True Blood Cast at Comic-Con Photo Shoot

July 25, 2010 by conducted their exclusive photo shoot with the cast of True Blood at Comic-con 2010 and below you can see the beautiful photos taken by Micheal Muller of Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Deborah Ann Woll and Joe ManganielloClick here to visit Mr. Muller’s website and see his wonderful work.


(Photo credit: Micheal Muller for

  • Nia

    Hey you two, hows it going????
    Antonio if you are a geek then so am I…LOL!!
    Talk about 4 beautiful people!!
    They are all wonderful, but you know my heart belongs to a certain sexy smoldering vamp, yummy!

    Wow this has been such an incredible season so far! I cant believe we have hit the halfway mark already… 🙁

  • lizzie1701

    Yes, Antonio, you are sounding like a geek! Congratulations!!

    Lovely pics – some don’t seem real, though, like they are painted photographs! Doesn’t Stephen had the most luscious, kissable lips??

    Anna and DAW look great and Joe looks a bit devilsh!

    Thanks for posting!

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    Unbelievable!! They ALL look SO Good! Anna and Debra look Great!! Steve is a “SUPE”r Cool dude! I guess Weres dont smile much?? Joe is 1 of my fave characters also. BTW That photo last week of Steve,Anna & Alex? Incredible! They ALL looked Great!!
    🙂 Am I sounding like a geek yet?? LOL 🙂