True Blood’s Bill Compton Top Vampire in Forbes

August 5, 2009 by is known for their rankings of the top cities to live in or most successful executives, however, even has falling prey to the presents their latest list entitled “Hollywood’s Top 10 Most Powerful Vampires” with Bill Compton (portrayed by Stephen Moyer) from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood at the top of their list in the Number 1 position! examined which vampires were the most popular and lucrative within the past 30 years in both films and television series and based their rankings on television ratings, inflation-adjusted box office performance, and presence in popular culture through blog and press mentions.  In the end Bill Compton from True Blood was the winner at the number 1 position!  All True Blood fans already knew that the vampires of True Blood could outbeat all the others but it is always nice to hear it from other sources.   To see the “Hollywood Top 10 Most Powerful Vampires” in pictures click here.



(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • OMG…You really get into this whole…I don’t know serious stuff…I’m like “Bill is so totally Hot”…You dig a little deeper..that’s cool…I’m just kinda La-La-La, In my own little “Vampire Bill world”…

  • OK,
    I definately think bill is tops as stated before. I wonder if he and angel got into a fight. Angel is much older than Bill, remember. Also, Angel is an Every martial arts super master with stake launching catapults and nonsense blasting from his ultra dark trench coat. I am glad trublood gets rid of that whole vampire/cape trench caot cliche.

    I change my list however. My fav vamps are now…

    2.)Bill Compton
    4.)Eric Northman
    5.)Lawson- The 2nd (after Drusilla)vampire angel made on his and spikes Nazi submarine recovery mission in season 5. The only vampire angel made when he had a soul- Ensign Lawson.

    Godric has a awesomeness that is unprecendented, but I will explain more why he is my FAV later in a new post along with something special for you guys to see. I can’t give any details..sorry.

    • Nia

      Hey Steven, I don’t know about anyone else but you have tweeked my fancy, sparked my interest, got me curious! Can’t wait to see what you have for us!
      I admit to being very curious about Godric. He is a great addition to the story. Being over 2,000 yrs old can generate so much speculation. I hope we see much into his background. I love the flashbacks with all our favorite vampires. But when it comes to sexy, Bill is my no. all the way!

  • Bill!! Hot stuff!!! NO. 1!!!!!!! Could there be another??!! HUH…..NOT EVEN!!! So, My Vampire Bill…Totally…

  • Steven Easterly

    YES, the piercing stare, the roaring power of, yet sensually seductive sound of bill’s voice. He is THE image of a wise majestic immortal that has the humanity gained enough to make his fans love him. I am also glad to see David Boreanaz get his props as ANGEL, I still love this vampire detective and proudly own the collectors box set. I will soon own every true blood DVD to exist as soon as I can.

    • Nia

      Here Here!

  • Elizabeth

    Go Bill! Glad you are Number 1 !!!! You have always been Number 1 with me!

    • CrazyforBill

      I second that! Bill Compton is also Anne Rice’s favourite vampire, as indicated in the EW Vampire Edition. And she said he is “beautifully portrayed by Stephen Moyer.” Pretty high praise!

      • Nia

        He deserves all the praise, suppport and recogniton we can give him. You go Stephen/Bill. True Blood rules!

  • Nia

    YES! Bill Compton you are No 1 our hearts. Congratulations to Stephen Moyer for your wonderful Portrayal of Bill. Congrats also to HBO and Alan Ball. True Blood Rules

  • Rebecca

    It is nice to see true blood getting out there. Sadly, no Eric.

    • Steven Easterly

      I think eric was not included based on forbes criteria, he just doesn’t have the mass appeal gained by followers or money yet. He is no doubt a formidable vampire undeniably so.

      My favs are-
      1. Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer
      2. Angel/David Boreanaz
      3. Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard
      4. William the Bloody a.k.a Spike/ James Marsters