True Blood Cast Member Ryan Kwanten Interview

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ryankTrue Blood cast member Ryan Kwanten was interviewed by Erin McWhirter from courier who plays the oversex-driven Jason Stackhouse in Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series “True Blood”. Ryan discussed how his current character in the show is a complete departure from his previous work on the U.S. sitcom “Summerland” were he played an Australian surfer.

Ryan Kwanten was in Australian during his time off from “True Blood” to lend his voice in the animated feature “Guardian of Ga’Hoole” where he took the to time to speak with Erin Whirter.

During the interview Ryan was asked a series of questions regarding his life in Hollywood and comparing it to back home in Sydney. The biggest difference that Ryan sees is that everyone he knows and has grown up with are settling down, getting married having babies or already have babies. As for himself he states that he still feels that he is 15 and he thinks that sometimes that he acts like he is 15. Even though he has lived in the U.S. for quite sometime coming back to Sydney feels like coming home. Nothing has changed and he feels that connection to the place that he grew up in.

In response to a question about if he found it easy to find work in Hollywood, Ryan states that although he has been able to find constant work he is fortunate to have friends who are not in the industry who help him stay grounded. He said it took him a minimum of 6 months where he could actually say that he trusted them and could call them friends.

With the success of “True Blood” and it being signed on for a second season Ryan was asked if he was surprised by all of this. Ryan’s response was:

“I am amazed because not only is the competition ridiculous over there but the amount of factors that have to fall into play for you to get a pilot and then for the pilot to get picked up and then for that series to go to a second series is enormous.”

An often asked question to Ryan is what is the character Jason like and if he in anyways is like him or has been influenced by him? Ryan says that he is different from Jason in that Jason tends to “fly by the seat of his pants and I tend to be far too cerebral and over-analyse things”. He states that it has been refreshing to just “throw out the textbook and what I thought I knew about acting and life and just go ‘OK, this is what I am going to do and just do it“.

Ryan has learned from playing the role of Jason to let things go and not let the little things upset him. Learning that trying to be a perfectionist about even the smallest thing is a waste of time and energy and that life is too short to dwell on things that have already happened because you cannot go back and change it.

Ryan can honestly say he is not an overnight success. He had worked long and hard to get to the level that he is at right now. Hew recalls during the interview times where all he could afford was a “push bike’ that he used to ride two to three hours from auditions with the change of his clothes in a backpack. He’s happy at where he is now and is proud to say that he did it through perseverance and hard work.

SOURCE: Home and Away’s Ryan Kwanten finds success in True Blood

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