True Blood Contest – Help Sam Trammell Find Sam Merlotte a Woman

June 28, 2009 by  

samtrammel-contestOk True Blood Fans here is the new Round 4 contest giveaway!   When we recently interviewed Sam Trammell,  he wanted to know what kind of woman Sam Merlotte should date.  So now we’d like your help.  Answer Sam’s question in a few words   And we will pick a winner randomly from all the submissions.  Only one submission per person and keep your answer to under 140 characters so we can tweet the ones that really tickle us!

And since Sam asked, we’ll be sending your answers on to Sam Trammell!!!

The winner will get a True Blood Season 1 DVD Set!!

Here’s Sam’s question:

Do you want Sam to find a woman and if so, who should it be?  Or who or what should it be?  Should it be Sookie? Or should it be one of the /other /characters on the show?  Or if not what kind of girl or woman should it be?  What should her qualities be?

true-blood-season1-dvdContest Name: Round 4 – One True Blood Season 1 DVD Set Giveaway- Help Sam Trammell Find Sam Merlotte a Woman

Deadline: July 12, 2009 11:59:59 EST

Prizes: One True Blood Season 1 DVD Set

( sponsored giveaways are not affiliated with HBO.)


Contest Closed! Winner L. Emme, MN

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Congratulations to our first Twitter contest winner Stephanie Quill-Giroso!  She was randomly chosen to win the Sookie Stackhouse Dead Until Dark Book 1 Giveaway

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  • lemor davidovici

    in the third season sookie will either be with eric or sam & bill will be with lorena specially when lorena will be the one that saves bill from eric & the queen because sookie didn’t right away say yes to bill after he said will you marry me he will say sorry to lorena then beg her to take him back he will forget all about his humanity & be the mean vampire man that lorena wants him to be.

  • pbartteacher

    Actually Sam should get back together with Tara. She needs to wake up and realize she had a good thing. He would treat her right, after the catastrophe with Eggs is over.

  • Cecilia

    Sam needs a girl who is accepting and not judgemental about a person’s past. She should have mysterious qualities as well, yet loyal and trustworthy. Someone he can relate to.

  • maris

    Sam should be with Sookie. She knows his secret and accepts it. There’s always been a little sexual tension between them. Besides it can cause some friction with Bill and juice up the story line a bit!

  • Sam needs a woman, definitely, but none of the women currently in the books or on the show. I think he needs someone human, sweet and not selfish, someone who will see that he is just a very caring and protective guy. I don’t think he needs another shifter, just a regular girl who knows what he is and understands it.

  • Sam’s ideal woman would possibly be a shapeshifter like he is. Someone who understands the lifestyle and appreciates who and what Sam is. A lady who will really love him.

  • Bill

    She must be an active woman who enjoys long runs. She should be alert and speak up when something is suspicious. Belly rubs are a must.

  • Veronica

    Sam Merlotte should settle down with a nice veterinarian who can treat his wounds..or just a crazy dog woman! there will be plenty of animals around for him to shapeshift into and his new woman would love to have a man who could communicate with a dog..

  • rebecca sullivan

    sam needs to settle down with another shifter, so he can have little puppies!