True Blood at Comic-con 2010: Behind the Music with Nathan Barr

July 22, 2010 by  

Comic-con is finally here and True Blood is well represented with the actors and crew attending various panels this year.  One of our writers here at, Isis Nocturne, is attending the Behind the Music with CW3PR: Composing for Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Film & TV panel which has True Blood composer Nathan Barr as one of the seven panelists discussing the behind-the-scenes perspective on creating music for television and film.  Below are Isis Nocturne‘s tweets from the event and photos.

The music panel

Next up is the music panel with True Blood‘s composer Nathan Barr!

OMG! Charlaine Harris is opening the panel!

Opening with music from each composer…

Introductions are awesome!

Waiting to hear from Nathan Barr

Nathan Barr started working under Hans Zimmer.

Nathan was there only 8 months.

The panelists... Nathan Barr is 3rd from the right...

Nathan practiced by doing other movie scores earlier in his career.

Music from Nathan‘s score for Hostel was put into the pilot for True Blood, then he wrote music for True Blood to use instead…

Talking about composing for character-driven shows/movies & the difficulties

Everyone says that silence needs to be a part of tv and film b/c it can be so powerful.

Nathan uses cool instruments like a human bone trumpet…

this instrument is made of a femur… it’s from Tibet

Nathan looks up weird instruments on Ebay

as we know, Nathan plays his own instruments

That panel felt soooo short! It was very interesting!

In closing, that panel was great & Nathan Barr and John Ottman were both really nice!