True Blood: Behind the Scenes with Costume Designer Audrey Fisher

August 10, 2010 by  

True Blood Episode 32, Night of the Sun, had fans going whhaatt?! Vampire vengeance, baby vamp training, a visit from Rene, an awesome girl fight and Sookie on top! What an episode. HBO has an exclusive interview with the woman who keeps the cast stylin’ during every punch and all the puddles of blood.

Audrey Fisher was given a hard task this episode and one of them was to outfit Debbie Pelt during the girl fight scene with Sookie. The script for the episode called Audrey out by name and asked her to put Debbie in the most bad-ass biker look.

For Audrey, the focus for Debbie‘s look was sexy and edgy while keeping in mind how much of a mess she is, given her addiction to V. As glamorous as the outfit could be, a touch of trashy had to be added in order to portray the real Debbie Pelt. She also had to keep in mind that the fight scene would be rather long and the outfit had to survive a beating. Audrey reveals,

“I had a jacket custom-made with this red Japanese vinyl that’s washed back until it looks all mottled and weird…it gave her the freedom of movement to throw punches and have padding on her elbows.”

Some would find it odd that Audrey costume designs for a cast that is notorious for wearing nothing at all on the show. She says she gets the joke all the time, but in reality the cast is dressed more often than not. In fact, she has to create outfits that will be memorable because they’ll be wearing them for about three episodes before they take it off for sex.

In the Charlaine Harris novels, Sookie‘s outfits are meticulously detailed and Audrey uses the description to hold on to the small town cuteness Charlaine has created for the blond beauty. Sookie has a hotness that she is unaware of and wears items that are a lot more seductive than she realizes them to be.

The one character who is always fashion forward is Lafayette. Audrey notes,

“Working with Nelson is amazing. He just doesn’t hold anything back–even in the fitting room. He walks in as this quiet, shy actor with glasses, and then all of a sudden he’s all snappy and posing. I typically start with the script. I’ll usually try to come up with a theme for his mood, and then I just go for it. Like with that black satin, kind of Chinese top he wore…He was feeling kind of amazing…he had just gotten this fantastic car-so he put on a really hot outfit. That piece started off as a woman’s dress I found in Chinatown in L.A., and shortened it for him to use as a shirt.”

Another character’s who taker her personal style seriously is Pam. Audrey views Pam as someone who loves to look good; she knows her body and know how to use it as a weapon. Dressing for Pam has become a game. After living for so long, she wants to play a part. When she’s in Fangtasia, she wears a lot of leather, while on her off time she looks like very Upper East Side. She likes to dress like a lady and it seems she has a love for pink.

With all these wonderful clothes, it’s a shame that some of them are ruined with blood or fake blood. Audrey says there are six different type of blood that is used on True Blood. There are some that are easier to get out, but in general the stains never really get out. She makes sure to get multiples of every outfit because once blood gets on the clothing it’s dead to her.


(Photo Credit: Emmy Magazine)