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Exploring Characters from the HBO Southern Vampire Mystery Series

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bill-jessicaWilliam Thomas “Bill” Compton (played by British actor Stephen Moyer) is a Vampire Character who appears in the HBO Series

True Blood. True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Bill made his first appearance in the True Blood episode Strange Love. He is often referred to as “Vampire Bill” by the locals of Bon Temps.

Bill Compton’s Past Explored in True Blood

Bill Compton grew up in Bon Temps, Louisiana and worked as a farmer on his own land (presumably a plantation) living in a house with his wife and children. After fighting for the South during the Civil War, on his journey home Bill sought assistance in a cabin where he met a woman named Lorena. Lorena reveals herself to be a vampire and attacks Bill after his refusal to bed her. She drains him to near death then makes him drink her blood in turn, making him a vampire.

Bill Compton’s Return to Bon Temps in True Blood (Season One)

When Bill‘s last family member in Bon Temps dies, the ownership of the ancestral home reverts to him. When explaining to Sookie, Bill states that he thought he would claim the title to the house now that circumstances have changed between human and vampire relations. Bill’s house is separated from Sookie Stackhouse’s home by the Bon Temps cemetery.

Bill Compton’s Motivation for Returning to Bon Temps

Bill explains to a number of characters that his return to Bon Temps is in order to attempt living mainstream – what vampires call living amongst humans as human. This choice is met by resistance from the vampire community causing some rogue vampires to attempt to derail his efforts. Late in season one of True Blood we are introduced to the Vampire King who suggests the choice of living mainstream is one that is seen as weak and makes Bill take undesirable action, ‘making’ a new vampire Jessica, to remember his vampire heritage.

When visiting Merlotte‘s (a local tavern owned by Sam Merlotte) the first night he returns to town, Bill meets Sookie Stackhouse. He attracts Sookie‘s interest and she pays close attention to him as she has never seen a real vampire before. Sookie has the talent of telepathy and her interest in Bill grows when she discovers that she can not read Bill‘s mind. Later that night Sookie reads the minds of the two people at Bill‘s table and learns that they wish to drain Bill‘s blood to sell on the black market and intervenes saving Bill‘s life.

  • On the new episode of true blood, I thought that it was pretty pathetic that bill gave up on sookie. come on william if there wasn’t any suffering in the world, life wouldn’t mean anything. You’ve got to take the good and the bad that comes with living,so dont ever give up and stop hoping because that is what your maker wants for you to give up on your humanity. but what she doesn’t know is that humanity can’t be given up so easily, it is apart of you. so as long as you don’t doubt that you will be fine.

  • imogen

    i havent seen true blood because my parents feel that i am to young.I am attracter to eric the ‘head’ vampire, and i realise that he is from the popular movie zoolander, and plays one of deric zoolanders friends that dies in a ‘freak gasionlne fight accident’.

  • Nia

    Hi Daniel,
    Just got up (worked late last night) and grabbed a cup of coffee and thought since I have a few min. I would sit and gab with you a bit.
    Fall is definitely starting here. Its getting colder but not to bad yet. So much needs to get done before it really gets cold. I have alot of yard work to do yet. Ah well, all in good time, now that there is so little good “entertainment” on tv.
    Maybe its just me or I am just completely spoiled and glamoured by True Blood, but there is nothing out there that really grabs me. My hubby and I are watching a couple of shows but its just not the same.
    They will be starting to film new episodes this December for TB and then the LOOOOOOOONG wait till June. I know I should not complain, you cannot watch the 2nd season till at least May. I believe they release it right before the new season starts.
    I can’t say much because you have a lot to catch up with but things may really start to change in the new season. Bill and Sookie may not be together much. I guess thats ok as long as we still see alot of Bill. He is still my favorite!!!!!!! I wish I could talk to you about this past season but it would ruin it for you when you finally get the dvds.
    When it comes to “hubby’s” and True Blood, I am surprised that my hubby got into it. He really enjoyed it once he gave it a good try. I think he likes the very witty writing and his favorite character is Jason who was awesome this past season. He had the best lines. Too much fun.
    We love movies too! Our favorite this summer was Star Trek. We have been fans since the original show. This new movie was absolutely incredible and well written and acted. I recommend it highly.
    We like science fiction and some fantasy. My husband would never want to go to a chick flick. Too boring.
    You know if you are ever interested in watching another series and are into SCI-FI, I recommend “Stargate SG-1” and its sequal “STargate Atlantis”. They have both finished their series but you can rent the dvds. If you want to get an idea of what the shows are about, you can watch the original movie called “Stargate”. It came out, I think, in the mid or early 90’s. I loved it!! The series, that followed, both together lasted 14 years, and the fans never wanted it to end. It is well written and acted. the chemistry of the main characters is what makes the show. It took a few seasons for the writers to really get into the feel of the show but wow, when they really got started, it was great!! Just thought I would throw that in in case there is not much on and you and hubby might like to get into something new. Of course, you must like SCI-FI.
    Anyways, got to go, hope you and hubby are healthy and happy! Remember to watch out for the other guy and maenads!!

