True Blood Episode 3.03 “It Hurts Me Too” Review

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There was plenty of hurt to go around in “It Hurts Me Too,” the third episode of True Blood Season 3–some of it seen, but most of it in painful anticipation of what’s to come for our beloved characters. “Twisted” is the only way to describe some of the events that unfolded last night, and not just because of the disturbing ending.

Picking right up with the confrontation in Sookie‘s house, Eric jumps in front of the bullet meant for the werewolf, knowing that his blood would be so tempting that the wolf would shift back into human form. “WHO SENT YOU?” he bellows, but the guy wouldn’t talk (not knowing that Sookie could read his thoughts, jumbled as they may be, and learn about “Jackson”). Eric rips his throat out and then looks up at Sookie, face dripping with blood: “Got your rug all wet.”

At least her rug wasn’t a Celtic tapestry from 1387, like the one Russell uses to put out the flames on Lorena, sending Talbot into a fit. Russell sits down with Bill for a candid talk about his options. He wonders why Bill has put himself in a position to be so in love with a human, subjecting her to the dangers of the vampire world: “Is it your human welfare you value, or your own desire? You are a fraction of my age–one day you’ll see, you can’t have both.” He sends Bill to bed to think about it, although the agonizing choice has already been made for him. The rest of the episode marks a turning point for Bill as he comes to terms with that…

Eric buries the body of the werewolf in a fresh grave, and Sookie asks about his vicious reaction to the “Operation Werewolf” brand on the guy’s neck. “It brings back many memories…unpleasant ones.” We get no more than that, but I think we can look forward to at least a few more flashbacks with Godric this season to show the reasons for Eric‘s hatred of werewolves, and this pack in particular. Sookie‘s attitude towards Eric is definitely softening, as she thanks him for saving her life (again). He walks her back home, and they discuss Jackson, MS. Eric can’t go there yet for some reason: “The problems of the world consist of more than finding your missing boyfriend.” But he’s worried that Sookie will get into trouble (at this point in the series, that’s a certainty).

Eric only shows up for one more brief scene in this episode, to make a peace offering to Lafayette–sorry Pam‘s been hard on you, here’s a Ferrari! “I’ll have to sell you the car for $1 to avoid that pesky gift tax.” He wants Lafayette to see that there are benefits to working for vampires.

In a cheap motel across town, Tara is having creepy sex with Franklin. In the heat of the moment, she forgets her prejudice against vampires and tells him to bite her. “No,” he says, retracting his fangs, “because you want me to.” Afterwards, they’re having a pleasant chat, until Franklin gets a little too personal (I mean, the nerve of some guys! Asking her name…). Tara had escaped what she was feeling over Eggs for a little while, but the harsh reality of her situation came back and sent her rushing away.

While in the middle of some important business with Yvetta, Pam gets interrupted by a phone call from Jessica, freaking out over the missing trucker. “So, the problem you have is that there is no dead body in your house? Doesn’t sound like a problem to me. Gotta run,” she hangs up the phone and returns to Yvetta, “Lie back, sweetheart, and think of Estonia.”

After the incident on the road, Sam storms into the Mickens house: “I’m not the kind to skip out on his own blood ‘n kin.” Of course, now that he’s accepted that this is his family, he’s going to have to deal with all the issues that come with them. Joe Lee takes a sip of beer, and Melinda orders him to pour it down the sink: “Jesus H., you ain’t seen your son in over 30 years and you can’t cork it for one night?!” she turns to Sam and assures him, “We ain’t alcoholics.” All evidence to the contrary when they show up at Merlotte’s the next day for a visit. They seem so proud of how well he’s done for himself, so Sam offers them lunch. Hours later, they’re still there, helping themselves to free drinks. Sam stops Tommy, who’s only 19, and Joe Lee gets defensive, thinking that Sam is calling him a bad parent and a drunk. Melinda pushes them out the door, slurring, “Y’all sure know how to piss all over a perfectly fine reunion.” In the middle of the night, Sam is awakened by an alarm going off. He goes over to the bar with a gun and finds a bird going through his office. It flies off, leaving a pile of clothes and a bag of something (money?) on the floor. It seems that Tommy is not a very good brother…

Jason recounts the night he just had in Hot Shot to Hoyt. He’s now convinced that he would be an amazing cop: “Police work ain’t about just tackling people. There’s marksmanship, paramilitary training…I got all that now. And let’s face it, would you feel safe with me patrolling the streets, or Andy Bellefleur?” (That’s no way to talk about your best friend, Jason!) Hoyt seems skeptical about Jason’s sudden enthusiasm, but he helps him out by quizzing him on the written exam questions. Unfortunately, Jason doesn’t take that part seriously: “The legal blood alcohol limit in the state of Louisiana is…” “When you’re drunk?”

Arlene makes a visit to her doctor and gets an unwelcome surprise–she’s been pregnant for 2-3 months. That means the father of her baby isn’t sweet, lovable Terry but murdering sociopath Rene. Because of the way she’s been acting lately, Terry thinks Arlene is going to break up with him. She tells him that she’s pregnant and before she can tell him the whole truth, he assumes the baby is his and gets so excited: “Thank you for making my life mean something.” Arlene can’t bring herself to tell him otherwise.

At Merlotte’s, Tara gets a call from Mike Spencer that they are holding Eggs‘ funeral. She runs over to the cemetery, but there is no one there but Mike and the minister. Eggs had no family or friends that they could find. It was Sookie who arranged and paid for the funeral: “None of this makes me feel better about anything. But maybe it might help you.” As the ceremony begins, the camera pans down and lands on the headstone of Thomas Charles Compton. Flashback to 1868, when Bill returned home on the night that his wife, Caroline, was preparing to bury their son, Thomas, who died of smallpox at the age of 6.

When Caroline sees Bill, she believes that her prayers have been answered. She pulls him inside, where their son is lying in a coffin. Bill kneels beside him: “Thomas, it’s your Papa. I’ve come to see you off.” He begins to cry, and his bloody tears show Caroline what he has become. She doesn’t know if he’s a ghost or a demon, but she runs away afraid after shooting him in the arm and watching his wound heal before her eyes. Outside, Lorena catches Caroline and glamours her.

Lorena laughs at Bill, “You’ve hurt her enough for two lifetimes, William. I warned you–there’s our world, and theirs. Between lies only suffering.” Lorena smiles as she sees the horrible pain of that lesson sink in with Bill. He must make Caroline forget what has happened that night. Afterwards, he goes to the cemetery to bury Thomas, and Lorena tells him, “The only way to show your love for a human is to stay away…forever.” In present-day, Bill wakes up in his bed crying, distraught to remember that night 150 years ago.

Jason also has a dream, in which he is taking the police exam and the writing turns to Egyptian hieroglyphs. He goes up to Bud for another paper, and everyone starts laughing at him because he’s not wearing any pants. They all have bullet holes in their foreheads. Asleep in his truck while the road crew is working, Lafayette wakes him up, and then Hoyt calls everybody over to a drain where he has found a body (which we know to be Jessica’s trucker, even though it is now without a head or hands).

Kenya, Andy, and Bud arrive on the scene. Andy thinks the guy was killed by a vampire because there’s no blood in the body (Jessica’s doing), and the head was ripped off rather than cut off (Franklin’s doing). Looking down and realizing what his life has become, Bud suddenly walks off: “I quit! I’ve had it with this shit. Every time we clear one murder, two more spring up–it’s like crabgrass!…43 years and what’ve I got to show for it? Gaps in my brain and polyps in my ass. I don’t need this horse shit!”

Sookie is on her front porch scrubbing the rug when she hears the thoughts of a man walking up behind her. She starts running, and he comes up and grabs hold of her, insisting that he’s not trying to hurt her. “I know you’re a werewolf! I’ve had vampire blood, I’ll kick your ass!” she screams. He tells her Eric sent him: “My name’s Alcide Herveaux. I’m here to look after you.” As they sit down to have a cup of coffee, he looks at her wondering if she can really hear his thoughts: ‘So we could have a whole conversation with me sitting here, clam shut?’ “Well, it’s kinda rude with just the two of us, but in a room full of strangers it might come in handy.”

It seems the vampire/werewolf prejudice runs both ways–Alcide says he doesn’t do favors for vamps, but he agreed to escort Sookie to help his father get out of debt with Eric. Plus, he knows the pack of weres they’re dealing with because his ex is banging their leader. Alcide asks Sookie if she’ll be ready for them: “They took someone I love from me. I don’t know about you, but I was raised to fight back.”

Franklin knocks on the door at Bill‘s house. Jessica tries to scare him away: “Listen, buddy, I don’t know what you have in mind, but you’re messing with the wrong girl.” She bares her fangs threateningly, to which Franklin coolly shows her his own and walks in to have a chat. His job, he says, is to find things. He asks if anything has gone missing. He opens a bag and pulls out the head of her trucker (Franklin has one sick sense of humor). In exchange for helping her with that problem, he wants to know everything about Bill Compton.

Alcide takes Sookie to the were bar, Lou Pine’s (a pun only slightly more subtle than “Fangtasia“). Sookie walks right up to the biker weres and provokes them by saying how tough and strong vampires are. She hears one of them thinking about how they beat on a vampire the other night. Touching his chest, she sees images of Bill being cut and drained. Sookie, in her eagerness to find Bill, went off to private room with him (perhaps not understanding what Eric or Alcide has told her about how dangerous these guys are!). Thankfully, Alcide was there to save her.

Franklin goes to Sookie‘s house to see Tara: “I met a delightful baby vampire tonight. Actually, no, she was irritating. But she did tell me a great many things, such as your name, and the fact that you live in a house owned by the human companion of Mr. Bill Compton.” (Who the hell is this guy?!) When Tara refuses to invite him in, he just glamours her and comes in anyway.

At the King’s mansion, Coot complains that the guy he sent to retrieve Sookie has gone missing. Russell snaps, “Can your pack of imbeciles do nothing right?” Lorena speaks up, informing Russell that Eric Northman is probably responsible. He takes a “perverse interest” in Sookie and will have been watching over her in Bill‘s absence. At that moment, Bill strolls in calmly (looking very dashing in a white dinner jacket, I might add). His dream has left him resolved to what he must do.

“I have considered your offer,” he tells Russell. “My service to Queen Sophie-Anne has brought only suffering to me and the humans I have lived amongst. I recognize that now. For their safety, and also for mine, I hereby renounce my fealty to the kingdom of Louisiana, and I humbly pledge my loyalty to your Majesty.” Russell is gleeful at his triumph and tells Coot they don’t need “the girl” after all, which makes Lorena furious because she wanted Russell to let her kill Sookie in front of Bill.

Afterwards, Bill goes into his room, followed by Lorena, who applauds his performance with Russell. At first it seems as though he has calmly accepted his fate and the destruction of his humanity once again by Lorena, but then the monster in him is unleashed. He pushes her up against the wall, growling that he will never forgive her, nor love her. She kisses him, and he throws her onto the bed, bites her, and then rips her clothes off as Lorena tells Bill to “make love” to her
(she may have released him, but she’s still his maker). In a fit of rage against Lorena and his hatred for her and what she has taken away from him (his home, his humanity and his freedom) he starts having violent hatred sex with Lorena.  Unable to bear looking at her face, he twists her head around backwards as he has sex with her. Even with her neck broken and blood pouring out of her mouth, Lorena says, “Oh William, I still love you.” The episode ends with Bill‘s tormented scream.

Now we have two weeks to wait in shock, disgust, and, as always, obsessive curiosity, for what will happen next. “9 Crimes” airs on July 11th, but HBO will probably give Truebies something to tide them over on the July 4th holiday. What did y’all think of this one?

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  • IATM

    i do think it was stupid for Eric to call in Lorena for the Dallas trip & he did set the motion for the Lorena & Bill drama unfolding now.. ( this is why in the book CD CH didnt write Eric calling in Lorena).. i think it was stupid for the writer’s to do in the first place in s2.. i mean if Lorena has been pinning over Bill for over 70 years then she should have seeked him out heself.. all the situation did by Eric calling her in was make her jealous of stupid/niave Sookie & therefore, she wants William back … Godric was another silly plot in s2 IMO for the writer’s to make him Eric’s maker instead of creepy child killer/ molester Godfrey was in LDID who seeked reedemdation & that was his main reason to meet the sun.. all the extra drama that the writer’s create is a bit silly to me..

  • lizzie1701

    Hi debaters!

    Eric may not have physically abducted Bill, but by calling in Lorena in Dallas, set the wheel in motion for all this drama taking place now. Lorena had not seen Bill for approx 70 years until Eric summoned her. Then the fiasco in the Hotel and then the confrontation with Sookie at Godric’s house and the farewell outside Godric’s house where Bill tells Lorena “never” and she says “I wish you did not say that” or something to that effect. That would have been the catalyst for Lorena ploying with RE to get Bill and getting rid of Sookie. Eric is ultimately the blame for the strife Bill is facing, Sookie going in search of Bill and risking her life and their possible breakup.

    Also, as Eric is being truthful to Sookie, do you think he will tell her that it was he that called Lorena in and that all of this is because of that one action by him? Also, do you think Eric will tell her that he also was going to kidnap him from the restaurant? I think not.

