True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll on Beauty

July 29, 2010 by  

Deborah Ann Woll is one of many beautiful women who star on True Blood, and she recently did a photoshoot for MARKTbeauty. Besides the photoshoot, Deborah talked about working on True Blood and shared a little personal story.

One of the things Deborah discussed was the blood used on True Blood. She says that depending on what kind of a wound is in the scene being filmed, the “blood” we see can be a sweet chocolate that’s very syrupy or even pureed vegetables.

That blood doesn’t gross Deborah out in the least though. She says that she doesn’t get scared and she really enjoys filming the weird and gross parts of whatever project she works on. Instead, she finds those parts of her work intriguing. Deborah seems to be pretty fearless.

She’s so fearless, in fact, that Deborah did something pretty big when she was only 15. Not everyone may know it, but Deborah is not a natural redhead. She’s actually a blonde. Because Deborah often felt like she was being overlooked as a blonde, at 15 she rectified that issue by going to a store and buying the nicest red dye she could find. Once she got home, her hair color (and her life) changed forever. Nowadays, Deborah says she “might go blond for a role, but [she’ll] always be a redhead.”

It’s a great look on Deborah, and it fits her perfectly in her role as Jessica Hamby!

To see the rest of the gorgeous pictures from the photoshoot, click here and they’re right above where the article starts.


(Image Credit: Flood)