Sneak Peak at True Blood Comic Issue #6

September 23, 2010 by  

Double Cover True Blood Comic Issue to Arrive Just in Time for the Holidays

True Blood Comic #6 Cover

HBO has finally released the covers for True Blood‘s Comic Issue #6, which is sure to be on every Truebie’s holiday wishlist.

Shipping on December 22nd, the issue will make sure fans of every character (sorry Pam lovers) will be equally pleased come holiday season.

Cover #1 will feature Sookie, Eric, Bill, Jason, Jessica, Lafayette, Tara and everyone’s favorite bar owner Sam.

Cover #2 will showcase the all human trio Jason, Lafayette and Tara.

True Blood Comic Issue #6 second cover featuring Jason, Tara and Lafayette.Of course, you will have to order two or more copies of the issue to ensure you receive one with your favorite vamp, human, fairy or shifter, because HBO will randomly distribute the covers.

HBO’s description of the issue:

“Sookie and Eric, Tara and Sam, Jason and Lafayette—they’ve all spilled their guts, revealing their deepest, darkest secrets—feeding the trickster spirit’s need for shame; hoping he’ll release them when they’re finished. Now it’s Bill’s turn, and the 184-year old vampire’s story of personal regret in post-civil war Louisiana is the most shameful of all! But the sun is coming up, and it’s up to Sookie to uncover the spirit’s true intentions. Will she discover the monster’s secret in time?”

The comic will be 32 pages long and cost $4.99. You can visit the HBO Store for more information.

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