    It appears everyone has secrets in True Blood!

    • annm329

      All Eric did was reintroduce Lorena and Bill, which in turn created the situation of Bill being held by Lorena while Sookie was at the Church. When he first talked to Lorena he only said “Bill has something I want”, Lorena said “his human” so she already knew about Sookie. This tells me Lorena was somehow close to Bill already or close to someone that knew about Sookie before Eric even called her.
      As far as tricking her into his blood, he is guilty of that and he did do that for selfish reasons. In the end that is probably going to save Sookie’s life because now Eric can sense her being in danger.
      We don’t know how long the King has been interested in what ever Bill is doing for the Queen. We have been given hints, the file of Sookie at Bill’s house, that Bill has been working for the Queen longer than he has known Sookie. So the King’s interest could have been going on for a long time, maybe even previous to Bill meeting Sookie. I do think Lorena gave the King the information about Bill’s relationship with Sookie, to use as leverage against Bill, to get him to join his kingdom and get his hands on what ever it is he wants from Bill. The conversations between Bill and the King pretty much explains this. When Bill says to Russell:
      “So you do Lorena’s bidding now”
      Russell: “She thinks I do”
      Russell; “Do you know she wanted me to make you watch while she killed your human”
      Russell also went into how Bill should turn Sookie rather than subject her to growing old and him.

      By Lorena already knowing about Sookie, previous to Dallas, that could mean she was already working her way back into Bill’s life.
      Eric may have hurried the contact between Lorena and Bill, but he is not the whole reason the King abducted Bill. The reason is Bill has something the King wants and that is why Bill got abducted.

      • I do not agree with your statement with the aspect of “By Lorena already knowing about Sookie, previous to Dallas, that could mean she was already working her way back into Bill’s life” as there are no facts to back it up, this just pure speculation. I agree with Lizzie’s statement “Eric may not have physically abducted Bill, but by calling in Lorena in Dallas, set the wheel in motion for all this drama taking place now. Lorena had not seen Bill for approx 70 years until Eric summoned her.” This is a fact that cannot be disputed. As for your her statement “his human” you are jumping to the conclusion with the statement “This tells me Lorena was somehow close to Bill already or close to someone that knew about Sookie before Eric even called her.” Since they were already in the hotel don’t you think she had already found out about Sookie and Bill being there? As I said just speculation, but one that seems more plausible then jumping to a conclusion with no basis. 🙂

      • Annm, we’re talking about cause and effect for this situation.

        Cause: Eric calls Lorena in to keep Bill occupied and away from Sookie in Dallas.
        Effect: Everything that’s happened since in regards to Bill, Sookie, and Eric. Because Eric called Lorena in while in Dallas, and the subsequent events between Bill and Lorena, Lorena went to Russell. Due to that relationship, which we’ve seen a mere glimpse of so far, Russell involves Bill in his scheme. Yes, Russell may have already had Bill in his sights, but he didn’t act until he got involved with Lorena.

        Simply put, Lorena would NOT be part of the picture if Eric had not taken the first step to get Lorena there in the first place. Eric started the wheel of fate turning for this plotline on True Blood.

        • pbt

          Good afternoon ladies. And what a beautiful afternoon here on the East Coast. Warm, and sunny and a slight breeze. Since we are talking about cause and effect, let me just enter this thought. Keeping with the idea of keeping a clear mind.

          Cause: Bill denying Eric the opportunity to use Sookie in Dallas to locate his missing maker, Godric.

          Effect: Eric calling in Lorena to help out with Bill so Eric could use Sookie in locating the missing vampire.

          Now we could even go further back in this cause and effect chart. All the way back to the very first season and even the first episode. But we all know where this will lead to.

          Let’s agree that both our vamps have their duties, their lies and their heartbreaks and its all because of that meddlesome telepath Sookie Stackhouse. Without Sookie and her decisions we would not be here today still debating. LOL.

          Let’s see what happens this week on True Blood and perhaps just perhaps Alan Ball will give us a little more to this story than we already know. Cause let’s face it, we just don’t know everything at this point.

          • Nia

            Hi Ya’ll,
            Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is very hot here but that’s ok, We will be complaining of the cold soon and the long hiatus once our fav show is done for the season. But for now I am looking forward to all the drama tomorrow night.

            I thought we were done here but I guess not…LOL. That’s ok, its good to leave the difficult worries of the day behind and focus on something else for a while.
            I saw these posts this morning, so I printed them out and started writing this at the hospital today ( a welcomed distraction) and just came home to post, but I see that AdoreBill and Isis have beat me to it. Oh well, waste not want not.
            And Jaxx, better make it a double latte. LOL

            First, Hi Lizzie! It’s always great to hear from you and your opinions on the epis considering how hard it is for you to see them down under, I understand that streaming them is not always that easy to see.

            Now again, I believe that Eric knew perfectly well when going to Sookie to “protect” her that if a were showed up it would be from the pack that he is searching for. He recognized the rune symbol and lied to Sookie initially about it then came clean only that he recognized it.
            What do you think would have happened if these weres were just your average weres?? Would Eric still go to protect her and help find Bill??? I think that he still owes her which is a good thing, but he could have repaid her by sending someone else, like Alcide. But since the weres are of this special pack, he took it upon himself to go there in person to find out information that is important only to him. Don’t forget that he left at a time that was dire for him to be gone and Pam may yet pay the price for that.

            There was nothing for Eric to “plan” other than to catch this were and question him. It is impossible to plan for anything else other than to try to talk Sookie into sex or to try to make her see the foolishness of the marriage vows which he finds laughable and not practical. Shame he feels that way. Were he to change his mind later on, he would just show his hypocritical side again. Remember he has also said that he does not love humans and he does not understand what Bill sees in them. Bill at least understands humans well and is not afraid to love and commit to one.

            Hi annm!!! “Waves”

            annm you said:

            ***All Eric did was reintroduce Lorena and Bill, which in turn created the situation of Bill being held by Lorena while Sookie was at the Church. When he first talked to Lorena he only said “Bill has something I want”, Lorena said “his human” so she already knew about Sookie. This tells me Lorena was somehow close to Bill already or close to someone that knew about Sookie before Eric even called her.***

            I would very much like to address your statement that Eric did not cause this chain of events when he originally called Lorena. IMO he did, and I will explain why based on facts given us and a bit of logical supposition on my part.

            Eric may have brought Lorena in but it had to have been his idea to have her detain Bill in the process. That was Erics ultimate goal. Why else would she detain Bill? Remember Eric wanted Sookie and Lorena wanted Bill so they had to keep them both apart.
            Anyways, don’t you believe that Eric planned this thoroughly???? LOL
            You all here love to say he plans things, well there you go.
            Also, Lorena did not know who or what Sookie was only that she was Bills human.

            Lets consider “how” Eric knew that Lorena was Bills maker??? That is part of the history between Eric and Bill that I hope AB will explore. CH did not, but that was her style, to keep things superficial and not delve too deeply in to the characters. That is something I found exasperating about the books, the lack of depth was annoying, and the books dry and simple, but that is ok for some.

            Anyways I digress, so how did Eric know where to find Lorena let alone that she was Bills maker? Could there be a database in place already, and Eric could have used it to find out about Lorena?? Could Bill have done this database long ago (well at least mostly as computers and the internet came about…would make it so much easier)? It seems that Bill has quite a reputation it seems for his intelligence. Could be that he is also an investigator too, which would fit in well with the database theory? This is just pure speculation on my part, but also food for thought.

            So, anyways I do not believe as you said that Lorena was looking for Bill already and I will tell you why. Actually all you have to do is rewatch the beginning of “Hard Hearted Hannah” and the wordplay between Lorena and Eric, here let me give you exactly what was said:

            First Lorena had walked down the hallway and listened in to Bill making love to a human. She would have known if it was a vampire, plus it is rare for 2 vamps to have sex let along be together, Lorena and Bill were an exception.

            E: I was beginning to think you were not going to accept my invitation Lorena.
            (so here we could assume that Eric contacted her some time ago, and it took her a while to get there so she may not have been nearby)

            L: For a vampire you are a terrible liar.

            E: I considered booking you in to the room adjoining theirs but thought that would be over the top.
            (bad bad vamp!!!)

            L: Why am I here Mr. Northman?

            E: We want the same thing you and I (insert disbelieving look from Lorena), ok Bill has something I want, and he is in the way.
            (Oh Eric, Tsk Tsk, so feeble and desperate…LOL, sorry had to say that!!)

            L: His human??
            (So now you wonder how Lorena knew about a “Human”. Remember that she listened in on Bill and Sookie making whoopee!! Hey it rhymes!)

            E: Shes something more than human.

            L: What is she?
            (Lorena has no idea what Sookie is or who she is at this point only that she is a human)

            E: That I do not know, but what ever she is, he loves her.
            (GRRRRR, someone needs to slap that vamp…oooops, sorry again!).

            L: What makes you think I want him back? That I’d even take him?
            (So you can see that Lorena has not been looking or thinking of trying to get Bill back until she got Erics call)

            E: Because you did not come “ALL THIS WAY” just to see me.
            (again Lorena was not in the area, she had to travel far)

            L: I haven’t seen Bill Compton in over 70 years, surely you cant think I have any pull over him whatsoever.
            (again, she has not seen Bill or attempted to reconcile with him since Bill demanded his realease)

            E: I haven’t seen my maker for much longer than that yet I am still fiercely loyal to him.
            (An inconsistency or a lie on Erics part?? Because we know Eric was with Godric in WWII)

            L: Shame I didn’t turn you, but then again you’re not my type.
            (I agree with Lorena on only 2 things, obsession over Bill, and no interest in Eric! Sorry, did it again, bad habit…LOL).

            So I think, and aside from my own little lighthearted interjections, that Eric started this ball rolling and that Lorena came because she was called by Eric. She had not planned this, ah well maybe she never stopped dreaming/fantasizing/want sex with/thinking about Bill (sigh, who could blame her, I love her taste, and dam he must be soooo good!!!!), but it seems from the information and facts given us that this was a perfect opportunity to reunite with him.
            I wonder what, if anything else, Eric promised her for doing this (or was the thought of having Bill again enough) or perhaps a favor that he may owe her??

            Do you see now why your statement just does not make any sense annm?
            Sorry, I know you want your vamp to be seen in the best possible light, but in this it is not possible. He has yet time to redeem himself, and we will see a change, but his past dishonorable misdeeds will not soon be forgotten by many I am afraid.

            Pbt you said,
            ***Cause: Bill denying Eric the opportunity to use Sookie in Dallas to locate his missing maker, Godric.
            Effect: Eric calling in Lorena to help out with Bill so Eric could use Sookie in locating the missing vampire.***
            Sorry but this really doesn’t make any sense at all considering Eric got Sookie to do his dirty work in Dallas anyways.

            ***I expect that Eric will be visiting the Kingdom of Mississippi soon looking for Bill. I can’t imagine a 1000 year old vampire showing up at Russell’s mansion saying you have weres working for you and I have a beef about that. No, I imagine Eric will be arriving at Russell’s inquiring about a Mr. Bill Compton and in the background gathering information about the Operation Werewolf pack.***

            So Eric will go to Mississippi to find Bill???? Eric will use finding Bill as an excuse to further his hunt for the were pack.
            So is this Eric using Bill again??????????? Sorry had to add that cuz it is funny and true.

            ***I do think that Eric does have a strategy in place to help locate Bill even if its not to his advantage. When talking to Miss Stackhouse he says he can’t go to Jackson “yet”. Like he is doing some investigating behind the scenes and will eventually contact King Russell Edgington about the missing Bill Compton.

            pbt, you keep talking about strategies and plans!!?!! The only thing we have certainly seen Eric plan is to call Lorena to get Bill out of the way (which worked for a while), and to abduct Bill (which did not work at all).
            Anything else is just wishful thinking on your parts.
            Oh well maybe he did plan for Sookie to shoot him hoping that she would suck the bullet again, but oh darn, another failed plan.
            Sorry but this is really humorous.

            In the immortal, or actually mortal, words of Stan:

            “Old don’t make you smart”

            Cant you just admit that even Eric is ruled by his emotions and makes choices that are not smart or wise??

            Oh gosh, I hope I got in everything…LOL

            Sorry Ya’ll, just having a bit of fun here. Laughter is the best medicine after all, and I really needed some.
            Anyways, don’t worry, you’ll be getting a lot of Eric soon!!!!!

            Have a great weekend and stay cool.

          • pbt

            Nia just for clarification what was the Stan reference about age and intelligence used? I am a bit lost as to why you used this? Perhaps you could embellish your reasoning further.

          • Nia

            ***Nia just for clarification what was the Stan reference about age and intelligence used? I am a bit lost as to why you used this? Perhaps you could embellish your reasoning further.***

            Of course pbt,
            Here is my reasoning, and no embellishment necessary, just simple fact and logic.
            This snide quote was said by Stan in S2 E5 when the vampires were in the nest discussing Godric and who may have him:

            Isabell: This is Godric we are talking about, 2000 years old.

            Stan: Old dont make you smart.

            I chose to use this quote because mostly it added a bit of humor (Stan was funny with his caveman attitude) and then of course also it has been mentioned a few times here that because Eric is 1000 years old that he is all knowing, wise, strategizes and plans completely.

