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thoralexGina McIntyre from the LA Times describes in her article the legion of devoted fans that tuned up at the True Blood’s Comic-con panel on Saturday July 25th to hear Alan Ball and the cast discuss what’s in store for the remainder of season 2.   Here is what Gina had to say:

True Blood,” HBO’s hit adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse mystery novels from author Charlaine Harris, has its own legion of devoted fans keen on the show’s sexy, campy aesthetic, and plenty of them turned up Saturday to hear cast members Anna Paquin (on her birthday, no less), Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Michelle Forbes, Deborah Ann Woll and Alexander Skarsgard and creator Alan Ball talk about what’s in store for Season 2 and beyond. It was Skarsgard, though, who might have earned the most enthusiastic reception — he plays vamp heavy Eric Northman on the Louisiana-set series, and well, there just must be something about those centuries-old former Vikings who become powerful immortals. They make the ladies swoon.”

The audience also got to view a trailer of what is in store for us and were able to ask questions of True Blood’s cast,  Alan Ball True Blood’s creator and author Charlaine Harris:

“After screening a brief teaser reel promoting the second half of the current season, the cast took turns answering questions posed by moderator Kate Hahn from TV Guide and members of the audience, several of whom focused on the tension between Eric and Paquin’s Sookie, who happens to be romantically involved with Moyer’s Southern gentleman vampire Bill Compton.

Anna responded to the personal growth of her character since last season:

“After Sookie’s experiences last season — when she suffered the loss of her grandmother and was in almost constant danger of losing her own life — she felt that her character had become stronger and tougher, but conceded that she still gets into trouble.”Good thing she has her vampire boyfriend.”

As far as Stephen is concerned regarding his character of Bill Compton:

Bill intends to make sure that HE remains Sookie’s beau.”I’m not sure Bill’s just going to roll over and let that happen,” he said of any potential developments on the Eric-Sookie front. “He might not be as polite.”

Alexander Skarsgard talking of the development of his character and his advances toward Anna’s Character Sookie had this to say:

Eric’s most likely not going to drop his advances toward the plucky cocktail waitress   any time soon.”Eric’s been around for a very long time. He’s kind of over humanity, then she comes along and there’s something different about her. For the first time in a long time, he’s curious. Which means things could turn ugly, and fast.”

Skarsgard also went on to say:

“He’s enjoyed working on the series’ second season, as it’s allowed him to develop the character: “Eric was misunderstood. People would say, ‘You’re the bad guy,’ and I had to defend him. He is a bad ass, but as an actor, you have to have layers. . . . He doesn’t care for a lot of people, or vampires either, but the ones he does, he’s very loyal to.

For another tidbit show related, which we already shared with you:

Ball announced that TruBlood (an all-natural blood orange soda sold in replica bottles that look just like the props on the show) will be available for purchase Sept. 10, just in time for the Season 2 finale. Fans will be able to place orders at”

For all Charlaine Harris fans she had this to add:

“She revealed during the panel that she’s signed a contract to write three more, which should take her up through 2014.”

Obviously good news for all True Blood fans as Alan Ball gwill have more then enough material to wrk with to keep the series going for many more seasons.  Gina McIntyre’s article can be read at:

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