True Blood DVD Blu-ray Promo on HBO On Demand

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tbs1bsBeginning May 4, 2009, HBO On Demand will allow viewers throughout the month of May to watch the entire first episode of season one of True Blood in “Enhanced Viewing” mode, amplifying their experience with four types of original, interactive picture-in-picture, pop-up features that will be showcased on the enhanced Blu-ray DVD.

On the Blu-ray DVD and on HBO on Demand viewers will get a chance to see Lafayette giving viewers scoops on everyone in Bon Temps and dishing up everything from secrets about Tara‘s crush on Jason to the history of the Stackhouse family.

Also viewers will be able to learn more about the history of each vampire character and how they were “turned.”

An interesting addition are the hints and FYI pop-ups that will help viewers unravel some of the mystery surrounding the series.

Finally viewers will get the opportunity to explore the colorful locations in Bon Temps through animated maps.

The True Blood: The Complete First Season Blue-Ray DVD will be available in stores May 19 and will offer all 12 instalments in true HD 1080p video and DTS-HD master audio, allowing viewers to engage with storylines, characters and themes of the show on a higher level through the “enhanced viewing” mode.

Along with the exclusive features listed above, the Blu-ray bonus materials include a documentary that chronicles the integration of the vampires, “Tru Blood” beverage ads that market the synthetic blood to “out of the coffin” vampires, and “Vampire Rights Amendment” public service announcements. So let’s take a sneak peek at the Blu-ray edition

True Blood – Blu-ray Promo
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