    • Hello Nia
      sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, but I had so much work these last days and when I got home, I just couldn’t get myself to turn on my computer, after having spend already 10 hours or more on the one at work
      you’re right, summer is definitely over here too and fall is coming with big steps; last night, we already had temperatures below 0, brrr, I hate it; I hate the winter, the cold, the snow, when it’s always dark outside with a grey sky ……. just thinking about it makes me wanna crawl into my bed and not come out until next spring
      but fortunately, we have our hobbies and of course our movies an TV series to keep us company during these long winter months
      my hubby and I both like Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies too, we’re waiting for the latest Star Trek Movie to finally come out on DVD so that we can watch it in our little movie theatre at home
      I also like X-MEN Trilogy and of course Wolverine with the gorgeous Hugh Jackman, hm, 🙂
      We very much like the movie Stargate, but we never really got into the series, we watched only season 1 and 2 and at some point, it just got boring
      I also purchased the vampire movie TWILIGHT recently but I had no time to watch it yet; I think there has been a sequel too, right ?
      We love FRINGE and of course HEROES, and also SUPERNATURAL, great series, mostly good looking guys, haha
      But of course, when it comes to vampires, TRUE BLOOD is the best there is right now, despite what my hubby thinks, lol …… maybe he just doesn’t want to watch it ’cause he’s a bit jealous, since I like Bill so much ……. haha, that thought never crossed my mind until now
      I have to admit, I did get a few glimpses at season 2 on YOUTUBE, the waiting for the DVD’s to come out, it’s just toooooo long
      I’m reading book n° 7, the Sookie Stackhouse stories, the one called ALL TOGETHER DEAD and although I like the show better, I must admit, it’s been a long time since I read so many books in so little time, I am kind of hooked here too …….. I think Ch. Harris is a really good writer and her books seem to sell quite well these days
      I’m just afraid that our little BILL/SOOKIE love story doesn’t have a happy ending in the series either, that’s why I keep watching the videos on YOUTUBE
      well my friend, I gotta go now, you take care of yourself and keep writing

      (if you feel like writing in a more private way, feel free to drop me a few lines to my email

  • Nia

    Hey Danielle, as an afterthought I was just thinking how nice it would have been if we lived close to one another. I could just call you and say, c’mon over for a True Blood marathon!!!Wouldn’t that be nice! We could share a bottle of True Blood (they are pretty good) and toast our favorite hot smoldering dark vampire. It would be fun.
    Perhaps in an alternate universe. Who knows, Like True Blood, anything is possible.

    • Danielle

      Hey Nia

      your little “afterthought” from your last post put a big smile on my face, ’cause I’d been thinking exactly the same thing …. how nice it would have been if we’d have lived closer to each other and get together sometimes for a drink or so …. and maybe you could have helped me getting my hubby hooked on TB, lol
      so far, it seems like there is nothing I can do to make him watch the show, hm hm

      that problem with the Emmy’s you talked about, that series like TB aren’t even nominated, makes me angry too; same problem with the Oscars, there are certain genre that are just being overlooked, even though the actors are sometimes great and even the entire movie is a huge success

      but anyway, for us, the real TB fans, the show is fantastic and Bill as already won our hearts, so no need for another award, don’t you think ?

