True Blood Continues To Set Viewer Records

August 27, 2009 by  

1448424_f520To our question, “Can True Blood Surpass the 5 Million Mark for the Season Finale?,” the answer is a resounding, “YES.” Episode 10, “New World in My View,” pulled in 5.3 million viewers, up 20 percent over last week’s 4.5 million.

Now I think the question becomes, can the Season 2 finale on Sept. 13 get an audience of 6, or even 7, million people? Rough estimates show that factoring in replay, DVR, and On-Demand showings brings the viewership up to about 11 million. So it’s a definite possibility that the 9 p.m. show will keep breaking records, and even become as large as HBO’s legacy, The Sopranos.

True Blood seems to be like an unstoppable train, and HBO is certainly enjoying the ride. Ratings are soaring into the “Great for any cable show, but fantastic for HBO” numbers, and sales on the Season 1 DVD are reaching $46 million.

Normally, a show would lose viewers as the season progresses. That’s natural, given that so much promotional hype is put in for the premiere. So why is True Blood defying this trend?

I imagine that more and more people are seeing the buzz it stirs in the media and on the internet. It’s gone from a cult hit with a small but devoted following, to a pop culture phenomenon that cannot be ignored. They might think, “I’ll just watch Season 1. Just to see what the fuss is about.” Then they get hooked on the V! And they become obsessed with it, and convince their friends to watch it, and here we all are!

This success is well deserved, and it’s wonderful to see happening for our much loved show. HBO is going to want to keep this one around for a loooong time. And we are only too happy to let them.


(Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly)