True Blood’s Anna Paquin Hints at On-Screen Split

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While talking to the UK’s Daily Mirror, Anna Paquin hinted that on True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton will possibly be breaking up. When asked directly about the fate of Bill and Sookie, Anna said,

“Well, no tv show keeps the main couple together throughout the whole run. That would be boring… There’s got to be some conflict there, otherwise it’s not so entertaining.”

While that’s an understandable statement, especially in light of what we were shown in HBO‘s first official trailer for Season 3 of True Blood, this still feels like a tiny hint of what’s to come in Season 3 of True Blood.

What do you think is going to happen to Sookie and the rest of the Bon Temps crew when Season 3 starts up again?

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  • boo boo bear

    Gosh, I am amazed at the acrimony here. I myself have also read all the books & I root for Bill of course since he is the HERO & the LEAD ACTOR but we all know that Alan Ball is not obligated to stick to the exact storyline & the bookies need to get used to that idea. Season 4 is NOT book 4. Besides, if Eric comes anywhere near to Sookie right now I am sure she will send him to a very hot place. Some of you sound as tho you have not yet seen season 3? Well, I think Sookie & Bill will be better off & stronger in the end with a little break, we have witches coming, Eric is the antagonist all stories need & some here should just be happy we even have the story of True Blood!(which is NOT the SVM! There! I said it again) I am ecstatic that we have Alan Ball telling the story. He is a genius, SM & AP are Emmy worthy actors so let’s just enjoy the ride! It will all be over with all too soon. Here’s to the show we love! I am the ULTIMATE TRUBIE!

  • Antonio

    I think this season there may be a love triangle between bill-sookie-eric. bill may have to fight for her. both bill and eric are formidable vampires This will be Something to see!
    It will be Quite interesting to see these 2 figtht over her.
    Sam was No match for Bill~~quite obviously…Even though I did root for Sam. Eric is older and much stronger Eric is accustomed to getting what he wants! I find the whole prospect Exciting and Cool!! These are All nice looking people. It looks like Bill And Eric “fool around” on Sookie. I wonder how she may deal with that! S3 looks Incredible!!
    ONLY 25 DAYS LEFT !! Wow! Bring it On i need my v fix!!
    LOL As an aspiring writer, I think that the idea of a triangle is Great because it allows us to see How they would get along without one another…How Sookie would get on without Either of them and how Both Bill And Eric Desire her! This IS Character development showing them apart one from another and seeing grow and change through experience. This Is precisely What I meant about a possible Sookie-Bill breakup is that they will have the experience to Grow Either Toward each other OR apart from each other. This is MHO ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lizzie

      Antonio – you mentioned that both Bill and Eric fool around on Sookie. Eric definitely does, but then he means nothing to Sookie in the big scheme of things as Sookie loves Bill. Until we see the whole episode, we just don’t know. What if Sookie is the one who does the fooling around?

  • Jessie

    I’m for Eric I think his bad guy act is exactly that.. A act he loves sookie you can tell though.. Yes he loves Eric too lol but I must say alcide is whoo hoo finger lickin fine haha I think he will be there in her time of need so there will be a connection but I’m guessing he’s got his own issues .. Enter Debbie stage left lol I don’t know about you book/ Eric fans but I can’t wait for season FOUR lol wink wink

    • How can you tell that Eric loves Sookie? In the show, we’ve seen him intrigued, but nothing more. Eric doesn’t even KNOW Sookie as a person in True Blood. How can you love someone without knowing them? And if Sookie likes him back, then why would she tell Eric that she’d rather have cancer than be around him? Doesn’t sound like love to me.

  • missyella

    I am just as guilty as everyone else being a massive Eric fan and supporter.

    The question of Sookie and Bill and a future together:

    How is this to happen? Bearing in mind that Bill and Eric are technically dead and therefore CANNOT reproduce, what about Sookie and “family” I am sure that she would want to settle down with someone and have a child of her own, don’t forget that she is only 25/26 years old.

    As for a future with Sam, he is a Shapeshifter, so what about xhildren there? Alcide and Quinn, Were Tiger and Wolf how can she produce children with them also.

    I feel that a “Human” must be in the mix somewhere and bearing in mind that Sookie is part Fairie, this may be her only option, for happiness.

