True Blood’s Composer Nathan Barr Scores “Peep World”

December 12, 2009 by  

Tnathan_barr_2_cello-1rue Blood’s solo composer Nathan Barr, has attained yet another movie project while on hiatus from True Blood; “Peep World” a comedy starring Kate Mara, Michael C. Hall and Rainn Wilson. Barr has composed over 25 films in less than a decade and has made a name for himself when chosen by Alan Ball to compose and write the scores for the HBO hit True Blood. Nathan has managed to raise the bar for television music with his distinctive sound and choice of instrument’s with each episode of True Blood thus far. Nathan has explained that each composition is character driven and he pulls the energy from what each character in the story is going through at the time, whether it love or loss, he makes it central based on the character and their feelings.

The most moving scene for me was after Gran’s funeral in Season One, when Sookie found herself alone before sundown in the kitchen, sitting with Gran’s homemade pecan pie. With each bite, the song Take Me Home began to play, which was written and performed by Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott.  It seemed as though Sookie had come to the realization that she was now alone in life and the pecan pie was the last tangible taste and smell of Gran. I felt my heart ache for her and found myself choked up as she finished up the last bite of the pie. The song was so powerful and fitting for such a dramatic scene of such loss in Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) life, that I bought it the day it was released because one could relate to it.

Nathan is a unique composer in the sense that he not only writes his own scores but also brilliantly performs all of the instruments heard in many of his compositions which range from dismantled pianos to the cello and a collection of acoustic guitars.

Nathan is also scoring “Open House”, a horror film directed by Andrew Paquin, which True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will have a cameo in.

Nathan has began working on the score for the third season of Alan Ball’s hit show True Blood that will be back this summer on HBO; let the countdown begin! You can learn more about the extraordinary Nathan Barr by visiting his website at


(Photo Credit:  Nathan Barr)