How True Blood Defines Vampire Sex

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Eric Talbot Vampire Sex

There are a multitude of tv shows and movies these days about vampires. HBO’s True Blood spends each season exploring the intimate relationships between vampires and humans, sometimes in shocking ways. For three seasons we have watched the intriguing way that Bill, Sookie, Lorena, Franklin, Tara, Talbot, Eric et al weave their brand of lovemaking into their lives.

L. A. Banks, writer of the popular Vampire Huntress Legends, has this to say about vampire sex:

“Everything is more intense, more dramatic, and more passionate than what one would normally expect. It’s a love that can go all night but without the little blue pill. The biting on the neck has to happen. What it does is it makes the sex something exotic and taboo. It makes it terrible and intriguing at the same time.”

Knowledgeable viewers of the head turning, blood soaked sex scenes in True Blood would more than likely agree that vampire sex is a lot of things, including intriguing. Scenes such as those with Bill and Sookie on the pristine chenille bed spread in Bill’s house, the flashback scene of Bill and Lorena rolling around in the blood of their two recent victims and Talbot’s death scene are more in the realm of “taboo sex”.  For vampires, however, these types of sexual exploits are common practice.

As evidenced in scenes with Pam and the dancer at Fangtasia, the scene with Eric and Talbot, and the relationship between Queen Sophie Ann and Hadley, vampire sex has little or no boundaries. Anyone who is willing – human or vamp is fair game. According to University of Richmond professor Elisabeth Gruner, this dates back as far as 1872 in the novelCarmilla:

“Part of the allure of vampires was the fact that they weren’t constrained to the same societal norms as mere mortals. “

The allure of vampire sex compels fantasies in both men and women, because let’s face it, how many people wouldn’t feel fulfilled and safe in the dominating sense of control and power exuded by the undead?

SOURCE: What Is Vampire Sex?

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