True Blood Season Two Episode 5: Never Let Me Go

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Eric meets his makerSookie connects with another telepath named Barry with interesting consequences, the Bellhop quits when Sookie’s questioning and imposing thoughts are too much for him to deal with. Barry’s reluctance to provide Sookie with any interaction suggests that there is something that he knows and does not wish to share in fear of the repercussions.

Bill, Eric and Sookie meet Stan and Isabel, vampires at the lair of the missing vampire, Godric. We learn the true reason of Eric’s need to find the missing vampire, Godric is Eric’s maker and so Eric feels a deep responsibility toward finding him. The fact that Godric is attractive doesn’t hurt either. Sookie decides to infiltrate the Light of Day group [Editor’s Note: Finally, proof that Sookie and Jason are related.  You just KNOW this is not going to go well!].

Jason steps up his game at the Light of Day boot camp proving that he is a fair and honorable leader. Cracks begin to show in the marriage of Steve and Sarah when Sarah (ahem) rewards Jason for his hard work.  [Editor’s Note: Jason Stackhouse, always the boytoy, never the bride].  After Tara requests the new “family” leave Sookie‘s house, the ever obsessive Maryann works her magic (yet again) on the staff of Merlotte‘s, but this time doesn’t throw a party – just to mix things up a little. The staff, under the influence of Maryann, begin to act hostile toward Tara leading her to decide that maybe having Maryann around is a good thing. Just to hammer home the “I’m not right in the head” quality of Maryann, when Tara wakes up, Maryann has cooked breakfast and lets Tara know that they will be moving out that morning – while dressed in Sookie’s dead grandmother’s clothing (bonus points to anyone who noticed that her hair was also done in the style of Sookie‘s grandmother).  [Editor’s Note: And she really needs to get her raggedy BUTT out of Gran’s chair!].

Episode 5 – Never Let Me Go Top 5

1. Eric being turned by a young man/boy vampire. It will be interesting to see if a young actor can pull off the maturity of a 100+ year old character.

2. Sookie passing “room service” in the hall whilst chasing Bellhop Barry. Priceless.

3. Sam and Daphne making lame sexual comparisons to Billiards, then copulating on the pool table.

4. Sarah comparing herself to Mary Magdalene before er… bathing Jason Stackhouse.

5. Lafayette asking Sam for his job back. A fantastic scene of realistic humble emotion.

What were your top 5 moments of “Never let me go”? Be sure to share in the comments.

Editor’s note: My top five (in reverse order i.e. 5 is best) were:

1. Jason helping the Lukinator over the fence.

2. The hissing fight between Arlene and Daphne over male control and Terry looking like his head was going to explode!

3. Eric‘s line, “Wherever I am, there will be women.” It was especially interesting because in modern times we don’t see Eric with a string of women following him around.

4. Lorena coming down the hall as Bill and Sookie are doing the wild thang.

5. Hoyt and Jessica sharing an evening on the phone and those CUTE jammies he’s wearing!  Comic books and TV, huh?  He’s going to be late for work tomorrow!  And did you SEE him stand up to Maxine??? Oh.. baby!  I can’t believe how lucky Jessica got first time out of the shoot.  And I’m really glad that Bill threw ‘room service’ out of the room.  Really, Jess should save herself for Hoyt!

Best Line: Sookie talking about infiltrating the “Fellowship of the Sun“: “I’ll be in and out in no time, easy peasy!”

Best Costume: A tie between Eric‘s Viking duds and Hoyt‘s jammies!

Best Cinematography: The shot of Lafayette looking back through the closing door at Sam.

Best Set: Hoyt‘s bedroom.  Did that look like a room a young man’s been in since age 8 or what?  All those things you never take down till you move out are there.


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