            This would be lovely if it were true but I believe it is not so. Erics behavior that we have mostly seen has instead been more akin to almost childlike behavior, being devious and trying to take a toy from another or having an occasional tantrum, etc.
            Pulling off wings for sport?

            I would like to think that with age comes wisdom, but I feel that Godric was disappointed with Erics “not learning” that lesson. Perhaps if Eric had been a bit more in tune with the feelings of his maker, Godric could have worked with him and together perhaps further vampire/human relations, which was the wish and flame that was burning so bright within Godric.
            Too bad so many were blind to it and then Godric chose to extinguish that flame.
            I do miss Godric! He was the best of them all.

            I digress again, let me explain more simply why I quoted Stan.
            Godric was twice Erics age and yet he chose to allow himself to be taken by the fellowship of the sun, something that all agreed was not smart. He could have tried a different approach.

            Even Sookie said to Godric on the roof that it was not smart, the FOTS part, and Godric agreed with her.

            Actually this was in no way an insult to Godric, I feel that he may not have taken the smartest approach to this but his “heart” was in the right place.

            I hope this cleared things up for you pbt.

            Enjoy the epi tomorrow!

          • pbt

            Thanks for your response. I had no idea why you put that statement at the end. Sometimes I get a bit lost and at sea with your posts. But they always and I do mean always bring a smile to my face. While I don’t agree and I am sure you are not surprised. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

            As for Stan’s statement about Godric it is sort of being taken out of context. If you put the statement back into context they were talking about Godric being missing and the reason for it. You are quite aware that Godric volunteered to be taken and was not captured.

            As for Stan, well Stan did not make it out of the bombing and well let’s face it Eric did. So I guess the Viking is somewhat better at surviving than Stan. Oh BTW, helped saved Sookie’s life by taking silver for her. While he has his own motives and we will not agree on the reasons, it still boils down to he most definitely saved her life.

            Now back to the episode that this thread is for. While we will not agree to Eric’s motives, I think it is pretty obvious that without Eric being in Sookie’s house that the conclusion of this attack would have had much different consequences. I still feel that this is another occasion where the Viking helped to protect Sookie. And I will reiterate that we (meaning you and I) don’t know everything that is going to happen in the upcoming episodes. I can’t imagine Eric just running to Jackson without some thought as to what he is going to say and do with Russell Edginington. That defies all logic in my mind. Si

        • pbt

          Sorry about that Nia. Somehow I hit enter in the middle of my post. I am bad for sure.

          Anyways. I don’t for one second think (JMHO) that Eric hasn’t thought this over somewhat. I mean Eric has obviously had this vendetta for quite sometime. Is he emotional about the issue? Most definitely! Did Godric try to teach him about vampire emotions? Most definitely! Is he always in control of those emotions? No, not at all. But Godric did admit to Sookie perhaps he had taught Eric somethings that were wrong. Perhaps this is an instance of that. Perhaps Vikings and Vamps should have some emotional attachments.

          Now granted, Eric will never have the same feelings for humans that he is already exploring with Sookie. Sookie isn’t human and we all know that. Sookie is part fae. Brit Morgan in an interview that published yesterday confirmed the introduction of the fae and witches for season 3.

          Which is a very interesting part of the whole Sookie Stackhouse novels. While I won’t agree with you about the books, I think CH did a great job in creating such a rich society in her novels with interesting characters, dramatic plot lines and enriched them even further with a love story about a viking vampire and a telepathic waitress. Alan Ball has embellished this story with different characters, different plot lines all in favor of making the original story more interesting for television. I applaud him on his creation.

          Well less that 12 hours until TB. Yeah! We need something new to talk about. Can I get an amen and a hallelujahs on that one 🙂

          • jaxx

            Hi Ladies. Once again, this is starting to get heated and we are offending good posters, like annm. We all have the right to speculate here. Doesn’t mean we have to always agree, which we don’t, but that’s what debating is about.

            annm, I hope you will come back and join us again. We do get heated here at times. No disrespect is intended to anyone. You are a valued member of this site, so please continue to post your opinion freely. I, for one, like you, value your opinions and want you to post here. 🙂

            We all know that Stan wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Neanderthal at best for someone so old. Isabel attested to that as well.

            We all know that age does not always equal intelligence. Just look at some of the people around you on a daily basis. IMO, life experiences equal wisdom and Eric has 1,000 years of life experiences behind him. And aren’t we all learning every day, no matter how old we are. Making mistakes is part of life and you learn from your mistakes.

            Even Godric being 2,000 plus years old made mistakes and has learned from them. He freely admitted to Sookie before meeting the sun that it is mostly his fault Eric behaves the way he does. Godric taught Eric bad ways and now regrets it. He met the sun to atone for all the bad he has done over the last 2,000 years and that includes what he taught Eric in the last 1,000 years, especially in the beginning stages, as Jessica is now. Very vulnerable and unsure. Godric now realizes he did wrong by Eric. Godric was approximately Eric’s age (1,000 yrs old) when he turned Eric. Eric is at the stage now where Godric was then. Godric went full circle only now to realize what he should have taught Eric in the very beginning. Godric was trying to show Eric that he was wrong about a lot of things he taught him and stop Eric NOW to save him from this same agony and fate later on.

            And, I think Eric will look back at all of this and start to change. We’ve all seen how his final death affected Eric. He can only look back on that and flashbacks like the ones we’ve seen and starting learing from them.

            Say what you want, but Sookie will later appreciate having Eric’s blood in her. He saved her from the were attack and will continue to save her in the future. She already asked if he could tell if she were in trouble and Eric said yes. I think she’ll re-evaluate her position on the whole “trickery” situation once Eric saves her butt yet again, and we know it will happen. Another lesson learned. Eric knew this when he tricked her. He had to trick Sookie into taking his blood because he knew sooner or later, he’d have to save her and she wouldn’t volunteered to do it willingly. Another plan on his part.

            And yes, before you all squawk, Eric does have his own motives for the whole “blood” thing and “were” thing as well.

            We should just all agree to disagree once and for all on this topic and move on. Like pbt said, we don’t know what the next 9 episodes have in store for us and I’m sure we’ll all be right and wrong about different points we’ve been speculating on.

            Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I’m sure we’ll be debating more come tomorrow. 🙂

          • Nia

            AHHH yes, at sea….LOL!!! Aren’t we all!!
            Give me a tall ship and a star to sail her by.
            HMMMM, my personal star is Bill.

            I can see some of us are way out to sea drifting aimlessly, and then some again paddling furiously to a friendly shore, and then a few just enjoying a good swim.
            LOL, it is all good!

            So sorry if I am a bit much for you to take in pbt, I assure you it is all in good fun, yet then again I have a tendency to deconstruct and pick apart minute details and stick mostly to facts as they are presented. Bad habit I guess.

            AHHH Ladies, what we do here may be considered purely a study in semantics.
            A simple word means something very specific to one person yet something completely different to another. Feelings can be interpreted much the same way. A thousand meanings hidden in a word, a look or a sound.

            Age, wisdom, emotions, desire, love all can be seen with different eyes and hearts.

            No matter how many times we hash over the same things we shall never feel any different because we may be blinded by our devotion.
            Again I tend to deal mostly with facts as we are given them and base my responses on those in a logical and hopefully, honest and fair manner.

            Yes pbt, Eric did make it out of the Dallas bombing where Stan did not. You could say it was because Stan was closer to Luke (which he was), you could also say that Stan attempted to stop Luke, but Luke pressed the button before he could, thus Stan was right in front of him and took the brunt of the explosion. We really could not see any bit of Stan, he could have been the mess on the wall.

            Or else it could have been pure luck that Eric was saved, or by saving Sookie he then saved himself by not attempting to stop Luke which with his great speed, perhaps he could have and saved everyone else in the bargain……….so if Eric truly planned this and was the prefect hero that you make him out to be, wouldn’t it have been better to save the many instead of the one?????
            So so so many different ways to interpret this as you can see. You will of course choose the one that will show Eric in the best light even if it is not true and pure speculation. I cant completely blame you, you love your vamp as I love mine.

            As it is Eric survived and did save Sookie, good for him, a selfless act, but while she was shaken, vulnerable and grateful he saw to take advantage. A shameful act.
            You could say he owed her because Bill and Sookie helped save Eric from the FOTS.

            Also pbt, we all sit here and discuss who better to save Sookie (talking current epi), when we never considered that thanks to Terry, Sookie had a gun and was more than capable of using it to defend herself. She knew well how to use the gun, as she demonstrated twice, and would have killed the were if Eric had not jumped in front of the bullet. Problem solved.
            So the saving Sookie point here could be now moot.

            Hey, Jaxx,
            I am sorry if you or annm feel this is heated (annm, please do not feel put out, it is merely good debating). I do not feel that it has at all, it is simply a healthy debate and banter over facts and issues, that’s all. But if one makes a statement that does not conform to the facts then it will be challenged, not only by me but many here. AdoreBill and Isis have also done the same.
            It is not a personal attack (and should never be taken as such) only a request to back up statements or perhaps then a need to correct them.

            Briefly (HA, you should be cringing by now when I use that word!), you believe that Sookie will be glad that she has had Erics blood esp when she is in trouble (actually its funny that even in the books she mostly does not believe so and most of the time hated Eric for forcing her, please please don’t ask me for quotes because I can find plenty…..).

            Remember that it was Bills blood that Sookie had first and it was he that could feel her in trouble and would come running always, even in the sun. But it also gave her strength to help herself (she fought and killed Rene). And remember also that Bill gave her his blood to save her life initially, and not by trickery.

            Wait, I forgot, why did not Eric come to her aid when she was being attacked by MA in the last epi of S2??????? We have yet to fully know why, but he should have felt her desperation and fear. Yet even with Erics 1000 year old blood, it is Bill she calls for.

            I do not believe for one second that Eric was “Planning” anything other than forming a bond with Sookie, when he tricked her in to drinking his blood, so that he may try to lure her away from Bill.

            “Bill has something I want and he is in the way”

            By then the Dallas danger was over. Godric was saved for now, why would Eric think that Sookie would need saving again???
            No Jaxx, I know you always want Eric to have a master plan but here it is not logical. JIMO

            What you may not believe is that I do like Eric for what he is. I have said this before many times. I know we will start to see him soften up. Although I hope he does not change his personality to much because he is the bad boy and fun the way he is.

            Do I want to slap him sometimes….of course, you probably want to as well for some of the things he does.
            Annm said it so wonderfully, “he is a turd sometimes”. I would not have gone so far, well maybe I would, LOL, but I understand completely.

            I will always adore Bill, no matter what(he is my hero); you will always like Eric, no matter what. So I guess we will be going at it till Alan Ball releases us!!!! Because I know I have been hopelessly and completely glamoured by the charms and faults of my dark and haunted Southern Gentleman. I know there are even darker times ahead for Bill, they have started already, and his freedom, his humanity and his soul are in jeopardy, but no matter what, he will always be the one to move my heart.

            OK, I agree, DONE, once and for all…….till next time……….LOL

            Please understand that we can laugh too about all of this!!!!!

            Its very close now……enjoy the episode ladies and we shall meet again soon to discuss our favorite pastime.

            I will try to keep it to a one cup of coffee limit.
            Although sometimes that second cup feels really good!!!!!!!!

            Team True Blood!!!!!

          • jaxx

            Just remember, this is TB we are talking about now NOT the books, like has been mentioned so often. And, of course, Sookie would call for Bill, he was her boyfriend (at the time).

            But, you are right Nia, put this to rest, on to the next episode, which was a good one. Oh, we are so going to have many more discussions tomorrow fellow debaters. 😉

      • Annm, When you said this, to me it sounds like you’re trying to state it as fact instead of speculation.

    • jaxx

      I guess we’ll have to see how this one plays out.

      I could actually see both scenarios:

      Eric calling Lorena and starting the Ball rolling;


      Russell wanting Bill on his side for longer than we as an audience know about and Russell called Lorena as Bill’s maker to tip her off about Sookie and what’s going on with Bill. Eric calling Lorena would then be just a convenient coincidence. *shrugs*. Russell said he knew Lorena had ultrior motives. I’m guessing Lorena went to Russell right after Bill told her to leave after the explosion in Dallas. But why would she choose to go to Russell’s? Lorena saying “I wish you hadn’t said that” could mean a couple of things, she was going to plan revenge for Bill right then and there, OR there was a plan already in motion by Russell and Lorena was already going to be a part of it at some point in the future. The Dallas thing, just expedited Russell’s plan. If Russell knew how Lorena felt about Bill still, that would work to his advantage. Why would Russell promise Lorena Sookie to kill in front of Bill. He wanted Lorena on his side but then reneged on his promise to Lorena.

      IDK, we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    • AKel

      Oh yeah, everyone has secrets on the show and all vampires deceive. But, personally, I don’t think Eric’s to blame for Lorena’s actions or Bill’s. I think from what RE has said, the background information on Sookie found in Bill’s home & Bill’s uncomfortableness when Sookie has asked “Is there anything else you need to tell me…”…. Bill has been sent to by the Queen to secure Sookie…. and if so, then by the same logic you could say if Bill had never courted Sookie then she would have never been in Dallas and Eric would have never had to call Lorena.

