True Blood Earning Good Reviews In The UK

October 12, 2009 by  

Sookie & BillTrue Blood has been aired in the UK recently on Channel 4 and so far it has already won a humble British crowd. The show has been a major hit in the US, so it’s not going to be a surprise if it will earn accolades in the UK as well.

Michael Hogan gave an overwhelming review of the first episode describing it as fangy, funny, stylishly shot, and smartly written by Alan Ball.

According to Hogan, Alan Ball took advantage of HBO’s license to shock by giving True Blood sweaty sensuality with several explicit sex scenes, creative swearing, and bursts of visceral violence.

Hogan also mentioned in his review the the slang terms such as “fang bangers”(vampire groupies),“V-juice” (vampire blood), and “drainers” (dealers) to apprise the newly-baptized True Blood fanatics in the UK.

Well, the bottom line is that True Blood is on the right pathway as it smittens the Brits just like what it did in the US.

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • antonio

    I’m So glad its being well received in UK! Particularly since Steph is a brit,too! BTW, the term “Fangbanger” is Not just used to denote “groupies” the term Also refers to Someone who allows a vampire to “feed” off of their blood and enjoy doing sexual things with them. If That is the case, then I must be 1,too…LOL 🙂 Just Kidding OR Am I???

    • Lizzie 1701

      Hi Antonio! Completely agree! I take Fangbanger to be a person who does sex and blood with a Vamp, ie “fang” and “banger”!