True Blood’s Chris Bauer Interviewed by Movie Mikes

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Chris Bauer is HBO’s Lovable Andy Bellefleur.

Recently, Chris Bauer was interviewed by Mike Gencarelli from Movie Mikes. He had a lot to say, especially about his work on True Blood and how that’s affected his life.

When asked what the best thing about playing the character, Andy Bellefleur, Chris was insistent that Andy is fun to play because of his lovability, among other things.

I think the guy’s funny. And in a lot of ways I think he’s the portal the audience see’s that world through. And that’s a fun role to have.

Another thing Chris was asked about was Andy’s growth over the last three seasons of True Blood. Chris responded by saying that Andy had gone from a one dimensional character that was there to move plot forward into a more contradictory, complicated character. He’d would love to see his character expanded even more on the hit show, but is quick to add that he is not an actor who wants to find out ahead of time how his characters will change and grow. He’s happy to learn week by week, just like True Blood’s audience does.

What is hard about working on the show?

Chris cited two examples of the difficulties he faces as an actor working on True Blood. The first example is logistical, since Chris is married and has children. They live in New York, so he has to commute across the country to the greater Los Angeles area, which prevents him from spending as much time with his family. The other issue is a creative one. Chris has a limited amount of time each week to portray Andy, which can make giving Andy depth hard.

So what is in store for Andy Bellefluer in Season 4?

When Mike Gencarelli posed this question, Chris Bauer was adamant that he did not know.

I’ve never been the kind of actor who gets right up the writer’s ass to find out what they’re going to do with the character. I look forward to the surprise…week to week…to see what happens next. I trust the writers that I work with.

And what is ahead for Chris Bauer?

Currently he is working with Robert Redford in the movie “Conspirators.” He also recently finished a David Mamet play.

That’s something I like to do every couple of years. I need to get on stage because frankly as an actor you get stronger.

And then it will be back to his role in True Blood in November, which we can’t wait for.

Source: Movie Mikes – Interview with Chris Bauer

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