True Blood Fan Encounters With Stephen Moyer In The UK

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Currently Stephen Moyer is in London busy doing talks shows and being interviewed by various media outlets to help promote Season 2 of True Blood which began airing last week in the UK.  As we mentioned before Stephen will be on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross which will air this Friday night on UK’s BBC One and BBC HD at 10:25 UK time and on BBC America Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:00pm ET.  The show was pre-recorded at a taping last night at the BBC studios where two UK fans were lucky enough to meet Stephen in person.

During the taping of the Jonathan Ross show Stephen mentioned that fans always want him to bite them by stating, “They want you to break skin!”

He also sets the record straight on comments he made about Robert Pattinson a while back.

“I said his character was the Diet Coke of vampires… I upset every 14 year old on the planet that day, I was getting hate mail.”

Stephen went on to state in the interview that he fell in love with co-star Anna Paquin in public and confirms that they will marry.

“We’ve been working together for two-and-a-half years… When we’re at home alone in bed I miss the crew a bit.”

Twitter user @lisa9982 was on of the lucky fans to meet Stephen at the taping of the show and was kind enough to share with us her experience and photos.  Here is what @lisa9982 had to say:

“A friend and I went to Jonathan Ross‘s recording yesterday […] We met Stephen before he left and he was lovely 🙂 We actually spoke about where he’s from as I commented that until more recently, I didn’t know he was English and it actually transpired that he lives in the town next to mine.”

@lisa9982 and Stephen Moyer

Bite Me by Stephen Moyer

Another UK fan, Laura Whitmore, posted on her blog at

“I blogged about my obsession with this show before but how happy was I when I bumped into Vampire Bill aka Stephen Moyer in person… eh VERY! He was at the BBC studios filming with Mr. Jonathan Ross and was, of course, a true gent…”

Laura Whitmore and Stephen Moyer

Also Stephen recorded an interview with Phillip Schofield which will air some time next week which we will provide you with the details once we have them.

Phillip Schofield, Stephen Moyer and Holly Willoughby

Once again many thanks to everyone sharing their experience meeting the charming Stephen Moyer.


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