      I’m trying not to watch clips on U-tube from the 2nd season, but it’s sooooo hard not to, ’cause it’s going to be soooooo long before the DVD’s are coming out, it’s just driving me crazy

      I just finished book n° 6 (DEFINITELY DEAD) and even though Bill has almost completely gotten out of the stories, at the end, he tell’s Sookie how much he had always loved her and still does

      The guy may be a vampire, but he can be so romantic, aaaahhhhh

      Well, I gotta run, we’re going out to dinner with my parents tonight. Hubby is better, but still not back to work.

      Take care, talk to you soon

  • Nia

    Hey you! I just sat down for a few min. and saw your post. Thought I would talk for a bit before I start off running again.
    Sorry to hear about your hubby. Tell him he needs some downtime. Working yourself like that is crazy. Although who am I to talk, my hubby is kind of the same. He works alot and is having a hard time taking care of himself. Exercise and good nutrition is so important, and of course, so is a little “my time”.
    Maybe thats why Bill has affected us so. He’s that little bit of fantasy when things get you down. I am so sorry you have to wait for season 2. We finished it last week. UNBELIEVABLY CRAZY!!!!!!!
    I don’t think I should say more, except that Bill and Sam are my heroes!!!! And Bill once again proved that he is so amazingly hot, sexy, and so so so so romantic. My heart was doing flip flops at the end. There’s so much more drama and a cliffhanger, but I don’t know if telling you more details is a good thing. I do not want to ruin it for you. The problem is that the DVD’s will not be available till at least next May or June. Some people watch online, I never have though.
    I know I will be going nuts waiting for season 3, I can only imagine what you are going through waiting for 2.
    In the US we just had the Emmy Awards. Which are a big to do for televison. Unfortunately, True Blood wasn’t nominated (because of its fantasy genre, which has never been big with the Emmys).
    There was such an UPROAR by the fans here. They Emmys decided to create an award for best breakthrough show and of course TB won. Stephen should have recieved a best actor nod for drama. Because he was looked over (and again we were all outraged), they invited him to be a presenter. What a handsome, witty man!!!! Dressed in a Dloche and Gabana tux. He is so gorgeous. Hopefully next year the Emmys will wake up and allow for fantasy shows!
    Well, you and your hubby take good care of each other (but still dream about a dark haired vamp….I do!!)
    Talk again!

  • Nia

    Sorry to hear about your accident. At least you or anyone else was not hurt. Cars can be fixed. What do you drive? I just have an old van, but it has come in real handy. By the way, I love it that Bill drives a BMW. That vamp has good taste. Its funny but evertime I pass a black BMW on the road I look to see if a handsome dark haired man is driving. Yeah I am addicted.
    Just saw the finale. don’t want to say much and spoil it but all I have to say is……………
    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, how is it that I can fall any harder for that gorgeous man. Our Bill was awesome. Friend, lover, hero, and he can sing and dance. I am completely and happily glamoured for life. Nuff said. In fact I have probably said to much already.
    Take care of yourself and watch out for the other guy.

    • Danielle

      Hey Nia, how u’re doing ? hope everything is fine with you …. no need to talk anymore about that stupid accident, nothing bad happened, nobody got hurt, just a little bump in my car ….. which is sad, I admit, since I’m driving a AUDI R8, but it’s already been fixed, so, everything is back to normal …. well ALMOST.

      On monday morning I’d to drive to the E.R. with my hubby (nice way get get your week started, don’t u think ?) He’s been working far too much these last few weeks, 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week and way to much stress. His father died in February this year, no time to grieve etc etc, guess bad things just accumulated and now he had all signs of a heart attack ….. and he’s 40 years old and in good health.

