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sookieDuring the production of season 2 of True Blood, the website, got a chance to talk to the stars of True Blood about filming the series and about wrapping up season 2Fangoria was on the set of True Blood as cast members continued filming for season 2. Fangoria noted that even though the cast was filming a scene full of drama and conflict the cast and crew looked happier than ever! Fangoria talked to Anna Paquin who plays our beloved, telepath, Sookie Stackhouse, about filming her scenes for True Blood and how she has been involved in some pretty physically intense scenes. Anna had this to say:

“On this show, I get beat up all the time. I mean, I’ve always been really active and I’ve done a decent amount of that [physical action] before. Not a lot, but that’s fun to me. I love that stuff.”

Anna also commented on how thrilled she is about the show’s phenomenal following:

“You never really know how people are going to react, but even just from people who enjoyed the books and were fanatical about that, there was a pretty good indication that people might be pretty into the show and they were, and that was awesome.”

Fangoria also talked to Stephen Moyer who plays Sookie’s vampire love interest, Bill Compton, and is also Anna Paquin’s real-life fiance. Stephen spoke about the diversity of the vampires featured on True Blood:

“They look fantastic, the Dallas vampires. We’ve got amazing tattoos, we’ve got big bad guys, we’ve got small Asian guys, we’ve got a 6-foot-6 blonde woman, we’ve got everything. We’ve got every kind of vampire you can imagine.”

stephen-moyerFangoria also talked to Stephen about his portrayal of a very burnt up vampire, when his character Bill ventured out into the sunlight in an attempt to save his beloved Sookie. Stephen explained that in order to turn into a crispy vamp the crew had to create a full mold of his head. Stephen explained the process and how sometimes they leave it on too long and they have to wrangle you to get it off – Ouch! When asked about playing Bill on True Blood, Stephen had this to say:

“Every week, it changes—I think I add to it. The more that Alan [Ball, series creator and show runner] gives me—all of us—to do—it might be a twist on a character that you haven’t thought of, so you end up adding layers, rather than changing. It’s like, ‘Oh, right, here’s another facet of Bill’s character that we’ve only ever hinted at before.’ So in this season, we see him go back to the ’20s—we see a different Bill in the ’20s—and then we see a different Bill again in the ’30s. I think one of the great joys of playing a vampire is that you can flash back to any point in that person’s history and see things that they’ve done, which obviously people now will never see. So we’ll get to know more about him than perhaps Sookie ever will.”

Fangoria also asked Stephen about his co-star Deborah Ann Woll, who plays teenage vampire, Jessica, on the show:

“I’ve ended up with a teenage vampire daughter who’s a nightmare,” Moyer laughs. “Not even Eric can handle this little thing. Sookie and Bill become these kind of odd surrogate parents for this girl, Jessica. [Woll] is amazing. She is just phenomenal to work with.”

Fangoria also spoke with Ed Quinn, who plays the human hating Deputy Stan, a member of the Dallas Coven, and discussed wearing “fangs”. Ed explained that it is hard at first especially when you go from talking normal to almost instantly having a lisp. Ed went on to say that they are a bit hard to put in but once you get used to them its not so bad.

“The first scene I actually shot, [Alexander] Skarsgard did, so I got to watch him [talk with fangs in his mouth]. They’re kind of tough to get in, but once you get them in, they’re amazing. They’re kind of scary. They feel dangerous. My lips are really bruised today, because I’m such a rookie with them, but yeah, last night, I had to do the whole, ‘Stop, fangs!’ “

ed_quinn_cThis phrase is heard pretty often on the True Blood set when the cast is told to stop the action and place their fangs in their mouth. Ed helps fans out by describing the all too famous “fangs”:

“They take about two weeks to make. You go and they take a mold and they build this retainer, and they fit up over your gums and they fit above your teeth and they’re really, really secure and they’re wickedly sharp. They actually have little holes—they’re actually hollow, I can actually suck through them—I could drink a bowl of soup through them. I mean, they look amazing, they feel amazing and they’re pretty fun. So, to be a fan of a show like this and then to get to work on it, to get to show fangs and get to run around at vamp speed, is pretty cool.”

I guess running around at vamp speed would be pretty amazing. Have you ever wondered how our vampires seem to be able to move at the speed of light? Ed also explains this amazing feature:

“You run just like a typical goofball and they speed it up,” he laughs. “They go, ‘Run’ and you go to a certain place, you stop, and then they say, ‘Reset and action,’ and you start again. So it’s all the magic of filmmaking that makes you run around real fast, but it’s nice to know that they’re going to cover me in post.”

steve-newlinFangoria also spoke with Michael McMillian who plays Fellowship of the Sun Founder, Steve Newlin.

“I have to end up in a certain place so the camera can see me, but there is actually quite a lot of freedom on this show, and one of the things I love about acting on it is there’s a lot of freedom for play and a lot of freedom to try things differently each time. So that’s been one of the most rewarding things and I get to work with a cast that loves to try new things each time. One of the first days I worked, I worked with Ryan Kwanten, and he was great to work with, because every time he did a take, it was something different and all brilliant and all usable.”

And no interview would be complete without speaking to Alexander Skarsgard who plays vampire sheriff, Eric Northman. Fangoria asked Alex about the show’s fanbase and how phenomenal the response has been and Alex had this to say:

“I was kind of overwhelmed, I guess. I wasn’t surprised, because I knew that it would be good, but I didn’t realize that there were that many hardcore fans out there,” he laughs. “And so it was very flattering and overwhelming. I was out of the [U.S.] when TRUE BLOOD premiered, so I didn’t really understand how crazy things got.”

eric northmanWhen asked about his character and portraying Eric on the show Alex commented:

“I have gotten to explore the character a little bit more and go deeper. I was just basically introduced in season one, so season two has been great for me. It’s been a lot of fun, because it’s involved a lot more, in many ways. It just keeps getting better and better. I’ve had some great, great moments that I’ve enjoyed tremendously.”

Well, us fans are gearing up to enjoy the season 2 finale of True Blood tremendously, and we are sure that this cast will not disappoint!

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