True Blood’s Denis O’Hare Talks about Being the King of Mississippi

January 28, 2010 by  

While at the premiere of ‘Edge of Darkness,’ Denis O’Hare, one of the movie’s stars, and the upcoming Vampire King of Mississippi on True Blood, took the time to chat with Rebecca Murray from They discussed his part in ‘Edge of Darkness‘ then took some time to discuss True Blood and what will be coming in Season 3.

At the time the video was shot, Denis had already filmed two episodes for the show including a scene with Stephen Moyer, (Bill Compton) where their sexy vampire counterparts discussed love and commitment.

At the end of the interview, Denis openly admitted to being a True Blood fan. He acknowledged that he had read some of the books and discussed how his character’s appearance differs from the books to himself.

Please watch the video and read the transcript of this fantastic interview with Denis O’Hare as he provides us with our first look at the Vampire King of Mississippi.

Click here to enjoy this revealing interview!

Many thanks to our good friend Rebecca for informing us about her interview with Denis and sharing it us!  It was a great interview that will put a smile on your face and one that you must see!


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  • Sheila

    I can’t wait for the new season to start, I too am rereading the books, and watching S2 over. And just FYI the next book comes out in May. Can’t wait.

  • maria

    OM…goodness! I am getting really antsy for SEASON 3! In the meantime, re-reading the novels and re-watching the show. Have to keep the addiction satisfied!