True Blood Fan Shows Her Creativity

February 22, 2010 by  

Since 2008 when the show aired on HBO for the very first time, True Blood has drawn to it millions of fans. They’re not just your ordinary fans, either. A quick glimpse into the online communities dedicated to the show or a story from one of the conventions will prove beyond any doubt that these people love True Blood with a passion. The excitement they feel while watching an episode is broken up by periods of anxiously waiting for the next episode, whether it be a week away or, even more painfully, nine months away (but now only three!).

True Blood viewers have also been known to make some really creative fan art. We heard about one woman in particular named Lorrie Krause who does True Blood-themed embroidery. She uses a software program that takes pictures of the actors and creates a basic outline. She then sits down and does all the stitches by hand. She can make anything from patches to t-shirts. The pictures below of her “Northman Gang” and “Wanted: Eric” projects were entries in a Facebook contest. Each of them took a couple of days to complete because the composite is pretty big with each individual picture measuring about 7×10 cm. Not surprisingly, people were impressed by her creations, and “Wanted: Eric” was voted as the favorite.

Lorrie likes to include all of the characters in her work, but, as you can see, she has a soft spot for Alexander Skarsgard, the handsome actor who plays Viking vampire Eric Northman:

“By now I think I know every line of that man’s face. I could probably stitch it blindfolded.”

Lorrie has also showcased her designs on the True Blood wiki, which you can view here. She has even gotten some offers to buy her work, but she says that she would want to make sure she had the actors’ permission before doing that.

This show is such a combined creative effort from the actors, writers, directors, and everyone in the crew–each component makes True Blood so amazing for us to watch–so it’s fun to see fans expressing their appreciation for the show through their own unique creative talents. Thanks to Lorrie for speaking with us, and to Marcia de Rousse (the actress who plays Dr. Ludwig) for letting us know about this beautiful work!

(Photo credits: Lorrie Krause)

  • VampVixon

    Great art Lorrie. You should def keep up the work with True Blood!

  • JosephineMeyers

    Very Nice! How kind of TB to acknowledge their fans! The artwork is amazing! I never would have thought embroidery could look so great!

  • VampireCyanide

    Love the artwork! I agree with all the previous messages…HBO should be proud to have you, Lorrie! Very original and inspiring!

  • Monica

    I love to se other fans art and this fan is GREAT!! HBO should be proud to have her out there.

  • Fellowship of the Vamps

    Beautiful! All of the artists are depicted beautifully!

    Looking at these reminded me of how much I loved the Dr. Ludwig character. Would love to see more of her in the new season and in the future! Ms. de Rousse’s portrayal was fantastic! Love the embroidery design of her!

  • Genevieve

    Beautiful work! All of the characters look so great!!!!

  • JANE


  • Marcia deRousse

    Lorrie, your work amazes me every time I see it! I only hope ALL the people in the posters will take a look. I am sure they will be as thrilled as I am.
    Thanks TB Net for featuring such talent!

  • Frenchwoman911

    Kudos to HBO for recognizing that the fans are just as creative and are just as responsible for the show’s success as the actors are. True Blood is an exceptional show with an exceptional following. The fans are truly dedicated as seen with Lorrie’s work and her love of the True Blood series. It would be nice to incorporate some of the fans into the show’s story lines (as vampires of course). I’d love to see Lorrie on the show or at the very least secure a contract to sell or display her beautiful art work honoring True Blood. Thanks for a great article. Again, your recognition of your fans is appreciated.

  • ComptonLvr

    I like the way you think, IcanseeRussia! Wouldn’t a life-size embroidery be nice! Your work is great, Lorrie! Keep it up!

  • icanseerussia

    this is GREAT LORRIE!!!!! i love seeing this wonderful stuff! my mother would be so proud. she LOVED to embroider and i would tell you, just embroider a whole life size eric/alex to place next to where spend most of your time. this would make it to the BIG TIME! and i would be sitting by my phone….. what if he CALLED you to thank you? START SEWING!!!!

    • icanseerussia

      embroider the shower scene (you know which one i’m talking about). we could keep that one private. the ones who like it can buy it and fund that thick thread you’d have to use to dipict it perfectly.

      • BonTempsQueen

        I think all of us real fans remember what shower scene you are referring to! DO IT, LORRIE! 🙂 I’ll be in line to buy that!

        • Interesting everyone keeps bringing up the shower scene but personally I read the shower scene and it did nothing for me. I did not find it that hot and definitely not as hot as the scenes between Bill and Sookie. JMHO 🙂

  • Erullisse

    YOU GO GIRL!! I am so proud of you! Your work is one of a kind – and it is AWESOME.

  • FangMeBill

    True Blood fans sure are the best! What dedication Lorrie shows! That’s a true fan!

  • Shelley Preston

    Love this interview. GREAT artwork Lorrie. You should do this professionally! You have such a fabulous talent. They need you in Hollywood.

    • icanseerussia

      ok, you might get TWO phone calls. my luck i would be on the commode.

      • BonTempsQueen

        My luck, I would be too!

  • Master Fan Bater

    Great interview… looks to me like a face t0 face meeting of Lorrie and Alex should be in the making!

  • Conchita Gonzalez

    Whewwwwww-e! Good stuff!

  • Johnette the Baptist

    Lorrie sure does make Alex look good (not that he needs any help), but, she does a good job of making him look gooooooood! Alex should feel honored! Good Job! God Bless.

  • QueenDiva

    Wow, they must have taken a long time to make! They are soooo beautiful! 🙂

  • Lestat

    Wow! True Blood, being one of the best shows out, truly does have the best fans. How creative is Lorrie! I was checking some of her work out on the above link provided from the wiki, and all I have to say is….what a blessing to be so talented!

  • immo

    I love true blood fans theyre the most artistic, intelligent, witty and weird ones. 😛

  • Wow! Those are incredible!

    • Antonio

      They sure Are! These are just Amazing! I guess that TB has inspired Many of Us to be more creative,Wow! Kudos! 🙂