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True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll, who plays the newly turned teenage vampire Jessica Hamby, recently had the chance to do an interview with Deborah say she was originally cast for a guest appearance on True Blood. She auditioned for the part in front of Alan Ball, as well as the directors and writers.

She reveals that, although she is shy in real life, through Jessica she has the opportunity to have real confidence, passion, and fire. She thoroughly enjoys Jessica’s “I don’t care, I’m doing it my way” attitude. She plays that role especially well, I think. Jessica can be brazen yet shy, worldly yet immature – basically what every teenage girl should be. She doesn’t control her impulses well, as evidenced by her dash out of Sookie’s car to see her little sister, and her reaction to her father when she sees him for the first time after becoming a vampire.

deborah-ann-woll-as-jessica-hambyAlthough her character is not in the books, Deborah does not let that bother her. She feels that it gives the writers a blank page to work with, and really tweak the character. The problems and mayhem that her arrival has caused are so much fun – what do Bill and Sookie do with an unruly teenager? How does straight-laced Bill deal with a wide open, newly turned vampire eager to explore her new found freedom?

My favorite of lines occurs after Bill begged Eric for a favor – to take Jessica and teach her how to behave as a vampire. One night, Eric, and Pam, arrived back at Bill’s house, with Jessica in tow. Eric says, in a sardonic voice, “There are favors, and then there are favors.” Oh, how that one cracked me up.

IESB asked Deborah what her first impression of her character and the series itself was. She responded by saying:

I saw someone who was profoundly lonely. She was someone who hadn’t had a lot of fun in her life, and hadn’t had the opportunity to experience anything, really. She had been forced to believe things that she maybe didn’t believe in. If there are a few things that I really get about this character, I can understand that and feeling like you’re the only person that cares about you, in the world. In my opinion, that is a lot of what motivates what this character goes through. And then, now having been made vampire, here’s a whole other outcasted world to live in, where people are not going to accept her and she doesn’t have control over herself.

Deborah goes on to discuss learning her Southern accent at a fast rate – she said she only had 4-5 days to get it down. And the fangs were a struggle for her too. She noted that she talked like Cindy Brady for the first few minutes she had them in.

Finally, Deborah closed the interview by saying she truly enjoyed working with Alan Ball, the entire cast and crew, and was having a great time with her character. She is a fan of the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genre.  She mentions that her boyfriend (sorry guys!) loves Joss Whedon. Deborah calls Alan Ball the most approachable and nicest person to work with.  She finally discussed what other roles she’d be open to playing, saying:

I think it would be interesting to try something else, and try to feel everything that you’re feeling, but then put such a cap on it. I think that kind of pressure cooker might be a fun part.

For now, I’m happy with her on True Blood, playing Jessica to a tee! She is so much fun to watch, and Deborah does a fantastic (or should I say fangtastic?) job of showing the viewers a wide range of emotion that teenagers have, and that becoming a vampire doesn’t make that awkwardness go away.


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