    • lizzie

      I still go by what AB said about the show. He saw the potential for Bill and liked that he was trying to find his humanity. He said that Bill and Sookie need to find complete trust and faith in each other so as to have true love etc and that there will be lots of trials and tribulations along their path and I only see S3 and S4 as humps in the road to true love. Lets hope he still feels that way and not gt swayed by the bookies. I think he will not be swayed as he has also said the the bookies have the books and more power to them, when he said he was deviated from the books. I have faith in AB!

      • Jessie

        I don’t understand why sookie and bill have to end up togather.. He was her first love but nobody said they have to end up togather sookie has plenty of other men through out the books because yes they are based on them I’m on the last book and bills still on the outs sooo true AB strays but he still stays true and I’m sorry but bill is up to something and if it is anything like he does in the book sookie won’t play that sh*t lol I mean he’s killed her uncle..and we kno from season two he’s lying to her he was sent there I mean she friggen gave it up to the man!! And on top of it he knows where her cousin is and is hiding that.. even told her to stay away!! I don’t think bills the southern gent he potrays! Oh drama drama go Eric yeah!

        • lizzie

          OH yeah! Eric is so honourable! NOT!

          Bill all the way!

          Go True Blood!

        • This is Alan’s show, not the books. And Bill kills Sookie’s uncle who molested her! Molestation of a minor IS a crime, and Sookie’s uncle was NEVER prosecuted by the law! Plus, don’t you think Bill might be trying to protect Sookie from the queen and her people?

      • I agree. Alan has said numerous times that BILL is what brought him into the books and got him interested in creating the show. Why would he stray from a character he obviously likes?

      • Hi Lizzie,

        Well said and thank you for reminding us all the facts as said by Alan Ball himself. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jessie

          Well every one has their opinion and Alan said for those who want sookie to be with Eric or bill this season will be disapointed but happy so to me that says alcide lol but honestly I don’t care it’s just a show ment for fun and I’ll enjoy watching it no matter who sookies with and I very seriously doubt bill went there to protect someone he doesn’t kno against the queen who I’m sure sent him there makes no sense sookies cus prolly blabbed to the queen bout sooks gift and peaked her intrest… And I see something between Eric and sook I just think it’s just starting things take time plus Eric gave her his blood so that adds but then again so did bill… I agree with paquin who plays sookie and knows what will happen .. For bill and sookie to stay togather at all or at least the whole time is boering that’s what makes it a drama I can’t wait.

          • I disagree. Personally, I find the talk about Eric and Sookie boring since I see no chemistry between the two.

          • Jessie

            Lol so then why write back if it bores you Hun lol to me I could care less it’s a show ment for entertainment not stress and I respect everyones right to their opinion and out look on what they see I love true blood and I will continue to watch no matter who she’s with I can’t wait to see a connection between her and alcide that guy is seriously hot! Lol I feel like I’m cheating on Eric when I look at him lmao I can’t wait to see what’s going on with bill!! I noticed him getting what looks like a lap dance (and he didn’t look like he minded!) plus he tells her he doesn’t wish to be found in the book he goes willingly and is then kept there maybe in the show he’ll get taken there and choose to stay awhile I can’t wait!!! I think all you guys and gals are crazy and fab!! Keep on watching tb trubies!!

          • A) If you didn’t notice, I WROTE the article in the first place, and the comments are a forum to allow fans to chat about the information in the articles among other things.

            B) I am definitely a fan myself, and I’m allowed to respond to you to give my own opinion.

            C) We know that Bill did NOT go willingly in the books (he was called by his maker and HAD to go). Also, it’s a pretty common plot point to have one part of a couple “go away” then call their lover saying that they don’t wish to be found. Usually it indicates that the one who is gone is in trouble, and wants to keep their lover clear of said trouble. What makes this case any different?

          • Jessie

            Lol geez.. Ok Hun whateves who cares it’s fake and btw I never said you couldn’t respond I said every ones entitled to their own opinion more than once someones panties are in a wad lol it’s supose to be fun the article I was writing back to was talking about sookies love life so whateves I got stuff to do in the real world be back laterz or maybe not I’m a happy person and some ppl on here seem angry if you give your opinion and say something they don’t agree with how stupid there’s more important things in life than who sookie ends up with lol whatever

  • fangsr4ever

    I still love the Bill and Sookie relationship!!! I guess I’m am old romantic that hopes they stay together. But conflict is good to keep the show exciting. I haven’t read all the books because I don’t want to know what happens. It keeps TB exciting for me.