      IMO, in the end, each individual is responsible for their own decisions and actions: Bill and Eric and Lorena and even Sookie for that matter.

      • pbt

        Have to agree with you on all you have said. Yes, all the characters on the show are definitely responsible for their decisions and actions. There is plenty of blame to go around for everyone. 🙂

  • pbt

    Two more days and 19 hours. Not that I am counting or anything.

    I am glad to see we are all anxiously awaiting the next installment. We have been waiting for almost 9 months and we are already 1/4 of the way through this season already. 🙁

    I would agree to disagree on several of the topics above and it was nice to see we can agree on some of them. 🙂

    I do think that Eric does have a strategy in place to help locate Bill even if its not to his advantage. When talking to Miss Stackhouse he says he can’t go to Jackson “yet”. Like he is doing some investigating behind the scenes and will eventually contact King Russell Edgington about the missing Bill Compton.

    I agree that Alan Ball is leveling the playing field between these two vamps on many different fronts. It will be great to see where all of this is headed.

    • lizzie1701

      I don’t agree, pbt, that Eric has a strategy in place. He said he could not go to Jackson “yet” because he know things were up with the Queen and the Magister about the V, the Queen told him to let Bill “rot” and as I see it, he had other fish to fry ie saving himself from the wrath of not only the Queen, but the Magister as well.

      • pbt

        We don’t have to agree Lizzie. Just stating my opinion too.

        I agree that Eric and Bill have lots of fish to fry this season. I still think that Eric is up to something and will be paying Russell Edgington a visit. Now that he has a location for where the weres are being sent from. From spoiler videos we know that Eric and Russell will meet and of course there is Talbot who in the mix too. Eric’s revenge is going to back fire on him and its not going to be pretty or sweet at all.

        • lizzie1701

          Well, pbt, I think we can both agree that both our Vamps and others close to both of them, will all be in heaps of messikins by the season’s end!

          • Nia

            Heaps if Messikins…..LOL, you kill me Lizzie and you are completely right!!

            Yes Eric is not interested in finding Bill as he has to worry about himself and the mess he is in with SA and the magister. That is his focus right now as well as his own agenda. Bill is last on his list, since he admitted that it would be “advantageous for him that Bill were not found at all”.
            Seems that Bill always has to pay the price for what Eric wants and needs.

            I feel sorry for Eric having to be subserviant to SA and to do what she orders when he does not want to. Now he knows how it feels for Bill, who has to do the same. Sucks having no choice doesnt it.

            When Eric makes the trip to Jaskson it will be with his own revenge/agenda in mind.

          • pbt

            Morning Lizzie. Yes, all of the Truebies will be in a heap of messes this season. Poor Sam, should have left that sleeping dog lie. Tara attracts yet another man/vamp who is a whole lot of bad. The bullet head babes that Jason keeps seeing.

            I expect that Eric will be visiting the Kingdom of Mississippi soon looking for Bill. I can’t imagine a 1000 year old vampire showing up at Russell’s mansion saying you have weres working for you and I have a beef about that. No, I imagine Eric will be arriving at Russell’s inquiring about a Mr. Bill Compton and in the background gathering information about the Operation Werewolf pack.

            Wouldn’t it be amazing if this is what Russell wanted all along? For Eric to come to the Kingdom of Mississippi all along so Russell can shore up his interests in Louisiana. What better way to do that than to get Sophie Anne’s most trusted sheriff on his side. I wonder if Russell will offer Eric a job in his Kingdom also. Using Bill to get to Sophie Anne and Eric. Delish on so many levels.

          • annm329

            Eric had nothing to do with the King kidnapping Bill. Yes, he had his own plan but the King beat him to the punch. The King wants Bill because Bill, unknown to us at this point, is up to somthing with the Queen. We could find out that what ever Bill has going on with the Queen is just as illegal as the V selling, we just don’t know. Bill is up to something with the Queen that has got to be big for another to vampire leader to want it bad enough to break laws (kidnapping). I doubt that the only secret Bill has is the whole meeting Sookie because he was ordered too stuff, so I have all ideas a major Bill-bomb is going to be dropped at the end of the season.

            Look I know some of you dislike Eric but all Bill’s problems are not Eric’s fault. The King kidnapped Bill and it was Lorena who “nominated” Bill for Sherrif. How is the trouble Bill currently is in have anything to do with Eric? Also why should Eric make Bill his priority? The only reason he didn’t go with Sookie was because Eric has his own stuff to deal with. Eric’s not in love with Bill like Sookie is, so it would be ridiculous to think he should just drop everything to find Bill. Remember Eric tried to impress upon the the Queen that they needed to find Bill, the Queen was the one who said to let Bill rot and just sell the V. Simply said, Eric is just obeying his Queen’s orders.
            At the end of the day both Eric and Bill have been forced to do things by thier Queen. These things she is making them do, may eventually bring harm to both of them and the people they care for.

    • jaxx

      Again, I have to agree with pbt and annm. Eric wouldn’t do anything that important without thinking it through and formulating some sort of strategy. He knows what he wants to find out regarding his personal situation, he knows he has to find Bill, he knows he has to protect Sookie. He is not that impulsive. He is intelligent, cunning, shrewd and well calculated. Unless it was an extreme emergency, he would think things through before acting. That’s what I’ve been trying to state all along. He thought over strategies and different scenarios before going to Sookie. If Eric fessed up about lying to her about the Nazi weres, he had to be thinking about the whole situation before deciding to go to her, i.e., what to say to her, how to confront the were, how to protect Sookie. He knew he had to be invited in the house in order to protect her. The amusing banter was just playful flirting to ease the tension. And, Eric is starting to share with someone besides Pam. That’s huge for him. When trouble arose, he went into action.

      And, Eric was telling Sookie the truth, finding Bill is not his sole purpose as sheriff right now, it is a part of his job description, Bill is just part of the big problem, not the sole problem. Like it or not, he knows he has to find him.

      Like pbt said, Eric is still strategizing a play before he goes to Russell’s mansion. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

      • annm329

        Hey Jaxx !! I can’t wait until Sunday, it’s been far too long these last two weeks.
        One point I forgot above: Shouldn’t we be seeing the Queen and King as the villians here? They, after all, are the ones that are making Eric and Bill do this stuff that is placing them and others in danger for thier (King and Queen’s) personal gain.

        Jaxx, Thanks for pointing out how Eric thinks things through. He didn’t become 1000 by being stupid. Even though he likes Sookie, he isn’t about to throw away the hundreds of years it probably took to get him into the position he’s in among vampire soceity, nor is he going to risk his “loved ones” like Pam just to make Sookie happy. As much as we would all like to see Bill escape the hell he has gotten into, it’s not the only problem going on right now. Eric’s got his own and Pam’s personal safty to worry about with the Queen ordering them into a dangerous situation and magistrate sniffing around, all to save her (the Queen’s) butt from the IRS. In reality: Don’t we take care of the ones closest to us first and then worry about others?

        • jaxx

          Hi annm *waves*!! You are right. The King and Queen orchestrated this whole mess using both Bill and Eric as pawns in their vampire politics “King of the Hill” game. Good point.

          I agree we take care of our own loved ones first. You brought up a good point earlier, in the grand scheme of things, Eric has only known Sookie for a very short time as opposed to Godric and Pam. Pam is definitely Eric’s only family left since Godric met the sun. He will fight for her and protect her as his child. No doubt there. Sookie and her need to find Bill will have to come in second right now. Excellent point!! 😀

      • pbt

        I have to agree Jaxx that Eric had obviously thought about his conversation with Sookie before returning to Bon Temps. No matter how emotional he is about Godric’s vampcide he was still willing to help Sookie out for all of her efforts.

        Like Sookie said Eric owed her. And Eric took that very seriously and rethought his stand about the weres. Eric knows of course that these are the same weres that he has sought out for quite sometime. Well before modern times, Eric has been following this pack. Now that he knows where they are, he will of course go to Jackson. I still think he will contact the King about meeting over Bill Compton being missing from his area.

        If anything at the least, Eric will inquire about Bill but Eric will have no authority in Mississippi. Once Russell claims that Bill has pledged fealty to Russell and the state of Mississippi, Eric will be finished with his sheriff duties. That is when plan B will be hatched which is his revenge for past transgressions that this pack has made against Eric. And this is where the Talbot and revenge plot will enter in. Eric will take the one person that Russell loves away from him as Russell did to Eric.

        It is doubtful all of this will be revealed this week but I am sure the V sales and the magister will become another concern on the Viking’s mind. I believe we saw that Pam is being held captive and being tortured with silver. Eric entering the dungeon and not in a very happy mood.

  • I don’t think Eric was initially aware that the were wolf he apprehended or attacked was from the Nazi pack until he checked. I like Alcide roll on the show. From the information I’ve read he is suppose to be low key, but at any rate, his character picks up some energy towards the end of the season.
    I loved James Frain’s part as Franklin I think he my just break Tara if she doesn’t kill him first. I bet she will.
    I had some issues with the sex scene between Vampire Lorena and Bill I didn’t know wither to laugh or gag the scene was utterly disturbing to me.
    Sam’s family is out to scam him in the worst way, and he’s in such need of a connection,that he’s willing to accept it from his two timing family. But I’ve read he’s suppose to hook up with someone new bartender on the show soon. Can’t wait for that.
    Bill’s in so much trouble hes’ going to have his plate full all season. I wonder if Bill can kill Lorena and get away with it?
    All in all I’ve enjoyed the first half of the third season so far.

  • Nia

    Hey Y’all!!!!**waves**

    Sorry I have not been able to post much, nor have a chance to read the all the posts here, due to serious family emergencies. While I was taking care of my mother, I had a chance to write down my thoughts about the epi.

    I had read some posts long before this epi, that Eric would get shot defending Sookie. Not so, again it was all about Eric. He got himself shot to keep the were alive so he could question him. Period.
    Does anyone else here think that besides what Eric said, that he was there because he owes Sookie, and may be confused as to his feeling something for her other than an aquisition, that he was there mostly because he knew that these weres were part of his hunted Nazi pack, and he just wanted hold of one of them. He potentially put Sookie in danger AGAIN, because he was so desperate to get the info, so he got HIMSELF shot, not considering that if he were more seriously incapacitated for even a brief time, the were could have killed or taken Sookie.

    BTW, Eric said that a were on V would be difficult to handle even for him, yet Bill handled 4 of them. Drained and chained in silver, Bill was still able to use his intellect to defeat and escape.

    I love our whiney wifey Talbot!!! The celtic tapestry!!!! LOL and Russells reaction, the bored disinterested husband…to to much fun!!

    Could it be possible that Bill is already an investigator for SA (and/or the AVL?)? WE must also consider that Franklin must be an investigator for Russell….”Its what I do”

    I am so looooving Franklin (James Frain has nailed this character). The new and improved badass vamp with attitude is definitely Franklin, he is so very interesting, creepy sexy and fun!! His teasing with Jess!! Making puppet sounds, LOL. I am so liking him! But why the need to find out more on Bill ?? Could there actually be something more yet to learn about Bill? Could he be working for the AVL? Or is Russell still looking for SA secrets and he thinks Bill is privy to them?

    I am sorry to say that the weakest storylines belong to Sam and Jason. I love them both dearly but lets get a burner going on under them.

    Ahhh Pam, you go girlfriend. Hypothetical and Theoretical indeed! But I am afraid her loyalty to Eric will be her undoing, he is thinking only of himself and she for that she may have to pay a steep price.

    BUD CANT QUIT!!!!! But if he does then I forsee Andy takes over and pulls some strings to make Jason a deputy. That would be fun!!!

    When Coot was complaining to Russell, Lorena chimes in that Eric may be involved…..I thought it interesting when Russell says “WHO?” Obviously The Louisiana sheriff of Area 5 is not important enough for Russell to know or care about. I find that odd since Russell wants to know everything about SA, yet he does not know anything about her strongest oldest vampire??

    Then here we also have Bill, who while still so young, is in so much demand. Obviously we know Bill is very intelligent and of course already working for SA (AVL?) and possibly in a much more important capacity than just a sheriff/V pusher. JIMO

    Why would Eric be all of a sudden so nice to Laffy??? Giving him a car when SA is broke and needs money (not to mention the over 10,000 for Sookie). He couldnt loan her money as he did Alcides father? So far Eric does nothing w/o expecting something in return. He already has his fangs into Laffy, so to speak, so one must wonder why?? Is it so he looks generous to Sookie?? Eric always has an ulterior motive, I am curious to see what it is.

    What was the hawk after in Sams office? Was it Tommy or his mom?? Just stealing or looking for something more?

    BTW, to me, Alcide was monotonous and boring. Just seemed he was lacking in substance. I need to be moved with more than just a pretty face and body.

    Now, my choice of best for last!! BILL !!
    I have heard nasty comments in the past that Bill/Stephen shows no emotion on the show….unfounded and ridiculous (well it has been said by Stephen that he purposely plays Bill still and calm, which does coincide with book Bill).

    The play of emotions on Bill/Stephens beautiful face during every second the camera was trained on him was amazing. Bills emotional range was in full gear!! Anger, violence, dismay, resignation, disbelief, sorrow, sadness, etc. He ROCKED them all.

