A True Blood Fan’s Perspective From The Vampire Baseball Charity Event

March 23, 2010 by  

On Saturday, March 20, I packed into a vehicle with my two favorite girls, destination bound for New Orleans, La., for the Vampire Baseball Charity Event. We arrived at 12:45pm for the first pitch and it was the “Saints” vs “Sinners”.  To my delight it was wonderful to see True Blood‘s Nelsan Ellis, who plays the flamboyant Lafayette, as one of the players participating in the charity game. The other players included cast members from Twilight and the Twilight Saga: New Moon. The emcee and host Heather Micheals kept the game entertaining and constantly kept us up to date with the players.

All of the baseball players were in high spirits and joked around with each other and the audience. They would all take breaks during the game and come up to the crowds and pose for pics and sign some autographs. At one time during the game they picked up Alex Meraz from Twilight Saga: New Moon, and one of the pitchers and carried them off the field. The pitcher had been throwing some horrible throws, one Nelsan had to jump to miss from being hit!  It was also very funny to see them throwing water balloons from the dug out. I was very excited to see Nelsan Ellis and he was all smiles during the game and seemed to enjoy goofing around with the cast members from Twilight.

Nelsan trying to avoid getting hit by the ball

In the end the “Sinners” ended up winning the game, which is the team that Nelsan Ellis was playing on. Overall,  it was a great experience and all for a great cause. Thanks to Nelsan Ellis for showing such great support for a charity and having such a great attitude for the fans, we loved seeing you!

by:  Karla von Bohlen

(Photo credit:  johannadarilek.blogspot.com)