True Blood Contest – What Would You Like to See Happen with Arlene?

July 26, 2009 by  

carrie_preston_5263609Round 5 contest giveaway is here all you True Blood Fans! When we interviewed Carrie Preston she was interested in finding out what the fans would like to see happen with Arlene, where would we like to see her story go. So, we’re asking you! Romance? Promotion? Vampire Slayer?
Give it all up and get a dog? What are your ideas? Contest starts today, July 26 2009.

Answer Carrie’s question in a few sentences and try to keep the answers ‘Tweetable’ (ie less than 140 characters). A winner will be selected randomly from all the submissions. Only one submission per person.

And since Carrie asked, we’ll be sending your answers on to Carrie Preston!!!

The winner will get one set of  the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Books 1-7)!!!

Here’s Carrie’s question:

What would you, the fans, like to see happen with Arlene?

sookie-stackhouse-boxsetContest Name: Round 5 – Win Sookie Stackhouse 1-7 Box Set: What Would You Like to See Happen with Arlene?

Deadline: Aug 9, 2009 11:59:59 EST

Prizes: One Sookie Stackhouse 1-7 Box Set

Contest winner must respond to winning email notification within 3 days or the next random winner will be selected.

( sponsored giveaways are not affiliated with HBO.)


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Congratulations to our second Twitter contest winner Kayla Page! She was randomly chosen to win the Sookie Stackhouse Living Dead in Dallas Book 2 Giveaway

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  • Teresa

    I think she should have a half vamp baby!!

  • I’d like to see Arlene become a cop. (after Renee she devotes her life to taking criminals down) Arlene staying on Andy’s case all the time would be funny and it would be interesting to see her in a stronger role. She’d get a complete makeover and become a bad ass police officer!

  • I would like to see her & Terry discover that she is pregnant from that blackout sex they had. Then I would like to see them both make the mutual decision of her terminating the pregnancy. You know she’s already got two & Terry is a PTSD miltary weirdo, so I think an abortion would be a good idea. I think that would give the show an even more “real” feel to it. Arlene is fertile Mertyl…she can’t be walking around w/another kid, that’s just gross.

  • Amanda

    Would love to see Arlene fall for a Werewolf! lol… see how that one goes over!

  • Jaleesa vasquez

    I think that it would be crazy if Arlene was to have a sort of spilt personality and turn on Sookie for killing Renee. But she doesnt realize that she commits her dangerous acts because of her 2 personality’s.

  • Nia

    She is really a funny lady and is a good side story to the show. I don’t know if Terry is into her without Maryannes influence. He did seem so in the beginning but in this last epi. I don’t know. I hate to see her turn to the dark side but who knows. i will leave it up to Alan B. to surprise us.

  • I’d like to see her character follow the books by joining FotS and then turning on Sookie.

  • Bill

    She definitely needs to stay with Terry. Outside of that, stay hot and funny!

  • nia

    Definitely hook up with Terry!