True Blood’s “Chivalrous” Men

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HBO‘s True Blood is set down in the south where the idea of the “southern gentleman” and chivalry lives on.  Of course Alan Ball has his own unique way of portraying things and he has done a great job of showing us the softer side to our favorite characters. did an article on who they feel are the most chivalrous men on True Blood.  Noticeably absent were Bill (I’m thinking the infamous “head turning” scene might have taken him out of the running) and Eric.  Here is a rundown of who they chose and why.

Alcide HerveauxAlcide was chosen because he puts aside his obvious dislike for vampires to help Sookie locate Bill Compton.  He knows she is going through a lot of turmoil so he has been fighting his attraction to her and not taking advantage of the situation.

Jason StackhouseJason‘s nomination came after he chased down Crystal with no shirt on just so he could talk to her and find out why she was crying the last time he saw her.  He may not have a whole lot in the brain department but when he puts his mind to it he can be very sweet.

Franklin Mott – This was a little bit surprising.  As funny as he is to watch I’m not sure I’d call tying your beloved to the bed and almost choking them very chivalrous behavior but to each their own …

Another person missing from the list was Jesus. His showing up at Merlotte‘s and sitting there for 9 hours watching Lafayette cook was very sweet!

Southern charm or not, all of the men on the show are charming in their own way (yes even Franklin – his crying “You don’t know how much you love me” line was very sweet in its own twisted way).


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  • jaxx

    Wow, what a surprise, I’d say they missed the mark on this one. Aside from Alcide, I don’t see the rest as chivalrous. Are they watching the same show??? Sam, definitely, Hoyt, Terry??? Hmmm.

  • lego

    Also! How could they forget Hoyt?!

    • lego

      ..or Terry for that matter!

    • pbt

      I agree about Hoyt and Terry. It makes me wonder if the author of this article has actually watched the show at all. I say that because he didn’t pick Sam, Hoyt or Terry. All “Truebies” to the core! Chivalrous Truebies!

      We could all make arguments for Eric and Bill but that usually ends up in the same place. So I won’t go there for this article. 🙂

  • pbt

    ? ?/???v?lr?s/[shiv-uhl-ruhs] –adjective

    1.having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.

    2.considerate and courteous to women; gallant.

    3.gracious and honorable toward an enemy, esp. a defeated one, and toward the weak or poor.

    Interesting choices for the most chivalrous on True Blood. I would completely agree about the choice of Alcide. Even though he is helping Sookie on orders from,Eric he has gone above and beyond what is called for. Lets face it the telepath is a lot of trouble.

    I love the Jason Stackhouse’s character but chivalrous is not a term I would use to describe him. Jason the ultimate womanizer on the show has had every piece of Bon Temps as* that there is. Part of being chivalrous is showing respect for women. Which as we all well know, Jason lacks a certain respect and does not act responsibly around them. His emotions all get the better part of him.

    Franklin Mott as being characterized as chivalrous is almost hilarious. Yes, I do think he loves Tara as twisted as his sense of love is. I am not sure that he is considerate or courteous when tying his lover up at Russell’s mansion.

    Definitely food for thought.

  • lego

    As awesome as it would have been for Franklin to say, “You don’t know how much you love me.” The line is actually, “You don’t know how much you’ve hurt me.”

  • Inma

    I can’t believe they chose Franklin instead of Sam..,

    • pbt

      I agree Sam would have made a better selection.