    Plus whether in a perfectly fitting tux, or a yummy white jacket or a long dark coat, Bill looked smolderingly sexy. 🙂

    I have a question, and my brain has been fried this week so….…If Thomas was Bills only son and he died young, how was the family name, Compton, continued to Jessie???? Could Bill have a brother somewhere down the line that we do not know about???? This is TB, not the CH novels, so anything can go here!

    Lorena was decent to Caroline which surprises me but then again that could be why Bill then goes to her willingly, for years after, because she spared Caroline, when she could have easily killed her. But then also, Lorena probably took Bills statement for true when he said he would die first, and we know how much Lorena wants Bill.

    Bill hearing that there were children being “taken” by the pox, and needing to go back to a wife who recoils in horror from him and then having to bury his own son……(Stephen was incredible)my tissue box was empty… 🙁

    Now, the twisted scene….. that was not rape nor making love. Bill was provoked to the limit by Lorena, everything that was taken from him before, by her, was being taken from him again, his freedom, home and humanity (I consider Caroline then and Sookie now the heart of his humanity).
    Then Lorena tries to kiss him. His gut reaction was one of trying to punish her the only way he knew how, to make her HATE him as much as he HATED her. He said he would never make love to her, he used sex in such a punishing way to show Lorena that it could never be love.
    After he broke her neck, there was nothing more he could do, and yet after all that, she tells him she still loves him…………

    His final feral cry of defeat was all he had left.
    I fear for his sanity and his heart.

    Ultimately Bill does anything and everything to protect Sookie!!
    Even to give her up and lose his hard fought humanity.

    I know that some will disagree but this is just my opinion, to me, Stephens performance and Bills story is by far the most compelling of them all(IMO), and Stephen is doing what we all thought he would…….rocking it as no other.

    You go daddy!

    • jaxx

      Hi Nia, hope all is well with your family. Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she is doing better.

      Got my iced cappuccino and snack in hand. So here we go….

      Sorry, but have to disagree with you regarding some things, but you knew this was coming. lol. 🙂

      Eric was there to protect Sookie for a variety of reasons. He did feel the need to reciprocate for Sookie helping find Godric. Since Eric is loyal to those who are loyal to him, he felt a certain amount of loyalty towards Sookie, plus she did get a generous paycheck to prove his appreciation for all she’s done; he is the sheriff of area 5 and is duty bound to do his job in that area; he wanted to find out who the were worked for and the only way to do that was to attempt to keep him alive for as long as he could and Sookie was able to tell Eric about Jacksonville which helped Eric solve the mystery of where Bill was; he also has feelings for her. The hybrid were would have come for Sookie no matter what. Eric being there just helped her chances of survival and not being abducted. Eric is cunning and intelligent, he knew when the bullet was fired what he had to do to take the bullet in such a way that he would regenerate quickly with minimal risk to Sookie. It was all calculated out before he dove in front of the were. He was there to protect her, not put her in more danger.

      Eric is very emotional regarding what has happened to loved ones in the past as we saw with Godric in the Nazi episode. Something happened 1,000 years ago that has left scars ever since. As he said, this brings back bad memories and, imo, is starting to awaken the humanity again in Eric. This is starting to bring out his humanity once again.

      There is the possibility that Bill is also an investigator for the queen as Franklin is for the king. I believe Bill was an investigator in the books as well, not for the same reasons, but that is a possibility since why else would he have an entire file on Sookie, talk about ulterior motives, obviously Bill has them too. Like Russell said, the queen didn’t send Bill to Bon Temp to move into the Compton house to mainstream and date a waitress, there’s much more we have yet to learn about Bill.

      From an interview I read with Dennis O’Hare, it was written that the king is deceiving everyone on all levels, Bill and Eric both. So I can’t believe knowing the queen that Eric has never come up and if not, the queen didn’t want anyone to know what her V selling scheme involved and who was part of it. Russell wants to take over Louisiana at any cost and doesn’t care who he lies to to achieve this, he already promised Lorena Sookie but then retracted that promise when Bill decided to join him. Russell seems to promise anyone anything to get what he wants. The king also seems to make side deals in order to get what he wants and then breaks them when it suits him. This should prove interesting throughout S3.

      As far as putting Pam in danger, Eric is her maker. He is extremely loyal to Pam. He has a special bond with her and they have a great relationship. Pam has admitted that Eric is a good maker. She knows the risks by staying with Eric and is willing to sell V of her own free will. He will protect her as well.

      The Mickens were at Merlotte’s to steal money. I think it was Tommy in bird form because I would hope a mother’s love would go deeper than trying to steal from her own son, but with this family anything is possible. I hope for Sam’s sake it was not his mother who shifted into the hawk.

      I like Alcide so far. We’ve only just met him, I think his character will grow as S3 continues.

      Ok, now for the big one.

      No matter how you look at it, Bill cheated on Sookie. Period. Even if he thought he was protecting her in his twisted way of thinking. I agree that he did not rape Lorena as they are adults and you cannot rape the willing and Lorena was more than willing. To me, it was a disturbing, violent, hateful act and done on purpose by Bill to hurt Lorena, but it will only hurt Sookie in the end once she finds out, and Lorena will be sure she finds out. I don’t think Sookie will understand this at all, especially after Bill calls her and tells her that “she is no longer his concern”. She will already be devestated by Bill’s rejection and once she finds out about the twisted sexcapades, that will break her heart. That’s all Sookie has to do is think back even further, she will remember that her Uncle Bartlett was killed in order to “protect her” as Bill said which he didn’t tell her about until she found out on her own and reprimanded him for it; the making of Jessica, which Bill did not tell her about until she stumbled upon Jessica in Bill’s house; and the killing of the Rattrays and disguising it as a tornado, all in the name of “protecting Sookie” deceitfully. Sookie also asked Bill if there was anything else he was hiding from her and Bill sheepishly answered “No”. Another lie as we are starting to find out. I so wish Sookie would find the folder on her at Bill’s house. And, of course, this is just my personal opinion which I’m sure not everyone will agree with.

      Well this was longer than I meant it to be. Guests are coming soon.

      For the American posters, have a safe and very nice 4th of July long weekend everyone!!!!

      • annm

        I have to agree with Jaxx. Eric hasn’t got a thing to do with why the weres are after Sookie. Russell has ordered them to get Sookie because he wants to use her to force Bill to do his biding. All this was expalined when Coot was telling Russell about “his best man” missing and Russell said “can’t your pack do anything right”. As far as Eric taking the bullet, he did this so they could get information out of him as to why they are after Sookie. Eric knows these weres are addicted to V, so if he was bleeding he knew the were would go for his wound and that is exactly what the were did, just like the female were in the Natzi flashbacks. When they got nothing out of him and Eric found the brand on the were’s neck, he then knew that the were would not give up the secret, so he killed him. Eric does have a past with this pack that has to do with the loss of a loved one from his human life. As far as why Eric is protecting Sookie, I think it’s a combination of reasons: he does have feelings for her he doesn’t understand, he does feel like he owes Sookie because of Godric and he’s also got personal reasons relating to the loss of someone. I am sure the reason he did not go with Sookie to Jackson has to do with the magistrate/Queen/V situation and he probably doesn’t want to leave Pam alone to deal with this. Eric has proven how loyal he can be with Godric, Pam and he did make sure he sent someone with Sookie, Alcide.

        As far as Bill, he is not been truthful with Sookie on many levels. I don’t doubt that he fell in love with her but in all the cases he has witheld the truth from her, he has never come clean with her on his own until she finds out herself and he is forced. Given the depth of thier realtionship, there were some occasions he could have come clean with her and it would not have put her in danger but he did not.

        As far as Eric not telling Sookie the truth. Yes he has been guilty of it too. Yes he didn’t tell her he had plans to abduct Bill too but after he lied to her about the Operation Werewolf brand, he went over to her house later and came clean on his own. I think a lot of Eric’s original problem with Sookie was he saw her as just another human and she was not a part of his “inner circle” so in his mind there was no need to be truthful to her. Being honest, Eric like most very old vampires on this show, are snobs when it comes to humans or anything other being because they are seen as beneath them. Now Eric knows more about her, has some feelings for her and she helped with Godric, she has come closer to his inner circle and earned some respect. I think there will still be times he doesn’t tell her the truth, maybe to protect her or maybe the vampire politics stuff and because you have to have some controversy to make the story interesting but I also think we will see some more occasions he lets her in on the truth.

        I do wonder, if Sookie finds out about Bill’s file on her, if she will be able to forgive him. There have been several times she has found out his lies, said she couldn’t be with him and then went back to him anyway but I don’t know if she will be able to do it if she learns about the file. I guess that will be up to the writters and what they want to do with the story.

        Nia I hope your Mother is doing better. I hope everyone posting from America has a great 4th Holiday!!

        • jaxx

          Nicely said annm. You touched on the points that I did not.

          That’s what’s great about this forum. Everyone’s point of view. There are just some things you don’t think of or see a different perspective on. 🙂

          • annm329

            Hey Jaxx,

            I got a copy of the last Entertainment Weekly that had Anna, Stephen and Alex on the cover. In it they had mentioned a scene being shot that was at the King’s house with Eric, Sookie and Russell and somebody got staked. Any ideas who this could have been? At first I was thinking Sookie because it said she was dressed in pajamas and a robe. What do you think?

          • pbt

            Happy 5th of July! Yes Annm it could very well be Sookie if Alan Ball follows that part of the books! But who really knows what twisted (and I mean that as a compliment) ideas he has up his sleeve.

          • jaxx

            Hi annm, I agree with pbt. I think if AB is following the core of the books, then it will be Sookie who will get staked and end up in the hospital. Sounds like a good episode.

          • annm329

            Well if that is what they are doing then maybe we can look forward to Eric in silk boxers? I hope so, I’m ready for more Eric action. I hope you had a lovely 4th og July.

          • jaxx

            I can only dream of Eric in those blue boxers. I think it would make a good episode. Hopefully, AB will go there.

          • jaxx

            No problem Nia. Take care of your family. I know how difficult that is.

            In the meantime, I will stock up on snacks and drinks and patiently await your response!! Take care. 🙂

        • Nia

          Hi Jaxx and annm,

          Just wanted to say thanks again for your kind thoughts. No matter how we may differ/banter/argue in our opinions on our favorites and the TB topics of the day, I feel that we would be great friends and support each other in the real world, so thank you.

          OK, cinnamon coffee in hand, biscotti nestled on its little desert plate, napkin on lap…the harsh worries of the day cast aside for the moment….am I missing anything ???
          Good, here goes with my further thoughts, again…..

          I have no doubt that Eric was there to protect Sookie, in this he is starting to show some kind of feelings (he says he owes her) for her although he may not understand them and be confused by them, He is probably used to treating woman as he did Yvetta or the girl at the bar in Dallas, without any feeling, and he now knows this is different but is not sure how to approach it. After all “have primal sex with you” didn’t cut it with Sookie….good girl, she did not want to be like Yvetta………as so much chattel.
          Anyways, Eric was also there mostly for his own agenda, and reasons yet revealed. (Holding a truth from Sookie??) We all know this. It has been presented to us and we acknowledge it.

          Here is exactly as the scene played out:

          Eric is in Sookies house and off to the side. Sookie had a clear lethal shot at the were and took it. Eric realized that the were could be killed so he jumped in front of the bullet, taking it to his midsection. Eric was in great pain from his obvious scream. He was briefly incapacitated. The were took the opportunity to go after V and bit into Eric. Sookie was going to shoot again but,

          Eric said: “stay back Sookie don’t shoot him, he knows”.

          Sookie says: “He knows what?”

          Eric to were: “Who do you work for, who sent you”

          Eric allows the were loose, which only allows the were the opportunity to attack Eric again. Eric is again in great pain and screams but was able to push him to the wall. Had Sookie listened to Eric and not shot the were, the were was heading for the door and could have escaped. But Sookie did take the shot to his leg and stopped the were, allowing Eric time to grab him and question him further.
          Eric asked again: “For the last time, who is your master?”

          At this point Sookie listens in to the were and hears :
          “Get off me you F*ing fanger, you aint got nothing on Jackson”

          The were replies talking about being dead anyways and so now we see that Eric sees the brand and kills him WITHOUT KNOWING if Sookie heard anything of value. And please do not tell me that Eric read it on her face or knew that she heard something…he never looked at her and did not.

          As Eric is burying the were Sookie chastises him for killing to soon, not allowing her a chance to hear more and for not planning better. Eric agrees that he HAD planned on keeping the were alive, but obviously lost control.

          Many have accused Bill of being ruled by his passions and rushing in without thinking, here is an example of Eric doing exactly the same.
          Eric says to Sookie, as they are walking back to her home, that Jackson is a place. Now Sookie thinks Bill may be there.
          Eric, the loyal sheriff, and who is supposed to be looking for Bill says:

          “The problems of the world consist of more than finding your missing boyfriend”

          We know that Eric does not want Bill found or at least for a very long time because he also has the magister on his back about the V which Bill knows about.

          Ahhh the tangled web we weave.

