True Blood Comic Book Cover from IDW Publishing Released

April 22, 2010 by  

The cover artwork for the new True Blood Comic Book, from IDW Publishing, has been released and it features a large drawing of Sookie and Bill in the center with Eric, Sam, Jason, Jessica, Tara, and Lafayette around them.

In this tantalizing series spinning out of the hit show, blood and sex mix on a hot rainy night at Merlotte’s, when Sookie and her friends are trapped by a vengeful spirit who feeds on shame. People die and dirty secrets are revealed as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Jason, and Lafayette and are all coerced to dig deep and tell painful memories from their past those things we all have locked within us that we never tell another living soul!

The story was developed by Alan and series writers Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow. It’s co-written by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner, with interior and cover art by David Messina and cover art by J. Scott Campbell.

The series will contain six, 32-page issues priced at $4.99 each with a bonus inside every issue: an exclusive pullout gatefold poster by David Messina!  So True Blood fans what are you waiting for?  Pre-order exclusively with nowHBO will begin shipping the item starting July 21, 2010.


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(Photo credit: HBO Inc./IDW Publishing via Lexington Vampire Examiner)

  • Antonio

    I guess you can never have too much vampire stuff right?
    OD on TB really! Of course look what happened with Jason and Amy! LOL
    Go Team TB!! go team twilight Go Vampire Summer!!

  • Antonio

    This is Awesome! I can hardly believe it TB as a comic book!
    Wow! Eric looks like 1 bad-ass dude! LOL
    Webisodes starting 5/2,a new book coming out 5/4, small clips for onset from S3,S2 coming out 5/25 A NEW season 6/13 and NOW a comic book? Whoa! sensory overload here!! LOL
    HBO Really knows how to keep it’s TB fans satisfied!!
    And the book publishers,too!
    All thats missing is a Sookie Is Mine t-shirt,a bottle of tru blood and a red hot date with a supersexy vampire Anyone know just how much Eric and Pam charge for someone like me to go there and party with the vamp crowd?? LOL
    Hey there Jason Got any more V? Mind sharing any with me??
    This together with a new Twilight novella and Eclipse at the end of June Whoa Man!!

  • Nia

    Hey all,

    I agree everyone. This looks like to much fun. I can’t wait ot read this new creation. Its like more True Blood!! Can’t wait, already have mine on preorder.

    Thank you AdoreBill for the heads up!!!!!

    Team True Blood!

  • pbt

    This looks absolutely delicious and all of our True Blood favs are included. Kudos to Alan Ball and his team.

    Thanks Ollie for the post and only 51 more daysssssssssssssss!

    • missyella

      Hi Pbt,

      Hopefully will be able to purchase in the UK?

      If not will pre-order from HBO direct.