  • blair knight

    I think bill does something to cause the breakup. as much as they were close last season with bill proposing marriage to sookie the show is bound to cause conflict with them this season just to keep things fresh and interesting. this is not the first show to do this one of my favorites that used to be on -friends- kept you guessing all the time with who was going to end up with who. yes that was a much smaller scale but it was bound to happen here as well especially after the hot sex dream she had of eric was a bit of foreshadowing I think of things to happen. alcide seems to be comforting sookie in the preview for season 3 probably after bill being gone and something probably grows out of hat into love. should be interesting how she takes the idea of him being a werewolf! haha. as far as quinn I am not familar with him butI can definitely see sookie turning to eric or alcide for comfort and love.

  • Louisianagirl29

    If Bill and Sookie stay together, that would make it a boring tv show. I was getting sick of Bill last season. We all knew it was going to happen cause Alan casted the Queen and Hadley. Sookie gets with Eric, Alcide and Quinn. She is young and beautiful, and she is going to like other men. It was bound to happen.

    • Sorry I disagree with your statement. Bill and Sookie are hot and I personally don’t see any charisma between Sookie and Eric.

      • lizzie

        Totally agree, Adore Bill, totally agree! I like Eric as Eric. I find him funny and I think he should just stick to what he is good at on the show. Being Eric. Absolutely no chemistry with Sookie. With Bill – yes!!

  • nataka

    have read all the books so far but mainly watch it because of sookie and bills relationship. it should win out in the end!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Haha well, those of us who have read the books already know for the most part what is going to happen, but Alan Ball has his own agenda and it could be completely different from what happens in the book. My daughter says: “I agree with my mom, in that I basically already knew that something was gonna go down with Bill and Sookie (I really couldn’t think of any other way to say it w/o giving ‘spoilers’ to the people that have yet to read the REAL BOOK SERIES WHERE ALL THIS IS COMING FROM!) I am and will always be for Eric, and hopefully the True Blood show wont get canceled, so all those who are against reading the Sookie Stackhouse books will understand why. Though you’re all missing out if you don’t”. Back to me – you can see she has a big opinion on the subject! I am just excited for the new season to start (30 days and counting) – and am anxiously awaiting my Season 2 DVD set – (12 days and counting)! Whatever happens in season 3, I’m sure it will be good!

    • ‘Crazy4Bill

      The books are the books and the show is the show, different entities completely. Alan Ball has stated many times that Sookie and Bill’s relationship is the core of True Blood. You can be for Eric all you want, but I think that even in the books, which I have read as well, Sookie will not end up with the Viking (my bet is that it will be Sam who gets her, if it isn’t Bill), but on TB, it will definitely be Bill. Alan Ball has already changed some small but critical things about the books, and frankly, I far prefer his vision to Ms. Harris’. She created some compelling characters, but is not a great writer. Alan Ball obviously is (he won an Oscar for the screenplay for American Beauty). Go AB, go Team TB.

      • LLE

        Sookie is core character and she core to every character on the show. Bill will always be Sookie first love and does not mean that they will get back together. The reason they are breaking the 3rd season because of the book series and AB promise CH that he keep the show to core of her books. AB knows that Bill and Sookie are over in the books and I can see him going there with Bill and Sookie.

        • Actually, LLE, what Alan said is that he would stay true to the SPIRIT of the books, and as the seasons continue, he’ll get farther and farther away. He is not legally obligated in any way to stay true to the books.

        • I’m sorry but your information is incorrect. Alan Ball has stated many times he will stay true to the spirit of the books not “keep the show to core of her books” otherwise it would be called the Sookie Stackhouse Adventures. Also it has been mentioned in previous interviews that as the seasons progress they will be drifting more away from the books but still remain true to the “spirit of the books”.

          • lizzie

            Yes, I just bought the S2 Blu Ray DVD Box set (it was released early in Australia) and on the inside cover was a commentary for CH’s boos, which INSPIRED the show, not the core of the books!

      • Louisianagirl29

        How do think Sookie is going to feel when she finds out Bill’s real reason he came to Bon Temps. Alan put it in the show already with Queen telling Bill, I look forward to meeting her, and Hadley talking to Bill like old friends. You think Alan is going to write that Sookie is going to forgive him because the actors playing them are in love. No way! True Blood is about Sookie and the many men that fall for her. Sookie and Bill in love with no problems(That would make it a sitcom). No thank you! I trust Alan will stay true to the books. It really does not matter to me who Sookie ends up with. As long as Sookie keeps kicking ass. I just love the stories!