          Anyways, going back, so how is this Eric planning?? You said he needed Sookie there to use her telepathy?? How would Eric have known that she did hear something?? Eric acted on impulse and anger after seeing the brand on the weres neck so he dispatched the were, who could have been further questioned. Is this clear thinking?? Planning ahead?? Strategy?? Absolutely not. Eric again did not learn from Godrics teachings in the last altercation with this gang of weres.

          Do you now understand my point?

          Just because Eric is 1000 years old does not make him a god or perfect, and has everything planned, as everyone here makes him out to be. That is what I have issue with.
          I adore Bill but I know he is far from perfect, I prefer him that way and embrace his imperfections.

          Eric was not at any time really interested in finding Bill, he could care less, he wanted to know only who the weres master was for his own reasons. He also did not convey this information to Sookie. Because Sookie would know that Eric was there for only one reason, to find out information about his vendetta and not care to help her find Bill.

          You have mentioned before (another thread/post) that Eric had much time on his drive to BT to think and plan a strategy. That Eric always has a plan. In this I believe you assume way too much. First you assume that Eric drove to Sookies and had plenty of time to strategize….Did you see a car?? I would think he quickly flew, which he seems to be doing all the time except for this giving a car to Laff.

          Eric came to Sookie to protect her but also to catch a particular were that he knew was after her, so that he could question him as to his own agenda. If Eric really wanted to protect Sookie, don’t you think he would have taken her away from there, left her in a safe place?? To really get her out of the line of fire?? Then he could wait at her house for the were to show up.

          You say that he used Sookies telepathy not only so she could hear where Bill is but for his own agenda, so really he used Sookie as bait as well as to listen in. (Really all Eric would have had to do is to catch the were and torture him for the information. Once the were was safely shackled he could have brought Sookie into listen to him….SAFELY, that would be real planning).

          If the were was not to be forthcoming then he could have offered V, as in the flashback, as incentive. But a were on V is difficult to handle, we saw this and Eric admitted this, thus the end result is unpredictable. In the past Godric had to step in to save Eric after the foolhardy giving of his blood. If you say that Eric planned on getting shot and the were drinking his blood then he learned nothing from the past and Godric, for Godric forbade him from giving up the sacred blood and losing himself to emotions.

          And yes Sookie was always in danger. A were high on V is hard to predict or for even Eric to handle….his words. Anything could have happened. When Sookie shot at the were, Eric jumped in front of the bullet to prevent the were from dying so he could find out about this agenda of his. If nothing was revealed about Bill, I know Eric would not care.

          When Sookie says to him that she must find Bill, that Bill would do the same for her, and she does not expect Eric to understand. Eric replies that he does and with a thoughtful expression. At this point I believe that Eric is thinking of the past, what happened and that he has never stopped searching for his own reasons.

          You say that Eric is loyal to those loyal to him. And for Sookies assistance in finding Godric, he owed her, his words. Was not Bill always loyal to Eric?? Always doing his bidding? Here are a few past quotes from Bill:

          “Eric is sheriff of Area 5, it is a position of great power among our kind, as long as the requests are reasonable, we should exceed to his wishes.”

          “You can do what you want with me”

          “He did take bullets for you”

          Bill may have issues with Eric constantly trying to trick/lure Sookie away, but in all other things Bill was always loyal. It is a shame that Eric always treated Bill in not a way befitting a leader who should reciprocate respect and loyalty to those under him. It is no wonder that not only to protect Sookie from those that would do her harm, Bill renounced that Louisiana regime that treated him with so little respect.

          Bills twisted intercourse with Lorena, here again are my thoughts:
          it was awful and hard to watch, knowing that someone as gentlemanly as Bill could be brought so low as to do that, but as I have said before, it was nothing more than Bill trying to punish Lorena in any way he could. He is being brought to the brink of madness, losing everything he loves once again.
          I think he was using such hateful punishing intercourse and literally breaking her neck to make her hate him as much as he hated her. Hopefully then she would not want him anymore. This was not sex on Bills part. He was not cheating on Sookie. Did it look like he was enjoying himself?? Leave it to Lorena to enjoy it though. But then to her Bill can do no wrong. As to how Sookie will feel about it, will she ever know and understand the truth of it?? What Bill went through and gave up to protect her?? Probably not.
          Remember the tribunal?? Sookie only called it vampire politics and hated Bill for being away. Not knowing what he really went through because of saving her.
          Remember Dallas?? Sookie again never learned the truth of what happened to Bill and how he was detained, only what Lorena said, that Bill and she spent 2 marvelous nights together, I think Sookie will only remember those words when she does find out about Bill and Lorena.

          As to the lies told by both vamps to Sookie, I am sure they will both eventually have to pay the price.

          So now, Bills past and why he is in BT. (I know you are all waiting for the hatchet to fall and it will). That will of course be revealed and I believe it will be his undoing with Sookie. But it must happen for the story to continue and for Erics time to come into play. I look forward to this drama. But remember this and I have said this many times before. Bill may have been sent there on orders from SA or whoever, not knowing at the time who Sookie was or that he would fall in love, only that he was following orders and again without a choice, as Bill has always done.

          Perhaps you will think kindly of Bills dilemma (which I sadly doubt) as we continue to see Eric having to follow SA’s orders and selling V. Something he does not wish to do and he has no choice but to do, and those who are loyal to him may pay the price……

          in this even the sheriff of area 5 is powerless.

          Hope everyone has a great week!
          Thanks for sharing the coffee!

          • jaxx

            Ok, we can agree that Eric was there to protect Sookie and that he is starting to have feelings for her and doesn’t understand them. I agree with you there. I’m also sure that a good portion of his life (alive and undead), it’s all been about sex, not love. This will be answered once we find out who the revenge is for–a love interst or his family?? Is Eric hitting on Sookie, definitely. That’s all he knows up til now. In a round about way, we also agree Eric had 2 reasons for being there, the percentage of each is still in question. Not sure if he’s really holding a truth from Sookie or a personal memory he doesn’t want to share just yet. (See we sort of can agree. lol):)

            Ok, all vamps are passionate at times and lose control. Check.

            Eric does know Sookie can read minds. I’m sure he knew Sookie would more than likely be able to read the were’s thoughts at some point during the were attack and Eric knew the were would come for her and try to abduct her. It may not be a crystal clear reading, but she would get some glimpse from him. Which she did, enough to narrow down where Bill was and get a lead for Eric at the same time. Eric is duty bound to find Bill, doesn’t mean he wants to and I think from statements Eric has made directly to Sookie in the past, Sookie knows that already. No big surprise here to us or her, he has to find Bill in his job capacity. That’s it. We agree on that.

            I know we won’t agree on this point, but I still believe Eric would not go to Sookie’s house without some sort of plan on how to protect her. He’s dealt with this type of were before in the flashback. He drew from this experience and knew what had to be done and did it to the best of his ability. He knew her particular skill and they did work together, not just for Eric’s personal reason, but Sookie also wanted to find out something/anything about Bill and they did get a lead, Jackson, which is what they BOTH hoped to achieve. We don’t know what sets Eric off yet regarding his past with the weres. Hopefully when we do learn the reason, this will make things clearer.

            I didn’t see a car but who says there wasn’t one somewhere where we didn’t see it parked. He also could have flown there, you’re right, who knows and that wasn’t my point anyway, my point was that he thought about all of this before he went to her. Even as he was sitting at the table holding that Nazi symbol card and the flashback. He was thinking the whole time at that table, then went to ground for the day (Sookie had to take Jess home before dawn) and came to her the next night. I’m sure within that 24 hour period, he had thoughts about all of it. Besides that is the storyline. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone rescued Sookie and kept her safe 24/7? What kind of show would that be? A very boring one, imo.

            As much as I adore Eric, I know he’s not perfect. I’ve said that before over and over on other threads here, but I still believe in him and still love him anyway despite his flaws. He has the potential to change. And, I don’t think he has everything planned, but he hasn’t lived this long and become sheriff without life experiences, especially fighting as a viking. He learned war techniques, strategies, fighting skills, whatever it took to survive and he did carry that over into the vampire existence.

            I still think there is a history between Bill and Eric. When Eric summoned Bill at Fangtasia, he said it had been a long time. So they had obviously met before. When did they first meet? How long ago? What were the circumstances? Was there bad blood from the start or did something happen between them? AB, are you listening, please explain the history of Eric and Bill, inquiring minds want to know. LOL. 🙂

            I understand Bill wanting to punish Lorena for everything she has done to him, taking him away from his family, turning him against his will, keeping him from his wife and children, the whole 1920’s scene, I get it, I really do, but, to me, he still had sex with her, even though he didn’t want to, even if it disgusted him and he hated it and her, even if he couldn’t look at her, he still did the act. Lorena will be all to happy to let Sookie in on all the details. I guess Sookie is going to be the only one to answer this question, not either of us or anyone else here. Will she understand, will she forgive him, does she interpret this as cheating??? I guess Sookie will let us know.

            I do feel for Bill. It is both sad and tragic. He went there on a mission, had no intention of falling in love, but he did. Sookie will suffer the consequences after all is revealed, sad but true. But did Bill really believe that this could all work out?? Knowing what he knows and why he was sent there, whatever it turns out to be. Didn’t he think this would all catch up with him at some point in their relationship and hearts would be broken? He had to eventually report back to the queen, and as we saw, the queen said she did want to eventually meet Sookie. What would have happened then? I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out.

            Well we could debate this til the cows come home I guess but I think we should take annm’s advice and just wait and see how this plays out. What do you say??

            Take care and hope your family is doing better. 🙂

          • lizzie1701

            Hi Nia, Jaxx and annm! I’m here with cereal, toast and coffee, as it is mid morning (tomorrow, for you all!)

            Nia, what a girl! You are so astute! I agree with 100%! Unfortunately, I am only watching S3 by downloads and I do miss things because of buffering and freezing, but I have gone back to rewatch these scenes and there is no doubt that what you wrote is the way it happened!

            I don’t have much more to add, other than Eric is not so cool headed, but can be emotional and that this may get in his way, and I think about that scene where Eric is osn the phone to Mr Rueben and then Pam pops up with “Tell the Queen” etc. Pam was beign very serious (no snark) and when Eric went off at her about taking her advice (not!) she more or less says that his decision may bring hers, and others, down. Eric did not respond nicely and Pam said she was going to bed. Not exact wording, but you get the gist (too painful to go to download). I think this puts Eric’s loyalty to test as he was only concerned about himself and not Pam. This will come to play later on when I think Pam will be the scrapegoat for the V selling, as possibly scene in later teasers, where the Magister is silvering her in the dungeon. jmo.

            Funny, Bill had all these feelings, protectiveness, loyalty etc in S1 & 2 and was villified yet Eric is being the same now and he is like a hero! I really do believe if Bill was not as good looking and not as caring or was more cold like Book Bill, feelings for TB Bill would be a bit different. I think there is a bit of the green eyed monster lurking and I also believe that because Bill was so prominant and it was not the Eric and Sookie show, that our TB Bill has been unfairly put down. AB is following the books in the core story, so we know Eric becomes more of a character from Book 3, so what was the problem?? Looking around the threads, posters are not liking what is being said about Eric,but we have had 2 years of nasty stuff being said about Bill. Now Eric is going to be portrayed like Bill. Funny.

            I like Eric just as he was – devious and funny. I don’t want to see Eric being p*ssy whipped and “whiney” (term used for Bill) following Sookie around. Let him be the Vamp he is. Let bioth Vamps be the Vamps they are and let us all enjoy them!

            It is funny how differnt people see different things – like at a crime scene – everyone has a different veiw point, like describing the crook – so many different versions! LOL!

            I enjoy reading these posts – I am just not as eloquent as you all and being in a different time zone does not help!

            Just as long as we are civil, debate on!!!!

          • annm329

            I don’t think that his whole thing with protecting Sookie has only to do with his agenda of revenge of the Natzi pack. He didn’t even know anything about the Natzi pack being in the area until Sookie showed him the picture of the rune and then he had the flaskback. He didn’t tell her the truth at the bar but shortly after he did tell her he lied. I don’t think he went into detail with her about what happened with his past because it’s really none of her business, she’s not that close to him yet and the more she knows about them, the more trouble she could get into. Remember Sookie just goes and does what ever suits her purpose at that time without thinking things out. As Eric said about “running down the street”. We say Eric’s always planning something, well isn’t that a lot smarter than barreling in like Sookie? Eric’s did not get to be 1000 years old by being stupid. He knows just how dangerous this pack is. As far as the revenge purpose: remember we know very little about Eric’s life and we still don’t know who in Eric’s life was killed by these weres. It could have been his mother, a sister, father or they could bring from the books his own wife and chidren. It had to be somebody really important to Eric, more important than Sookie at this point. Think about it, Eric’s known Sookie about 5 seconds in the grand scheme of things, it may sound cold but Eric’s smart, so why would he abandon everything for her? I think he’s going to protect her because he has some feelings for her, he owes her for Godric, he wants to revenge his loved ones and he knows just how bad this pack is and doesn’t want to see what ever happened to his loved ones happen to someone else.