      Well, things have calmed down a little bit, he’s still at the hospital and they’re checking out everything, so things should be better in a few days, but he has to find a way to work out stress.

      Let’s get back to our favorite vamp BILL 🙂 made me smile when you said how much you like him driving his BMW in the show, lol, cause I just thought the same thing

      Guess you and I aren’t the only one’s being driven crazy by that gorgeous man, I talked to a couple of friends of mine about the show and they asked me to borrow them the DVD’s of the 1st season ……. and guess what : they watched the whole thing in 2 nights, haha !!

      And the main reason for that crazy thing to do was ……… BILL !!! what else

      Now that the second season is finished on TV in the US, I’m praying for the DVD to be available as soon as possible, the waiting is driving me crazy. And I’m at book n° 6 now, I’ve read about 100 pages and there is almost no BILL so far ….. too bad, cause even in the books, Sookie seems to be still in love with him somehow.

      I’ve watched a few videos from the 2nd season so far …… OMG, it’s going to be great, isn’t it ?

      Enough for today, talk to you soon
      Take care

  • Nia

    You know Danielle, we all have our regular lives, boring or not.
    That we can indulge in something as wonderful and fantasy filled as True Blood is such a mood lifter. Some don’t get it, many do. We need a little fantasy now and again. Throw in a gorgeous man (BILL, BILL, BILL) and WA-LA life is good once more. Its nice to be taken away sometimes.
    My husband didn’t get it at first either. Now he enjoys it with me. How can you not? OK, I love Bill, he just shakes his head and lets it slide. Good! But he really gets a kick out of the great writing on the show. Face it, you get gore one second and then are laughing the next (he really gets a kick out of Jasons lines and acting). Kuddos to the writers. This stuff is brilliant. Ok, we are almost done with the maenad, she was a fun distraction, and filler, now lets stake her or something, and get it over with, please.
    Anyways, lucky you, your husband can cook. Mine will say, “do we have fry pans?”. Thats when I tell him to get out of the kitchen, he smiles and knows he accomplished his task. Men play stupid to get out of things. I don’t really care, I like to cook. Or I will just tell him to take me out!!
    By the way, Just saw Stephen on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. A talk show he in the mornings. How is it that that man just gets more and more gorgeous??? Kelly managed to get 3 kisses out of him. LUCKY GIRL! Go to the other thread, here, about it. Someone posted the link so you can watch it.
    Take care!

    • Danielle

      Hello my friend
      you’re right, it is wonderful to be able to dive into some fantasy world, and I think everybody should do so. Whichever world you choose for yourself, it should be satisfying in every sense of the word. One should be able to forget about the rest of the world ….. at least for the time he or she spends in the fantasy world.
      I love movies in general, because most of them can sort of “transport” us into another world right away. But I do have a special fascination for vampires, weres, witches, fairies etc. …… no wonder I love TRUEBLOOD.
      After all, I made my way to book n° 5 and I must say, I do like the Sookie in the books a bit more now than I used to in the beginning, because she has a lot of love, respect and feelings for all the supernatural beings around her. And while reading the books, you sometimes get the feeling that all these creatures are real, lol.
      Well, if only BILL could be …… that might be enough, wouldn’t it ? 🙂
      I’m sorry I didn’t write for a couple of days, my friend, but I had so much work and I also had a little car accident (nothing to worry about, someone hit my car, was a little scary the first 2 minutes, but nothing bad happened)
      You must know that I AM IN LOVE WITH MY CAR :-))) … sounds crazy I know, but what can I do ?
      Talk to you soon
      Take care

  • Danielle

    Hey Nia, how you doing ? Hope everything is fine with you. It really made me smile when I read what kind of job you’re doing, lol …. you know why 🙂

    But it definitely sounds like an amazingly interesting job. Believe me, there is nothing really passionate in the banking business. OK, it may be important at some point, I agree, but I wish I had done what I always wanted to : becoming an interior architect. But at the time, I didn’t wanna spend so many years in school, I wanted to make my own money, bla bla bla. You know, my dad always told me that I’ll regret that decision for the rest of my life … and guess what : HE WAS RIGHT !!