        • True Blood is an ENSEMBLE show. It does NOT focus on one character over the others. If it did, it would be called “The Awesome Adventures of Barmaid Sookie Stackhouse” or something like that.

          The ensemble focus allows the show to not be made in the most boring point of view (first person), and that’s what keeps True Blood popular and on tv. Alan Ball himself stated that what attracted him to the books was the Bill character and the many themes illustrates: despair, acceptance, discrimination etc. Just focusing on it being just the Sookie Stackhouse show really does a disservice to the other actors who make this show great. Come on those Jason comments are amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • lizzie

            Agree Isis. AB has said on numerous occasions that it is an ensemble show and is not taking the drift of the books ie not Sookie’s pov, as it does not work for TV, and that there were so many interesting character that were not developed in the books which he wanted to delve into! Having said that, the show does have a main romantic couple ie Bill and Sookie, and it is their adventures as well all the others that make this show rock! Everyone has an important role and contribute to each other’s character development! This is a great show and AB is up there like Gene Roddenberry was to Star Trek! AB has said in a past interview that every time he has a project and follows other people’s direction, the project fails. He wants to keep this his own project with his ideas and not get swayed by the book series – if he bows down to the bookies, my guess is that the series will fail as it will be predictable and boring – a documentary! So go True Blood and go Alan Ball!

      • Antonio

        Well Spoken As for Sookie and Bill In order to keep the series exciting and provacative there must be Some trials and hardships for them…struggle makes for good drama. That does Not mean However that because they endure tough times and difficulties along the way they are not meant for each other.
        They may have to work that much harder to keep it real.
        I’ve seen the new trailer about 30 seconds or so, It looks great
        I think the idea of a love triangle adds even more drama and tension. At first it was Bill/Sookie/Sam I liked that 1 a lot and it was a great part of the show. Now it seems it will be Eric-Sookie-Bill. Alcide may also be a part of this.
        While I agree that Sookie may have to explore the options left to her The Show is NOT about just Sookie AB has chosen to write it about the other characters as well. Secondary characters like Jessica,Tara,Laffayette have taken on a life of their own.
        Its quite interesting to think How Sookie would get on without Bill! It already seems as though Sookie can handle this with her strength of character…Unlike Bella Swan who fell to pieces when her vampire lover left her.
        It begs to ask the question ( and wouldnt we All like to know) What would happen to Bill if he lost what he loved most?
        would he revert back to a more feral state?
        breakup=heartbreak=disappointment=drama=good tv
        it sure will be a fun ride! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • LOL, to me it looks like it could end up being a quadrangle! (Bill, Sookie, Eric, and Alcide)! However, you already know my preference for the final outcome… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Melanie


        Maybe you should take a closer look at my comments – it specifically states: “My daughter says”….

        It was her comments that you are responding to, not mine. And how you can sit there and say Charlaine Harris is not a good writer is beyond me since she has won awards of her own for her work. I commented before on another article that basically said yes the books are the books and the show is the show but you wouldn’t have the show without the books – Alan Ball doesn’t stay 100% true to the books and that is fine with me (with the exception of the Maryann debacle of Season 2) – and again, I don’t care who Sookie ends up with in True Blood – she has a lot of boyfriends in the books so why should the show stick with one? How boring is that? I love the show and can’t wait for Season 3 to start – you seem to have a pretty strong opinion that Bill is the best thing since sliced bread and I’m sorry that you have such a narrow view of the subject, even after reading the books. Several other individuals have replied to your comment and don’t seem to agree much with you. Once again – everyone is entitled to their opinion – that’s what’s great about TrueBloodNet, we can all post our opinions about the books, the show and the characters we love and I am glad to be a part of it.

        • As you said, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and that includes how they perceive the source material. I understand that we’ve all got different opinions here, and that it can ruffle feathers, but to me, the opening of your comment sounds just a little inflammatory. All writers are fallible, and people get different things from books. That’s why some of us are still fans of Bill’s, even in the books, while others prefer Eric or Sam or Quinn or anyone else. Besides, even a random book that’s at the lower end of the spectrum will still have it’s praisers and naysayers. ๐Ÿ™‚