            As far as what he said to Sookie about sex and how he treats Yvetta. He knew she wouldn’t go for that, he was being humorous. Remember Sookie’s dream with him when he said to her “I thought you had no sense of humor” and she said “I thought you were made of hard cold stone”. Besides Sookie was not that upset by what he said, Eric may can sense through the blood that she has attraction to him. Anyone would be a fool to not pick up on that, Eric caught her staring at him at Godric’s place when Nan was on her tirade and even on the porch when he said that she was twirling her hair and tilting her head in a flirtly way. He’s not stupid.
            Yvetta- Eric doesn’t just let anyone into his inner circle. He does not and would never treat Pam or Sookie that way. Yvetta is just someone to have sex with, maybe feed off of and he probably knows she’s doing Pam too.
            I’m not saying all this because I’m under the illusion Eric’s perfect, he can be a turd. Without knowing a whole lot about his past, it’s premature to just assume everything he does is for his own purposes.

          • Nia

            Excellent!! Are we done here?? Whew, I agree we have hashed this out enough. But alas, you know me, I will always try to find the time for more …..LOL.

            I do have a few last responses, and esp. the issue of what Bill did to Lorena is one that I feel very strongly about so hopefully just a quick sip of your cappuccino would do for this post.

            At least we have come to a, well, pretty fair agreement, at least as much as we can, on many things based on the facts that are presented to us.

            Yes we can agree that Eric went to Sookie to protect her and for his own agenda (I still believe he had nothing else planned because with something so unpredictable how can you plan anyways, plus his emotions about it could have clouded his judgement, just like in the past).

            We both know quite well that Bill was the last thing on his mind. Of course as sheriff he is duty bound to investigate Bills disappearance but not necessarily at any time soon. He sent Alcide to help Sookie, then washed his hands of Bill.

            I believe there is a history between Bill and Eric as well. Some have said wouldn’t be great to see them in a disco in the 70’s……oh the fashion faux pas!!!!!! LOL

            You mentioned that Eric summoned Bill that first time to Fangtasia….this is incorrect.
            Sookie asked Bill to take her there….remember?? Eric was not expecting them, nor did he have any idea who Sookie was or what she could do, all he saw was a pretty girl that he wanted, even though she said she was clearly Bills.
            Sorry I just have a habit of setting things right.

            Now lastly, if you look clearly at the whole picture here and with an open mind you will hopefully think differently about Bills last with Lorena.
            After all that Bill has done for Sookie, saved her, killed for her (not that I condone killing), fought for her, walked into the sun for her, hashed out a plan with Sam to save her from Maryanne (talk about planning!!!!!), professed his love for her, plus all he did for the proposal……. do you HONESTLY, really, truly believe that he would “cheat” on her with Lorena?? Someone he detests more than anything!! That this was something he wanted and enjoyed?

            I am sorry but in my opinion, and knowing the facts, anyone who can still think this is “cheating” is just looking through eyes clouded by hate.

            That being said I hope we can all look at the future with fresh eyes and enjoy all that Alan Ball has brought to us, the good and the bad, for all.

            Take care and as always,
            Team True Blood

          • jaxx

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree then. No big deal. 😉

            For clarification, you read this wrong, I did say “at” Fangtasia, not “to”:

            “When Eric summoned Bill at Fangtasia, he said it had been a long time.”

            And we all know Bill loves Sookie. What he did constitutes a violent act against Lorena. Sookie will have to be the one to determine whether she feels it is “cheating” or not.

            Let’s focus on episode 4 on Sunday. I’m sure there will be lots more to talk about.

            Hope all is well with you and your family. 🙂

          • Nia

            AHHHHHH I see, Eric summoned Bill while he was already “in” Fangtasia, yes I now see what you meant.

            As to Bills violent act towards Lorena, yes I agree it was violent but no less than what she deserves for taking away everything that matters to him a second time.

            Perhaps we shall see Eric in a similar situation. He may have lost his own family to the object of his vendetta.
            I think there is great tragedy in both our vamps lives.

            Looking forward to Sundays episode!! Should be incredible as always. Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for the kind thoughts. It is appreciated.

      • Nia

        Hey Jaxx,

        Just wanted to say thank you for your kind thoughts. I really appreciate it. Actually both my parents are very ill, each in different ways. It is a difficult thing to bear.
        TB has been a solace. It is nice to occasionally focus my mind elsewhere. It truly helps.
        I have been meaning to reply here, but got caught up on the other thread. I promise I will catch up and it will be a 2 mug and biscotti response….LOL.

        Take care and thank you again.

        • jaxx

          Oops, replied in the wrong spot. See above.

  • jaxx

    Lizzie, there is someone else from Australia that would like to watch S3. What is the site you watch it from?

    Mac posted under this section:

  • lizzie1701

    Thanks ammn. Good advice. We all get heated and upset, but in the end, we are here for TB, and really, my life has not been the same since watching it and joining forums!

    Go True Blood!

  • lizzie1701

    Yes, Jaxx, this is BIGGER than real life! From what I see, if we didn’t have True Blood, our lives would be so mundane!

  • lizzie1701

    Agree Karen. ERic waqs just focused on getting Godric, anyone was expendable. Funny, Godric had to tell ERic to get Sookie out of the church without loss of life, which may have meant that Eric would kill anyone to get out, yet Eric tells Sookie that Bill would have killed every man, woman or child to get to Sookie, so I guess both Vamps are very much alike!

    • jaxx

      That’s the point I’ve been trying to get to in one of my earlier posts. I think AB is trying to equal out Bill and Eric. Starting to show both good and evil in both of them. I think he wants them on a level playing field at some point in this series.

      • annm

        I have to agree with you Jaxx. They seem to be “switching” (in a way) the sides they are showing of both Eric and Bill. It makes the characters interesting, evens out the playing field between the two male vamps and if they are setting up the tv show for the next book….

        ***book spoiler*** don’t read if you don’t want to know!!
        If they do follow the next book they have to show a different side of Eric to make what happens between him and Sookie believable. It does however make me wonder, if they go that way, what they are going to do with Bill. I hope they don’t keep him in eternal turmoil on the series because that would really suck.

        • jaxx

          annm, AB has said before that he will not marginalize Bill’s character. I think that’s why they’re setting him up as Sheriff of Area 2 Mississippi (if that actually happens at the end of the season). They will put him somewhere, doing something. He has to stay in until the end, no doubt about that.

          • annm

            I hope so. It would be great if they do make Bill the other sherriff but I hope that isn’t a way they use to constantly pit Eric and Bill against eachother either. It would seem like a repeat of the whole Sookie thing and eventually get boring. I also hope if Bill doesn’t end up with Sookie they will create another character for the romance end of things. I feel the same way about Sam with the romance stuff too.

      • pbt

        Waving hi to all the Truebies from Lake Placid. Finally hot and sunny here today. Yeah. Just had to post that I agree with you Jaxx. Alan Ball is using a huge balance scale right now and trying to equal these characters out a bit more for the show.

        It seems in the first two seasons that we saw a lot of Bill Compton’s more redeeming qualities and perhaps some of Eric’s more “bad” qualities. I particularly didn’t see them as all bad. But that just my opinion.

        It appears that the writers are continuing to balance the two vampires who are vying for Sookie’s attentions this season also. Eric appearing to be Sookie’s protector and Bill well being Bill.

        Can’t wait to see where all of this is heading this season. Very interesting indeed. Go True Blood. Only 9 more days until the v-ddiction continues.


  • lizzie1701

    OK Jaxx. I can see that for this one, but it still hurts reading all those other posts on many sites making fun, in a nasty way, of Bill and his protectiveness. Now that Eric is protecting, it is seen as soemthing different. Thats all.

    • jaxx

      We’re good Lizzie. 🙂 None of us likes to see our favorites get slammed or bad mouthed. We all get overprotective ourselves over them. It makes me laugh when I really think about it, they are just characters in a tv show. I’ve got to be out of my mind sometimes, at least my family and friends think so. 😉

  • lizzie1701


    There has been many posts over the time from posters who obviously don’t like Bill (I will stick my neckout and say “hate” Bill) who over and over again made fun of Bill by saying he was like “Sookie’s daddy”, “overbearing”, “would not let her be herself” etc etc etc, yet now they are basking in the glory that “Eric is protective of her” (or ALcide) and this is supposed to be sweet or loving and showing he cares and is making way foe their great romance, I suppose. I guess double standards because Eric lovers love Eric and some villify Bill.

    Very unfair.

    • annm

      Don’t let people hating on Bill take your joy away!!
      I can understand you being upset because I get very upset when the opposite happens (when Eric does something Bill has done, it was okay when did Bill it but somebody is villifing Eric etc). As Jaxx has said many times: folks get very passionate.
      You have fans for Eric and fans for Bill (soon probably Alcide will be up there too) that will never change. We all just have to remember that this is just a tv show, respect eachother and I guess to a degree, grow a thicker skin when it comes to our favorite character (I’ve sure had to do that recently). The good thing about so much debate is it makes people talk about it, think about it and the interest will hopfully keep the series going for a long time for us to enjoy!!

  • karin

    please do not forget that eric sent sookie to find his maker and had she gotten killed or raped by that big goon who worked for the church, that would be eric that sent her. eric lied to get his blood into her, he is selling V which is a major offense, and even though I have read all the books, I still believe Bill would do anything for Sookie. The show was awesome,and I was on my couch with my jaw dropped and couldn’t move after the last scene. AB I love you so far.

  • Melanie

    Wow Wow and more Wow – that whole thing with Bill and Lorena really through me for a loop – didn’t see that coming! I agree with annm – the scene reminded me of “Death Becomes Her” as well – funny but kinda gross!

    I am pretty sure that Bill is only doing what he has to do for now – to keep Sookie safe, but I believe he will get out from under Russell somehow. I’m not sure now if he’s going to be rescued or not. That remains to be seen.

    Eric seems to much more vulnerable now and I wasn’t expecting that quite so soon. Sookie definitely has a soft spot for him and I believe that will only grow as the season goes on. Right now I don’t believe she would go with him but we’ll see how she feels after this season is over!

    Lizzie1701, you were wondering why it was OK for Eric and Alcide to be protective of Sookie but not Bill? I’m not sure I see it that way. I think sometimes in S2, Bill was a little over the top about it but otherwise I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Hanging out with Vamps (being other than a fangbanger) is dangerous enough, I felt Bill had reason to protect her and now so does Eric and Alcide. Was there someone in particular that said Bill was too protective?

    As for Arlene, I hope that she tells Terry the truth but on the other hand I don’t want her to. It’s a tough decision. If she doesn’t say anything will it make a difference? I really really like Terry and don’t want to see him hurt. He might not care but then again he might feel betrayed if he finds out later from someone other than Arlene.

    Poor Jessica! Someone really needs to help her out – she’s flying blind and at the mercy of vamps like Franklin Mott. I’m still not decided on who he works for. At first I was sure it was Russell. Now, I’m not so sure. He could easily be working for QSA but she told Eric to forget Bill and Franklin is all about finding out about Bill. Somehow I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s working for Eric but in this show anything can happen.

    Alcide was such a treat *love you Joe*! I agree with most everyone else here that Sookie was a dumba** when it came to getting information at Lou Pines. Why wouldn’t she just sit down and have a drink with Alcide and get some mind reading going on? I wonder what AB is going to with the rest of that? She was certainly trying to hurry things along but is that because AB didn’t have time for more in the episode or is her behavior going to get her somewhere and we just can’t see it yet? Hmmmmm….

    Lots of questions this episode and now we have to wait a full 2 weeks for the next! Just as Janie suggested, hopefully AB and HBO will give us a little tidbit to tide us over!

    Until next time….Go TRUE BLOOD!!!

  • Lynn

    Wa anyone else kind of pissed off at the way Sookie handled herself at the were bar?? That was just BEGGING for someone to beat up on her, and that really irritated me. She’s supposed to be smart, and antagonizing werewolves is not smart. What gets me most, is noone calls her on it! Eric and Alcide both tell her shes going to get herself in trouble, and instead of proving them worng (which is what I was rooting for) she proves them right!!!!

    • james

      sookie is not supposed to be smart, she has almost never dealt with people and has no higher education,
      not to mention that what she did was the best way to get one of the werewolves alone and try to find some information out about bill.

    • annm

      I think the thing with Sookie is she is naive and right now all she cares about is finding Bill. As Eric said “You’ll run down the street yelling out Werewolf”. She is loyal to her loved ones to a fault and she just doesn’t think too clearly about what she is doing before she does it.

    • Antonio

      I was kind of thinking that,,too! Maybe shes not “smart” as you say but there is a thing called Common Sense! “Baiting” Werewolves on Their turf? Especially when the bouncer say she looks like “Dinner”?? Then revealing to them that shes been to Fangatsia and then the “So You’re a fangbanger?” Given that Weres Hate Vampires..Why would she antagonize them like that??
      Is she That stupid?? She is fortunate that Alcide was there and she Was warned by Both Eric And Alcide about how dangerous Weres can be!! Of Course Alcide got beat up somewhat,too!
      She didnt even say “I’m Sorry about that Alcide I should Not have put myself in danger like that”
      Is it Because he is a Werewolf that he deserved to get the snot beat out of him to try and protect her fool head?? Who’s Prejudiced,Now Gal??
      She put hereself in that position with that Were!
      What a bubble-head she was? She acted like just another ditzy blonde! 1 min she thinks shes gonna get some answers about Who abducted Bill and then she screams like a mouse taken aback by a hungry cat!
      And of course Alcide has to come in to “rescue” her.
      I also thought Miss Stackhouse used poor judgement in the Were bar
      I know that she loves Bill and wants to find him but putting herself in danger by acting foolish?? Is this Sookie or Bella??
      What Next? she goes on the back of a motorcycle with a Were to try and “Halucinate” Bill??
      Sookie is supposed to be more savvy than that!
      1 minute Sookie is telling Alcide that she was taught to fight back the next she screaming like a little girl scared by a barking dog! Sookie pulled a gun and shot at the were who jumped Eric…She couldnt do the same for the creepy were who wanted to choke her at the were bar??
      Not very smart Sook!