    But in the end, it’s not as bad as it might sound. I do have a very happy life, despite the fact the my job may not be my dream job, it still is OK and it pays good, so nothing to complain about. I’m working with a bunch of very nice people, I have a terrific husband and … I have my dollhouses. It’s a way for me to do what I always wanted to, only in miniature.

    I think everybody needs to find a way to express himself/herself, otherwise life can be boring. My husband and I both love the movies and we’re watching a few TV shows too, but when it comes to vampires, he just doesn’t like it.

    So this leaves me all alone with Bill and all the other vamps and of course, the fans …. and wonderful people such as yourself.

    I gotta go now, need to fix us some dinner (my turn tonight, lol). My hubby is an excellent cook (hobby cook only) and I just love it when it’s his turn, haha.

    Talk to you soon, take care

  • Nia

    Hey Danielle, I am off to work soon (I work nights like a vampire) but when I get back I will check out that video before bed and hopefully have sweet Bill dreams! Hope you will too!

    • Danielle

      Hi Nia, did u have time to check out the video I told you about ? One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely have sweet BILL dreams after that. I just finished book n° 4 and Bill almost had no part at all in it :-((
      How about the show on TV in the US ? Is the second season finished yet ?

      • Nia

        Hey Danielle,
        Hope you are well. I just got home form work. It was crazy busy. So here I sit reading your post and what better way to feel better than to talk about our favorite vampire.
        I saw the fan video, it starts with one of my favorite scenes with Bill. When he first takes Sookie to Fangtasia. He looks so hot!!! To beautiful for words.
        Some of my favorite fan videos are:

        My Last Breath
        Light On
        Never too Late
        Behind Blue Eyes
        Before The Dawn

        You can find all these videos if you scroll to the top of this page and at the right of the page you will see the word videos, scroll down and click on fan videos. There are quite a lot of Bill&Sookie videos there including the ones I listed above. So enjoy!
        Yesterday was the second to last episode. It was pretty good. Lots going on. The finale won’t be for two weeks. That will be tough to wait that long.
        The books are very disappointing. After book 3 I kept skimming looking for Bill and he is hardly there. If you continue reading them, I think you will agree with me that every time Sookie is down or in trouble, she always thinks of Bill or calls him. She was just to stubborn to admit she never stopped loving him. Thats why I did not like book Sookie. She didn’t deserve him.
        Well off to bed. If I’m lucky, Bill will join me in my dreams!!!!

        • Danielle

          Hey Nia ….. always nice to see you’re answering me 🙂 By the way, you said you were working nights, just like the vamps. If I may ask, what kind of job do you have ? I’m a bank employee and over here, it’s quite a good job, nice salary, don’t get dirty while you work, lol, except of course when I have to change the toner in the fax, printer or copy machine, because the guys in my office are afraid to do so. I guess they’re afraid these machine are gonna bite.

          I already checked out most of the videos you mentioned and there is so much beautiful stuff there about Bill and Sookie. As you said, the Sookie in the books does not deserve him, she does’nt realize that he really loves her.

          I think nevertheless I will go on reading the books, because there’s a lot of waiting for me to get to see season 2 and it’ll help passing time.

          I don’t have time every day to switch on my computer at home, so don’t you worry if you don’t hear from me for a day or two.

          I’m always very busy with my dollhouses …… building and decorating etc. making furniture and accessories. Nothing to do with vampires :-))

