True Blood Best TV Series For 2009

December 24, 2009 by  

Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood received the #1 spot for the “Best TV Series for 2009” according to Ken Tucker from  All True Blood fans know that the show is the best show on television right now and perhaps the best show that has come out in years, but it is absolutely wonderful to hear all the recognition and accolades that True Blood is receiving from the entertainment industry.

As Mr. Tucker explains that he was thrilled to see True Blood, a show he greatly admires, reach such a high level of popularity among fans and in popular culture. As he states:

“Creator Alan Ball took a great commercial risk in using Charlaine Harris‘ source materials — themselves big-audience best-sellers — and bending them to his own creative purposes. By doing things such as making Stephen Moyer‘s Bill and Alexander Skarsgård‘s Eric equal attractions for the affection of Anna Paquin‘s Sookie, and keeping viewer fave Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) around for further torture and campy repartee, Ball could have alienated the Stackhouse-books diehards.”

Alan has been able to do the impossible.  To create a show that has both book readers and non- book readers wondering what in is going to happen next and craving more after each episode. Season two continued to fuel the fire by providing intense storylines dealing not only with the lead, Sookie Stackhouse, but including every character in show.  From Sookie‘s shape-shifting boss, Sam (Sam Trammell), dealing with a demon from his past to vampires Bill and Eric being involved in a vast, complex and hierarchical society that adds to the tension between them. Ryan Kwanten‘s Jason Stackhouse helped expose the hypocrisy of the Fellowship of the Sun and it devious plans while budding relationships full of trails and tribulations were examined such as the ones between Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) or Tara (Rutina Welsley) and Eggs (Mehcad Brooks).  We cannot forget the surprising twist Alan provided for all by making Nelsan Ellis‘ character Lafayette live and develop a storyline of his own which we all know will perhaps develop further in season 3.

All in all, Alan Ball, his creative team of writers and the amazingly talented cast of True Blood will continue to grow and amass more fans to the show and become, what True Blood fans know will be a classic, and an unprecedented rival to others in the industry.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)