      • jaxx

        Yeah, I agree too. I didn’t like that scene. She was told by Eric and Alcide, these are very powerful werewolves that Eric even has a hard time controlling. Sometimes Sookie thinks she can do whatever she wants and someone will just come along and save her a**. And you’re right Antonio, not even thanking him. Alcide is repaying a debt to Eric to help his father, not repaying a debt to Sookie. Geez girl, use some common sense. Sometimes she acts like everyone owes her something. 🙁

        • lizzie1701

          Isn’t it funny! Bill, in S2, was called “over protective”, “daddy”, always telling Sookie what to do! Maybe because he knows Sookie? Yet both Eric and Alcide are telling her to be carefull, give advice and are protective, but that is OK. Some people have double standards.

          • jaxx

            Lizzie, the point was all the men are overprotective of Sookie, Sam, Bill, Eric, Alcide and like annm said, she doesn’t listen to any of them, at all, about anything. They know more about the supe world than she does, but Sookie thinks she knows everything sometimes, but she doesn’t.

        • annm

          Well so far she has always been saved. You also have to think back to one and two, she didn’t listen to Bill or Sam either, so why would Alcide or Eric be any different? It was a bonehead move on her part to talk about Fangtasia and go off alone with the were but she loves Bill. Her behavior in the past has shown her to be very determined, in what ever she is pursuing, to the point she is often blind to danger.
          I am interested to see how she reacts to Bill telling her to “stay away” next episode. Part of me wants to say she won’t buy it and still look for him but the other half still thinks the Eric/Sookie bed thing is her dream. Does she have Eric dreams anyway, like last season when still in love with Bill? Or does she really throw herself at Eric, to get back at Bill and Eric spurns her? Who knows but I am on the team that says “good for Eric” if he does spurn her advances just to get back at Bill. Eric’s having a sort of emotional break this season maybe it’s because he no longer feels Godric’s influence of controling emotions or maybe it’s because he is mourning Godric but he is changing.

          • jaxx

            annm, I agree. She could have just walked around and listened in on conversations and made general small talk. What did she think was going to happen by provoking the hybrid weres??? And, once again, another man had to come and rescue her and get beaten up for her.

            Don’t know, hard to say if it’s a dream or not. If the spoiler is that Eric spurns Sookie’s advances then I say it isn’t a dream, it’s for real or at least part of it is. I believe Sookie will try to kiss Eric, but that he will do the right thing and stop her before it gets too far. He might fantasize differently later on. I’m sure she’s hurt over Bill and wants to take comfort in someone else. Who better than Eric, the man Bill hated after Bill broke her heart. This is even worse than the books because Sookie wasn’t engaged in the books. This hurts more. I guess we’ll have to wait 11 more long days to find out.

          • annm

            The waiting does suck!! Also the episode after that one I’m going to miss!! I’ll be away from cable and computers for several days then but my sweet husband is trying to find away I can see that episode while we are away. I’ve never been this addicted to a tv show in my life!!!

          • jaxx

            annm, lol. I know how you feel. That happened to me last year. I went to the Adirondacks and there was no cable to be found where we were. My hubby and I looked in every bar, restaurant, hotel. I just had to watch it when I got home “on demand” at 1 a.m. when I finally got home. I couldn’t even wait until the next morning. It’s crazy, isn’t it. You go on vacation to get away from it all and you’re looking frantically for somewhere that has HBO on Sunday nite. LOL. 🙂

          • annm

            Well at least I know thier are others that share the obsession and I don’t feel like the only crazy person who would do this. We’re going to be at Emerald Isle (beach in North Carolina) in a camper. The camp ground may have cable and we are waiting for an email back from them to see if HBO is one of thier stations. If not then we’ve got friends that have a portable dish. There is also my dvr at home and I can see it when we get back. I think my worst fear is I will read or hear something before I get to watch the episode myself and it ruins the suspense.

  • Irene

    Awesomely interesting but diaturbing episode wth the “dead head” that Franklin delivers to Jessica, with Lorena’s
    head twisted all the way around while Bill sexes with her, with that disturbing Franklin Mott and Tara intense sex scene and her passive doing his bidding when she lets him in.
    Awesome and upsetting episode indeed!!

  • Sheila

    I definitly agree that this episode was awesome, and as they keep getting better with each show and season it is almost too incredible to consider where AB is gonna continue to go. I must say I love the way his mind works. But a previous post brings to mind a thought. We have already been told by AB that Bill/Sookie’s relationship will be tested. But seriously, how much can one relationship handle? But while Sookie is trying to sort out her feelings and all the little pieces, She’ll have such pleasant distractions to help her make it through the lonely times. Lucy girl.

  • melissa

    OMG! WTF! This episode has everything especially Bill having Hate Sex with Lorena at the end very disturbing.I love the touching moments between Eric & Sookie . Eric is sexxy and has saved her and has a protective nature over her maybe even more. Im thinking Sookie should hook up with Eric since Bill is breaking her heart in the next episode which is in 2wks.The sex scene with Tara and Franklin was funny with her eyes rolling back in her head. All I can say is WOW!There were some scenes that were sad and brought tears to my eyes. Poor Sam he just wants a family and feel that family bond. The flashbacks of Bills were sad too. Sookie getting into trouble at that werebar eventhough Alcide and Eric warned her. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Waiting sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lizzie1701

      Eric being protective of Sookie – wasn’t Bill villified for doing the same thing in S2? So I gues it is OK for Eric but not Bill?


    True Blood is becoming a classic! The story line, the acting, the set design, etc., etc. Mr. Ball is truly a genius. Most of the time I watch with my mouth open in amazement. Two weeks is a long time to wait.

  • annm

    Okay there was some pretty distrubing stuff in this episode. Thankyou for the above recap, it did expalin some stuff to me that I just didn’t get either.
    Loved the exchanges between Sookie and Eric! They are both softening to eachother and Sookie was really looking at him. Tilting her head to the side, asking if she were in trouble would he know, she’s definetly digging the Viking right now. More and more I’m thinking that dream is going to be her dreaming of him. After all she has already had two intimate dreams about him and Bill is about to break her heart.
    Russell is really growing on me, I know he’s going to be the bad guy and I have a feeling he’s done something pretty bad to Eric in the past but there is just something about him. He’s intelligent, elegant and funny. I adore Talbot too. I would love to know what it is Bill has or knows that makes him so important to Russell and at one point Sophie Ann. Bill is really having to go to the dark side and once again Lorena brought him there. The scenes from his past with his wife and child were heartbreaking.
    Laughed my tail off with the Tara sex scene when her eyes rolling back in her head!!! Wow, if it could have only been Eric delivering the pleasure, just imagine…. Also was amused with Pam and I knew Yvetta was going to be doing both Pam and Eric. Love Laff with anybody but his best stuff is with either Tara, when she’s normal, and Eric. I love how Eric calls him “sweetheart” and the car was the bomb.
    We finally had Alcide introduced to us and he is a very fine looking man. I am looking forward to more about him.
    Poor Jessica, she is all alone and there is nobody to help her. Franklin I think is a spy for Russell to collect info on Bill. Jason is just boring to me. Maybe when they bring in Crystal it will get better. Arlene, somebody who posts here a lot called that one a long time ago about the baby being Rene’s. I hate to say it, I hope she can keep the truth from Terry because he seemed so happy but then again he loves her so much he may not care.
    Sam and his family; I hate to say it but I know how he feels. I like his momma, she seesm sweet and not like the other two. I am glad they brought him back to BT soon and did not keep him away. He is looking very fine and I hope we see him with a romantic involment soon. I love Sam, he was my early favorite in this series.
    Okay to the “groundbreaking sex scene”; first of all I just don’t think Bill would have sex with Lorena in the present, did she order him as his maker? I’m not sure. The twisting of her head just reminded me of Meryl Streep from “Death Becomes Her”. I do like the direction and excitment surrounding Bill’s storyline and we needed that with his character.
    I am disappointed that there was so little Eric. It seems every preveiw has Eric in it but what’s in the peveiw is all we see of him in the actual episode. I think back to AB saying this is really going to be a big season for Eric and I keep waiting. Maybe his part will get ramped up soon. The preveiws for the next episode: Looks like Eric walks in on somebody being tortured in his basement and I think it’s Pam, not Sookie. Sookie in the black wig, I’m wondering if that is going to be for Debbie Pelt’s party. The rest blended together and we will just have to see. What is with the two weeks? I don’t remember there being a break last season until we were down to the last 3 episodes. Wondering about that and hoping AB/HBO gives us something interesting to tide us over!!!

    • jaxx

      I agree annm. The sex Bill had with Lorena was definitely primal, feral and out of anger, not love or lust. I think he twisted her head around because he couldn’t stand to look at her because of what she did to him, past and present. Definitely an OMG moment.

      • annm

        The whole head twisting thing was definetly Bill couldn’t stand looking at her face. I guess that was the groundbreaking scene they kept talking about. I am still hoping the Eric story gets going. I’m getting irratated so much of him was promised and they really haven’t delivered yet. Maybe this season will be like the last one where they had the first half of the season mostly the Dallas stuff and the second was the Maenad. Maybe Bill is the first half and then Eric the second. I hope so.

  • jaxx

    Ummm, WOW, were can you begin with an episode like this one?? Great recap Janie and I now understand the title of the episode. Everyone had a hurting twisted story to tell.

    First of all, I honestly never in a million years thought that baby would have been Rene’s. After the maenad sexcapdes, I’d thought for sure Arlene had gotten pregnant with Terry’s baby. There’s the twist in her story. What does she do now??? Risk the very fragile Terry’s sanity by telling him the truth?? That would be the right thing to do, but we all know Arlene doesn’t always make the right choices in her life.

    Then we move on to Tara’s twisted life. Despite her dislike of vampires, she sleeps with Franklin to try to mask her depression over Eggs and gets herself into something she never saw coming. Tara, this is just the beginning of another creepy chapter in your life. I can’t decide if I like or hate Franklin yet. Time will tell. Definitely wants to know about Bill though. Who is he exactly investigating for?? Russell, QSA, someone else??

    Have to say that was a very lovely gesture Sookie made to Tara to pay for Eggs funeral. I was down on her in episode 1 but now she definitely redeemed herself.

    Our poor misguided baby vamp Jessica. I actually feel sorry for her. She has no one to turn to, so she tells Franklin everything. Not going to bode well for anyone, I fear.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Bud Dearborn is going to be leaving the show??? Maybe he’s the one big character who’s going to die this year?? Can’t imagine what else they’re going to do with him now that he’s quit.

    Don’t know what to think about Jason. He has extreme guilt building up. Something is going to happen with him and soon. Can’t wait for him to met Crystal.

    Poor Sam. I actually feel for him. He sooo badly wanted to have a family to call his own and now that he does, I fear they’re not going to leave him EVER or worse,and that’s not going to be good for Sam. Another twisted family story.

    Can’t wait for the Alcide/Debbie storyline in two weeks. AB is so far following the book story fairly well. Can’t wait for this one to unfold. I like Alcide but Debbie engaged to Coot will be his twisted story.

    Eric is definitely becoming more attached to Sookie, protecting her, helping her bury the were (was that in Eggs’ grave the were was buried in??? Ewwww), walking Sookie home, opening up to her, yes, feeling are surfacing for sure with these two. Next episode should be interesting and Sookie at the were bar in a short black wig and Eric bursting his way in. OMG, what is going to happen here?? Will Russel be there?? He should be if this is an engagement party. IF it follows the book storyline, we are in for a lot of action here.

    Saving the best of the week for last, imo.

    Bill’s story….I have to admit, while I’m an Eric gal all the way, Bill looking positively handsome in the tux and the suit. I actually felt very sorry for him as we delved into his past when his son died of small pox. Even had a tear after that scene. Very well done and touching AB. I’m also loving the Russell/Bill storyline. Bill realizes in order to save Sookie, he has to do what Lorena has said and stay away from her, even if it tears him apart. Very heartbreaking and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of tears next episode as Bill calls Sookie and ends their relationship.

    And, talk about twisted, what the heck was up with that last scene??? Bill having hate sex with Lorena. OMG, almost as disturbing as Franklin taking the trucker’s head out of the bag and making its mouth move. That sent shivers down my spine. Ewwwww, entertaining and disturing at the same time, but it’s like a train wreck, YOU JUST CAN’T STOP WATCHING!!! Can’t wait for the next episode in 2 weeks. I will be sure to rewatch the first 3 episodes during the mini break.

    Excellent season so for AB, throughly enjoying it so far.