True Blood Continues To Set Viewer Records

August 27, 2009 by  

1448424_f520To our question, “Can True Blood Surpass the 5 Million Mark for the Season Finale?,” the answer is a resounding, “YES.” Episode 10, “New World in My View,” pulled in 5.3 million viewers, up 20 percent over last week’s 4.5 million.

Now I think the question becomes, can the Season 2 finale on Sept. 13 get an audience of 6, or even 7, million people? Rough estimates show that factoring in replay, DVR, and On-Demand showings brings the viewership up to about 11 million. So it’s a definite possibility that the 9 p.m. show will keep breaking records, and even become as large as HBO’s legacy, The Sopranos.

True Blood seems to be like an unstoppable train, and HBO is certainly enjoying the ride. Ratings are soaring into the “Great for any cable show, but fantastic for HBO” numbers, and sales on the Season 1 DVD are reaching $46 million.

Normally, a show would lose viewers as the season progresses. That’s natural, given that so much promotional hype is put in for the premiere. So why is True Blood defying this trend?

I imagine that more and more people are seeing the buzz it stirs in the media and on the internet. It’s gone from a cult hit with a small but devoted following, to a pop culture phenomenon that cannot be ignored. They might think, “I’ll just watch Season 1. Just to see what the fuss is about.” Then they get hooked on the V! And they become obsessed with it, and convince their friends to watch it, and here we all are!

This success is well deserved, and it’s wonderful to see happening for our much loved show. HBO is going to want to keep this one around for a loooong time. And we are only too happy to let them.


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  • John

    Director and Producer totally screwed up what could have been a great series. Simply sticking to the great story line in the books would have produced a winner. Time to turn off the tube and reread the books.

    • Sorry John True Blood is a winner. The numbers don’t lie and neither do the strong voices of True Blood fans.

  • Missyella

    Hi Guys I am in London, I saw the write up in The Guardian Newpaper here, watched the first episode and have been hooked therafter.

    I am reading all I can, I have bought all nine Books, until the 10th comes out I believe in May 2010. Just preorderd the DVDs as well, as they are not in the UK until October.

    I have been spreading the word here and have managed to watch ALL 23 episodes online, I am on facebook al skarsgard fans pages etc.

    What happened to me?? How can one programme have done this to me, us is it a collective “Glamouring” lol????????????????

    I am a massive Alex Skarsgard fan, to the extent of getting a colleague in Sweden to get me the DVDs that are avilable with him in (thank God for English subtitles).

    Pbart saw you You Yube posting great, keep it up. Have set You Tube to email me at work, when new TB clips appear.

    I am a massive American show fan and this one surpasses them all for me, even Sex and the City!!

    I am not looking forward to us all having to wait a good 10 months or more until season 3. What Alan Ball has to do is move filming forward, or arrange with HBO to bring dates forward, the impetus must not be lost!!!!!!

  • antonio

    It’s not surprising that many more viewers haved tuned in.It’s a great show!! Can’t wait to see the finale on 9/13! This really is a phenomenon! After True Blood All that other vampire shit out there leaves me cold!! TB All the way!!!

  • I bought season 1..awhile back and I’m watching it over and over..And I ordered season 2..which I’m waiting for…(FOREVER) anyways..I love the show and my HOTTIE HOT…Vampire..Bill Compton!!! I tell everyone (well,not everyone)about, the show!! I’ve met 1 girl and 1 guy, that’s seen the show??!! Small town in Oregon,I guess?? That’s why I come here..for the news and for the people, who Have the Addiction …”True Blood”…But, I’m putting the word out..”Watch True Blood!!! It’s Great..Funny,Scary, Sexy..All that good stuff!! Seriously!!!

  • LolosForEric

    Do they factor in the folks without HBO that watch True Blood online???

    • Janie Logan

      Unfortunately, HBO can’t keep track of people who watch it online, otherwise I’m sure there would be huge ratings! They only record those who have the premium subscription. But based on the DVD sales, it’s clear that way more people watch True Blood than have HBO!! 🙂

  • pbartteacher

    It is great to see True Blood gaining momentum in its viewership department. All of True Blood addicted have known for quite a long time that this is by far the best show on TV. The vast wasteland of television is that much richer because of the talents of Alan Ball, the writers and of course the immensely talented actors on this show. The characters, the plot lines that twist, turn and do somersaults continue each week to amaze us . Just when you are sure you know what is happening next on the show, a curve ball has thrown you for a loop. For us “Truebies” it is our world. We watch, rewatch, blog, wiki, write, make videos, and analyze all that is True Blood.What did we do before Alan Ball created this show? For me that is easy, I didn’t watch television.We can only hold onto to our barker loungers as the season finishes and anxious anticipate more seasons to come. Keep our “V-ascination” going. Well done Alan Ball and HBO.

  • Kathy

    I am so excited, I watch the show all week. I try to get clues each time I watch. I didn’t see Sam, the fly, until I watched episode 9 twice. I love TrueBlood, and I hope Mrs. Charlaine and AB just keep writing forever.

  • Clonik

    This show has an awesome story line to follow. We should thank Charlainne Harris for creating this world we have all fallen in love with! I love the show that much more because even though I have read all of the books I still don’t know what to expect next in the show!!