many unforgettable ways that makes us all love him.

SOURCE: PioneerLocal

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)