True Blood on CNN’s Best TV For 2009 List

December 24, 2009 by  

True Blood is not only getting recognition from the entertainment industry for being one of the best television shows for 2009, but large media organizations such as CNN are giving Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series top marks.

CNN examines True Blood and right off the bat states that “this show doesn’t suck.” The large media outlet recognizes what makes this show a huge hit with fans with its infusion of:

“stories and characters that have bite to them, as well as lots of sex and violence served up among the residents of the steamy Louisiana town of Bon Temps.”

It found the “good versus evil” battle intriguing where one had a hard time telling who was the good guy and who was the evil one.  Was it the blood thirsty vampires or the religious fanatics from the Fellowship of the Sun bent on destroying the creatures of the night?

Another key component that CNN felt made the show such a smashing hit were the developing relationships between several characters particularly between Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton.  As CNN states:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) continued to heat things up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), a relationship made even more thrilling for “True Blood” worshippers given that the actors are engaged in real life. But they weren’t the only passionate pair — Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Sookie‘s less-than-bright brother, managed to hook up with Sarah (Anna Camp), wife of the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun church, for some graphic action that became water-cooler fodder.  The healthy serving of gore, mystery and soap-opera-like shenanigans led New York Magazine to dub the show “cable catnip.” Meow!”

We are pleased to see a media outlet such as CNN recognizing what True Blood fans have already known.  That True Blood is a leader in quality entertainment and will continue to receive accolades for its superb writing and high caliber performances from its actors.


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  • lizzie

    Nia, it is wonderful that many mags. either online or hard copy, are recognising not only TB but our wonderful Bill, SM, SM/AP or B/S!!! It is like our Christmases have come at once!

  • lizzie

    Hi Adore Bill and Nia.
    I love that term “Cable catnip” – meow! Well, being a cat lover and a True Blood/Bill lover, this is music to my ears or whatever the saying!(Always get my sayings mixed up!!)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Nia

      Isn’t it great Lizzie how CNN feels that Anna/Sookie and Bill/Stephen’s love story and great chemistry gave True Blood its HEAT!!
      They and True Blood are the BEST of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nia

    You are a busy girl! Working on Christmas eve. I thank you for more wonderful news about my favorite obsession. Your dedication to bringing us the great news is very much apppreciated.
    Cable Catnip…I love it. Thanks to CNN for the recognition.

    So now, AdoreBill, for you it is time to rest and await all good things on Christmas Morn.
    May your day be bright and filled with joy, family, good health and happiness. And may all your Christmas wishes come true!

    Merry Christmas!