True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Named Maxim’s Hottest for 2009

December 16, 2009 by  

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerWith 2009 coming to a close Maxim lists True Blood, specifically Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as the hottest and sexiest items of 2009.  As the video states True Blood has become a phenomenal hit not only due to the great writing and sexy scenes, but also because of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin‘s sizzling chemistry both on-screen and off. As Maxim states that “while the on-screen passion was pulling in viewers,  True Blood‘s two leads were living a real-life romance.” As Rutina Wesley states in the video, “I think those two are like the perfect match for each other .  They really do love each other.”

We agree completely that True Blood is one of the hottest shows of 2009 thanks to the amazing fantasy world that Alan Ball has created and the fantastic chemistry between vampire Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse that Stephen and Anna have developed.

Many thanks to thellou for putting this video up on YouTube.

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  • They are my favorite couple…True Blood will always be Sookie and Bill….and Anna and Stephen…Congrats…

    • lizzie

      Totally agree!! They, both SM/AP and B/S, are the BEST!!!!

  • Good for them!! Go “True Blood!!”..cept, I kinda wonder why people get so, carried away when someone has a different opinion, then theirs? This is just all of us, Fan’s of the show….rambling on…I really don’t think the actors worry about, our comments??!! Or even see them….But, WE all do agree on one thing…WE love “True Blood!!!”

  • lizzie

    Oh! I forgot to say Thank you for Maxims’s for their great taste and having Anna and Stephen as the hottest for 2009! Let’s hope it will be for 2010 as well! I just love this couple and their fairytale romance!

  • lizzie

    Isn’t this great news! It was Billand Sookie that bought me into True Blood in the first instance and then when I heard that Anna and Stephen were a couple in real life – well – that was the icing on the cake!!

    I love True Blood with a passion and hope AB takes it away from the books – it deserves it own life! I certainly hope AB still has Sookie and Bill as the core of the show as I am sure the show will certainly deteriote if it does not!

    Thank you AB for True Blood and thank you Adore Bill and TheLou for this article and video!

  • Nia

    Top marks to Maxim for their insightful choice of Stephen and Anna as sexiest items of 2009!
    What we knew all along! Stephen and Anna are beautiful, talented and in love, on screen and off.
    Alan Ball is brilliant for seeing the explosive chemistry between these two, and for making them the leads in his remarkably popular, sexy, amazing show.
    My best to Anna and Stephen for a successful professional future and a lifetime of love.
    They are wonderful and I look forward to all the drama in the seasons to come.
    They cannot go wrong with such an incredible supporting cast. It is truely:
    Team True Blood

    Alan Ball you are the best and have our total support!

    Thank you again AdoreBill and Thellou for the great news!

  • Dee

    That’s so awesome! Congrats to Anna and Stephen topping Maxim’s list. I wish them the best in their relationship and their engagement. I love the chemistry they have together, it’s adorable.

  • Kay

    Yay! I love them on the show and in real life. Most adorable couple.

  • I wish Stephen and Anna all the best in their relationship, and True Blood many more seasons! So happy to hear that Maxim chose them for Maxim’s Hottest 2009!

  • rugby82

    defenitly not hottest, not at all for me…
    but i’m hope for a good season 3…sometimes they see S/B and not the real them in life,sp i wish them to not going in S/B direction the real them of Harris…i hope they’ll have a great life together^^

    • Uh, this is about the actors and their SHOW, NOT the books! Can’t you just be happy for Anna and Stephen and the publicity this gets True Blood?

      • rugby82

        yes i am….

        all the best for them for a very happy and long life together!!!!!!

  • jujuwaille

    ahaa love it ! there are so cute ! hope the season 3 will be more surprising !!