True Blood’s Anna Paquin Featured in Hamptons Magazine

May 20, 2009 by  

aphamptoncvrAnna Paquin from Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood is featured on the Memorial Day issue cover the Hamptons Magazine.  Ms. Paquin’s life is currently hitting high notes both professionally and personally.  She is starring on the hit TV series True Blood on HBO which earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama and in the process she found love with her costar Stephen Moyer.

“Steve and I had a certain instant connection … It doesn’t hurt when the relationship on screen that you’re trying to create is one of attraction and fascination,” as she explained to Hamptons Magazine.

When asked by Hamptons magazine how she felt playing Sookie Stackhouse she responded:

“[She is] her own little action star. I get blooded and vomited on and beat up — everything that the girl doesn’t usually get to do in a show or film because they’re usually the girlfriend.”


Hamptons magazine asked Ms. Paquin her feelings upon winning the Golden Globe to which she said:

“The Golden Globe feels pretty damn good because I’m an adult, and it’s the first major recognition I’ve had for my work as a non-child. Even though I’m only 26, I’ve been working since I was nine, so it feels like I worked for it.”

An interesting point is that Ms. Paquin started her acting career as a child yet she didn’t end up following the path that other child stars did.  How did she managed to stay  grounded?:


“I came up through the ranks before the tabloid media became what it is currently.It wasn’t as much as a feeding frenzy. I guess that’s more good luck than good management. There was very little time to be affected, and my family didn’t value that. I was usually at work or at school or at home doing my homework.”

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