          talk to you soon, take care

          • Nia

            Hi Danielle,
            Always great to hear from you, you are terrific!
            You are going to laugh but I am a Transfusion Specialist working in a trauma center. Basically I find compatible blood for those in need. So I work with “blood bags” all the time. I do intense testing on peoples blood, finding out their types and so much more.It can get crazy especially with major surgeries and bad traumas. So sometimes coming home after a bad night, just putting on TB and seeing Bills face has a calming effect on me. And of course talking about it with others like you is awesome.
            I am also a master cake decorator, building and designing all manner of cakes and wedding cakes (a part time job). Just a jack of all trades I guess.
            You sound very talented and artistic,banking, building dollhouses and making accessories, like me you find other ways to express yourself other than a regular day job. Then of course there is True Blood, another outlet for our expression.
            Hey, also enjoy the books. They are good. I just like the show better.
            You know, you would enjoy getting into the Forum at (not Truebloodnet), there is so much to talk about there and a great bunch of ladies who all think like us. There are a lot of Bill lovers. Its great to talk about our favorite vamp with so many others. You should check it out.
            Well, I am off, I have a busy week ahead, so talk to you soon. Don’t forget to check us out at the forum, you would be most welcome there!
            Oh and I am glad you liked the videos, they are so wonderful!!

  • Nia

    Shayne, in the immortal words of Lafayette, “Halalujia”!!!!!
    I am so glad! At least 7 seasons of True Blood with our favorite hot men!!!

  • Danielle

    Don’t worry, my friend, you did not spoil anything 😉 I read the books anyway and although the show is somehow different, I’m always trying to find some sneak peeks from season 2; just can’t wait to get the DVD’s; I already told my hubby that I will probably spend the night with BILL once I’ll get those, lol, so, he’s prepared

    Talk to you soon ……. bye

    • Nia

      My husband use to shake his head and roll his eyes when I talk about True Blood (I tried not to throw Bill in his face). Now he is addicted as well. But Bill is for me, hubby just had to accept it.
      MMMMMM a night with Bill, I am jealous! But don’t worry, I don’t mind sharing!
      Have a good night and sweet Bill dreams!!

      • Danielle

        Hey. I’m in the middle of Book n° 4 (DEAD TO THE WORLD) and Bill has left for PERU and doesn’t seem to be in the story a lot. Is it like that in the show too ? I hope not, because I’ll miss me too much ….. especially since Eric is NOT AT ALL my type/kind of man

        • Nia

          Hi Danielle,
          I started watching the show first then started the books a few months into the first season. I did not like the books. For one thing, I did not care for the book Sookie. Just did not like her. And as for Bill, he is a bit dryer in the books (best way to describe it) but still is devoted to her and loves her (book Sookie just never appreciated him). After book 3 Eric dominates (Eric is good, I just like Bill better), then of course Sookie meets up with another supernatural and has a relationship. One thing though, and all the eric lovers seem to have blinders on to this, I found that whenever Sookie is in trouble or she is in deep contemplation, she always manages to think about Bill.
          The show is so much better. Bill is a major player and I hope will continue to be so. According to Alan Ball, the show revolves around Bill and Sookie. But to keep the show interesting, Bill and Sookies relationship will be tested and there should be major drama coming our way in terms of their relationship. How far the show will go, will it follow the books? We really don’t know. It is different from the books (I am glad) yet it has many similarities.
          I feel the same as you when it comes to Bill and Eric. I do like Eric, Alex does a great job portraying him, but I adore Stephen Moyer and Bill. As I have said before, Eric is the “Yang” to Bills “Ying”. They play off each other very well. I do not see Bill disappearing from the show, he was the one who helped put True Blood on the entertainment map!
          Talk soon, Take Care,
          Team True Blood!

          • Danielle

            I started with the show first too and I guess I only started with the books because it takes so long before season 2 comes out on DVD …… kinda passing time waiting to see my (oh sorry …. OUR) BILL again 🙂
            But I completely agree with you about the 2 characters Bill and Sookie ….. in the books, everything is different, their feelings don’t seem to go so deep, it’s more sexual and very erotic, but it’s not really love ….. at least, Sookie doesn’t really seem to understand that he does love her.
            But as you said, these 2 are the main characters in the show, and I think their relationship, even with all it’s ups and downs, is something we all want to continue sharing.
            You know, somethings I spend hours on UTOUBE watching these little videos about Bill and Sookie, there’s one featuring the song WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL …. OMG, sometimes it’s like forgetting that these 2 characters aren’t real, lol
            Thanks for your update anyway.
            Sweet dreams (it’s about bedtime here now)

          • Shayne

            Hey, fellow Bill fans! With respect to Bill sticking around on the show longer than he did on the books, Stephen Moyer said recently that the cast, and himself included, of course, had all signed rather long contracts – 7 years, if I remember correctly, so I daresay we’ll have lots more Bill to look forward to.

  • I’m Bill’s biggest fan 🙂 and since I started with the books and the series on TV, I find it a real shame that vampires don’t exist for real, lol …… but who knows.

    I just hope Sookie and Bill will fight for their love and not loose all of it like in the books

    • Nia

      You and me both Danielle. I did not care for the books. The show is so much better!!!!!

      • Danielle

        Hi Nia
        The show is not only much better, but when I first started with the books, I just couldn’t find a face to picture BILL ….. but
        now we have one, don’t we 🙂 and not just a face, lol. He’s so yummy, vampire or not

        • Nia

          Stephen M. is such a perfect choice for Bill Compton. He fits the look described in the book to a tee! I like the show Bill so much better. He has more depth than the books. The books to me are a bit dry.
          Whatever, Bill is a smoking hot vampire who can bite e anytime!!
          By the way, didn’t you just love his strut down the walkway to the queen. That man knows how to move his hips! Pure yumminess.

          • Danielle

            You know, I do have a huge problem …… I actually live in Germany and up until now, the show hasn’t even started on TV … but Thank God we have DVD 🙂 and since we have a little movie theatre at home, I can watch them on the big screen, so to say ….. but that’s the main reason why I haven’t seen any episode of season 2 yet, they’re not out on DVD yet

            But you’re so right, Stephen M. was the absolute best choice to play BILL …. and he could bite me anytime too, lol

            see ya 🙂 greetings from Germany

          • Nia

            Hey Danielle, sorry that you have not been able to see season 2 yet. I am sorry, I did not mean to spoil it for you. It will be so worth the wait.
            I am always happy to meet another Bill fan! He is so awesome!
            I am glad that we have fans in Germany too. You’d be surprised how many people aroung he world are getting addicted to this great show. I have talked to people in England and Ireland. I know someone in Greece who has seen some episodes and is anxious for more. Lets keep the talk up!
            Team True Blood!

  • Nia

    Bill/Stephen is the main reason why I am so enamored of this wonderful show. He is amazing as Bill Compton. Handsome, sexy and with a smoldering look and bite to melt all of our hearts. He deserves all the praise we can give him. I am hoping for an emmy or at least a nomination. You go Stephen!

  • shelby

    Yes…i agree with you rebecca! hehe!

  • Rebecca

    Bill is so sexy, so dark, while still trying to hold on to his human side.OMG,if i ever met a vampire i would hope he would be like Bill is right now.SO,So,that funny feeling in your stomach feeling,you know what i mean.

    • Danielle

      yeah, he’s just so gorgeous, sometimes I wish vampires would exist for real, lol ….. but only if they’d look like BILL :-))

  • Manderbet

    actually, he was the Magistrar, not the King. Each state only has one, either a king or a queen, and Louisiana has a Queen.

  • I love the show, I just bought season 1! It’s funny and sexy..AND of course, BILL..OMG…so,so,so…ya know..damn…

  • shelby

    BILL is sooo HOT! hehe!

    • I agree, come on Emmy’s start a new Genre! True Blood and Stephen Moyer should have won! Along with the rest of the great cast. But it was great to see Stephen, but again it was too short! Well, nice to be here, I’m new. Thanks and greetings to all!

      • Nia

        Hi Sharon Frantz, welcome! Its always great to meet another Bill/Stephen fan. We are great gals who adore our smoldering sweet southern vampire.
        I am hoping that next year the Emmy’s will finally recognize True Blood for the remarkable show it is. The entire cast deserves high praise. We have to keep the talk up and positive through the long hiatus ahead.
        Right now I will look forward to other award ceremonies that aren’t afraid to go with genre shows. Bring on the Golden Globes!!!